Monday, December 26, 2011

Man Cooking......and Starving Woman Eating!!

      Hubby was in a really relaxed mood yesterday. So much so that he decided that he was gonna make cookies...and a cheese cake...and a beef stew...and cornbread...and COOK!!!!...................No! He hadn't been drinking, and I hadn't hit him with anything!! LOL He just....wanted to!
     He was doing great without me too! So, I had all kinds of time to watch basketball game after basketball game, work on finishing my second wrist warmer/fingerless glove {hubby took pictures of the scarf and the gloves on Tina this morning. I'll show you those tomorrow!}... make a new headband to match it (gray, yellow, and black...bumblebee style! ^_^) {he's gonna take pictures of that later today. I still need to finish the flower for it. I'll show you those photos tomorrow too.} make a crochet flower to put on it....and to eat waaaaay too many potato chips and sweet potato pie!!...Well!...It was a long wait for"Chef Jeff" to finish!!! ^_^

           Actually, I was quite proud of him. He didn't require my help hardly at all! Only for a couple of things. One of those things being that he needed me to cut up the onions and potatoes for him to put in the Crock Pot (slow cooker) for a stew he also was making!...Mr. Ambitious!...But I've told you in the past about his lack of proficiency with a knife, right?!
         Waiting for him to cube some potatoes could've left me waking up from one of my naps next to Rip Van Winkle!...on year 200!...wondering why there was a pile of potato skins and an old gnarly fingered guy laying next to me...with a sweaty brow! LOL
        But to his credit, he cut up the carrots and celery all by himself!...Well, the celery anyway!....The carrots were those small baby carrots, already small enough to just put in the pot...after you wash them and check for the little nubby green on the head of them. Yeah, for me, that had to be cut off! :-/
    The other thing he needed was for me to help him understand my cookie peanut butter cookies. He had put all of the dry ingredients in a bowl and didn't understand how they could be "set aside" and yet he was suppose to cream butter and peanut butter into it! O_O ...Oh, the mess I avoided by explaining that one!!
    Another issue was about an ingredient in the recipe...margarine. He saw that I had scratched out 'margarine' and inserted 'butter'. He wanted to know why I did that, and if it made any difference to the way they came out...Apparently he wanted "Perfect" peanut butter cookies! LOL WHATEVER!!...I told him to go ahead and use the margarine then! That started a whole conversation on the marvels of "Butter" versus "Margarine". You can check our couples blog, (HERE) if you're interested in the argument 'for' or 'against'! ^_^
       When you're waiting on dinner from someone that's in one of those..."I don't do this regularly, but no big deal!"...kind of zones, you just resign yourself to snacking, and breathing, and practicing your a big way! At least...that's what I did! ^_^ I heard things dropping on the floor, electric mixers being banged around waaaay too hard against the side walls of the mixing bowl...and for waaaay too long!...O_O I didn't even wanna see!
    I heard aluminum foil being ripped, water running endlessly, and.....what was the most scary!.....complete silence at times!! O_O ...At certain intervals I made the mistake of asking questions!...
---Do you have topping for your cheesecake?!...{He had forgotten to get any, but thankfully we had some cherries already in the house!}...
          Believe came out alright!! :-))

---Did you remember to make cornbread?!...{He had forgotten to get buttermilk for the cornbread  and had to turn everything off on the stove....UGH!...and go out to get some!.....on Christmas!...when almost every store was closed! O_O ...He came home with 'heavy cream' and 'regular milk' and wanted to know if he could use one of those, because he couldn't find buttermilk anywhere!!...It only took him FOREVER to find that out too!! LOL...Heavy cream?!...Really?!...Uhhhh No!!...Regular milk?...Well, if you don't have anything else. :-( Use the milk...It wouldn't be "Perfect", but at least edible!}
---Are you watching T.V?...I asked that because it was taking soooooooooo long!...and I knew he was in the room next to another room that had a big T.V. in it!..and basketball games were back on yesterday...after a long hiatus of them not playing at all!...MISTAKE! I shouldn't have implied that he might have been wasting time!!...I just delayed dinner longer! I had to listen to the long, drawn out, explanation of exactly what he'd been doing, and why it wasn't taking THAT long after all!...Yeah, I conceded the argument....I was really hungry!! LOL

---Do you want me to help you with anything?!...He didn't even answer me! O_O I don't know if he didn't answer because he was so offended that I would imply that he needed help, or because he was trying to figure out how to answer me with a "Yes, Hurry!"...but without seeming desperate! Either way....silence! And I didn't dare ask again!! LOL
      In the end we ate the stew too early....the crock pot had another three hours to go!! O_0 I couldn't wait that long. The cold sweet potato pie was doing terrible things to my insides! LOL But at least the meat was done!...The cornbread came out good, but with a consistency I wasn't familiar with. O_O I think he over stirred the LOT!! And I'm just gonna say it!....I missed my buttermilk too! Wah! Wah! Wah! LOL
     The cookies?!....Well, judge for yourselves!...
        He was making my peanut butter chocolate chip and coconut cookies...with butter, baby!!! :-))

         He cut the batter in half so that he could have some without the chocolate chips...He's not all about the chocolate like me...When they came out of the oven they looked like this...
           Larger than I make them, but hey!...he's a man-cook. He doesn't have time for no little bitty cookie!! LOL
        They were kinda thick, but not bad at all...except for one non-obvious reason!...
         Underneath they were kinda 'doughy', with clumps of flour in certain places. O_0 I was a little confused until he explained...
       ...I had told him to use non-stick aluminum foil to put the cookies on. Being worried because the aluminum foil he had wasn't non-stick, he decided to flour the cookie sheet under the they wouldn't stick. O_O ...
         I explained the perils of doing this in the future, and didn't make too much of a big deal about it. I don't want to squelch his cooking enthusiasm after all! ^_^ So what if I now have to flip my cookies over and toast them before I eat them!
      What was funny was that he tried to rectify the problem when he made the second cooking them LONGER!!! LOL
      Uhhhhh!....Say what you want to...this batch actually 'did' taste better!! Crispier...just like I like 'em!!
       The moral of the story is...when your spouse gets a 'hankering' to wanna cook...LET THEM!!....and you EAT IT!! no matter what it looks like!! LOL You may need the same kind of enthusiasm over something you do one of these days! And the Bible says 'You reap what you sow'! I'm sowing good relations....and eating Tums....*burp!*...WARNING: SAPPY POEM TO FOLLOW! LOL

Loved Enough

He vacuums my floors,
and washes my tubs;
Cooks me good meals,
and gives nightly back rubs.

He drives me to meetings,
and carries my bags;
And when we go walking,
he zigs when I zag.

I've never cleaned an oven
(He does it willingly).
He also shops for grocery,
and at night he reads to me.

I`m the one that does the laundry;
But he helps me with the dusting,
and does all the endless repairs
that keep our old car from rusting.

There`s  also other things he does,
like cuddling with me at night,
and being a gentle, unselfish lover
who can dance like its going out of sight!

There`ll  never be anyone more loyal,
or more competitive at playing a game;
or anyone as hard of a worker.
I`m very thankful to carry his name.

I know it must be selfish
that I can get him to scratch my head,
or fill my water cup for me,
or help me make the bed.

Yes, I know I`m loved enough;
He just wants to make me happy;
And whatever I need he'll do;
I come first, and he`ll do it all snappy.
Loved enough?-Yes I am, and quite sappy!


  1. Sounds like a great meal Wugs!!! You go Jeff!! Want to come over and cook something for us?? LOL
    Can't wait to see the new creations!

  2. CinLynn, It had some 'quirks' to it, but all in all...DELICIOUS!! And I didn't have to make it!! ^_^ I'm all smiles at my hubby today!...Oh yeah, he doesn't hire out...sorry. Ha! Ha!...By the way, the photos he took of the gloves and scarf came out nice. I'll share them tomorrow...and maybe the headband too. It's all done now too...Have a good one, Cin! :-)

  3. Hilarious! Men and cooking rarely works out. Especially cooking stuff only women know how to. But hey, as you said, at least they try - and you eat it, and don't kill their enthusiasm:) Made me laugh so much tho! Thanks for sharing this. X

  4. Eva, ^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed my saga. I'm gonna be eating leftovers...whether I want to or not...for a while, I think! LOL He was so proud of himself. And continues to be as of this morning...Oh well, his love and my stomach....STRONG!!! ^_^ Thanks for the nice comment. Have a good day!

  5. I like that Menu sign! I think I need one for my home especially with the picky eaters who wont eat things with bones or peas & corn :-/
    I totally agree with you about the man-cook but hey if any of the males want to cook in my house I let them go! Although I don't have a supply of Tums handy :-/ **note to self add antacid to the shopping list - just in case

  6. Jo-anne, Ha! Ha! Definitely keep antacid handy!! ^_^ It's saved a world of stomachs...including mine! LOL...I agree about how cute that sign is too! I probably could use it in my temporarily-inspired man kitchen too! ^_^ Have a good day, Jo!


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