Saturday, December 17, 2011

So What Had Happened Was...

        Yes....I know it's not good sentence structure!...^_^...but if you hang around southerners for any length of time you're bound to hear a story that starts with "So what had happened was....!....and probably a whole lot of 'em!! LOL
      I thought it was the perfect way to begin the story of the 'virtual Date Night' trip to Coney Island...that never happened! There was no amusement corn cotton salty ocean crazy runaway trip!
         So what had happened was...I was sitting on the bed twiddling my thumbs and putting away my crochet supplies so I could be ready to go when hubby got home. We were suppose to leave around 6 O'Clock. 6 O'Clock came and did 7!! O_0
         Then I got a phone call from hubby. When I said: "Hello!" the phone got strangely quiet! O_O Then I heard hubby's voice...kinda weepy-like. He said: "Honey, I was in an accident...I'm okay, but...*weepy sounds*...the 89 year old woman that was driving one of the cars got hurt bad!...I don't have much time on my phone. It's probably gonna cut out on us, so I'll tell you about it when I get home...I can't wait to get home...*more weepy sounds*...I have to wait for the tow truck now though...I love you."

        After I made him assure me that he was okay, and that he would call me as soon as the tow truck got him back to the shop, we hung up....and I started the nervous wait. O_O I could tell that this wasn't like the 15,000 other little ''fender benders' that he's been in before in his life. He was really 'shook up'! :-(
      It was one of those cases where...and you wives will know what I mean when I say this...I could tell that the only thing that was gonna make him feel better right now was a big hug from me, a good manly cry, and some soft words from me telling him that no matter what happened he was gonna be fine!...I soooo wished I could give him a hug right then. :-(
     While I was waiting for the next phone call...which I thought would come in about a half an hour...TOPS!...but actually didn't come for another hour!!...I entertained myself by talking about the incident on Facebook...And let me just stop right here and say that I love the immediate support you can get from your friends when you're in a crisis by sharing it with them on the web!!....WOW! I NEVER would've believed you'd EVER hear ME saying that!! ^_^
         When the next phone call came, it was hubby...but he still wasn't back to his shop! The tow truck hadn't come yet! :-/ He ended up out in the cold for at least two hours...with the police officer that had come when he got the call about the accident!...
       Later hubby told me that he was 'bone cold' while he was out there waiting...the kinda cold where even when you get inside you can't seem to warm up!....I don't think all of that was because of the actual weather though...just saying.
     His truck was hit on the driver's side. The rear wheel was flattened and pushed back, and the drive shaft was knocked off!...*you mechanics out there will probably know what that means. He sounded like Charlie Brown's teacher to me when he started talking about the details*...All of that happened because he swerved to miss the lady in the on-coming car...head on!...who was barreling down the road going waaaay too fast!!
       Because she was going too fast she didn't see the other lady that was pulling out of a side street directly into her lane! She never even slowed if she didn't even see the car at all!!...But hubby says the accident wasn't her fault still, because the lady that was pulling out of the side street should've stopped and yielded the right of way to the car coming down the street...Instead she pulled out into the street as if she was assuming that the other driver was gonna slow down and let her come out!!
       Hubby saw the whole thing happening almost like it was happening in slow motion. The driver coming directly toward him was hit on her passenger side, near the front wheel, by the lady coming out of the side street. Then her steering wheel locked up and she couldn't veer away from hubby's truck! Hubby turned toward the curb to avoid a head on collision, but even though he was up on the sidewalk, her car caught him!...and...Blam!!!
       He got out of his truck to check on the woman that hit him. She was really shaken up, but not bleeding, even though her car's air bag had deployed and hit her in the face and chest... He asked her if she was okay. She said: "No." He called 911 (the emergency number), and then went to check on the other lady. She was shaken up too, but okay.
       The police came, and then the ambulance came to take the injured lady to the hospital...Two tow trucks came and went, and hubby was put in a cold holding pattern for two hours while he waited for his tow truck!
       Wackiness continued when the tow truck driver got there...finally!...While he was trying to put the truck on the flatbed, and hubby was in the truck trying to steer it to help him out,  a neighbor, being nosy, drove his car through the back of his garage!!!!!!!!! He was looking while he was getting ready to back out of his driveway, but he put the gear in 'Drive' instead of 'Reverse'! So when he hit the gas the car went flying through his garage!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
       Thankfully he wasn't hurt...just humiliated. But the policeman thought it was pretty funny! ^_^ He said that he had just came on shift and that he hoped this wasn't a sign of what his night was gonna be like!! ^_^ Even the traffic cones he put up to block off the street because of the accident were being defied! People are hard headed!!! He kept yelling at them because they were trying to get through!!
       When hubby got home...after 9 O'Clock!...and was just sitting in his car for a quiet minute before he came in the house...breathing and praying a prayer of thanks that he made it home in one piece!...his car window was tapped on coffee-toting girlfriend, asking him if he was alright! :-) She saw my posting on Facebook and just KNEW she was needed, and that I needed a coffee!...*Teehee*...I LOVE my girlfriends!! ^_^
       As I suspected, hubby needed a big hug, a little manly cry, and my soft voice telling him that no matter what happened he was gonna be fine! :-] ...and a hot, hot shower...and some sleep!...This morning he's all warmed up and actually laughing about the guy who drove his car through his garage being nosy!! LOL
       Our friends will have to forgive us for laying low today. We need to 'veg out', watch T.V., play Scrabble, eat some comfort food, and stay away from anything with loud car sounds!!...Sorry NASCAR....not today! ^_^

Good To Be Alive

 Trouble breathing, bills galore,
family problems and all that jive.
I don't care how bad it gets.
It's good to be alive!

Jobs and money, your fair share,
of which you are deprived.
But even so, no matter how it goes,
It's good to be alive!

Migraine headaches, family loss,
careers you can't revive.
Oh yes, debilitating,
and yet, still you are alive!

Injustice, fearing the worst
because of planes that don't arrive.
And while some didn't make it,
for most it's good to be alive.

While trouble in this world
will long continue, grow, and thrive,
For those who see it's end
It will be good to be alive!!


  1. Sounds like a terrible ordeal for your hubby, but I'm so glad he's alright. Hopefully the other lady will be too.
    Nice poem again too!
    Have fun laying low today. Maybe a trip to Coney Island would do the trick today. :)

  2. CinLynn, Hi Cin!...Yes indeed. It was a very bad situation. Hubby's been in deep thought over the whole thing all day. He kept talking about how people don't realize how in a flash of a moment your whole life can change!! He's very thankful that he was paying attention when the accident happened. He says...'one look in the other direction at the wrong time and I could have died...or the lady could have died!' He says that his truck was the only thing between that lady's car and a high powered electric pole!!...By the way, thanks so much for the nice words about the poem too!...Okay, off to hunt up a corn dog for lunch! ^_^

  3. Wow Wugs, I'm just glad to hear that he is ok and hopefully everyone else involved in the accident is ok as well. I couldn't imagine what I'd be thinking or how I'd be feeling if I ever got that call!

    Hope you two are taking it easy today and spending some very quiet time together.

    Best wishes from my home to yours!!

  4. Lisa, Thank you. I'm glad he's okay too! And that's putting it very lightly. We both know that it could have been very very much worse! We're very thankful that he's okay...and we're hoping that the other lady didn't get any permanent damage either. We'll find out next week some time...And by the way, yep! EASY! That's the order of the day! :-) You have an easy weekend too!

  5. I am so glad that your hubby is okay. I don't suppose you have heard anything about the other ladies that were involved in the accident? I hope that they are both fine.
    I had to smile about the neighbour and his rubbernecking! That happens a lot here too. People are so interested in what happens that they forget to concentrate on what they are doing!
    I enjoyed your poem. It's so true. It IS good to be alive!

  6. Jo-anne, Thank you. Yes, he's good...physically AND mentally, after a day of nothing but rest. :-] And no, we haven't heard anything about the ladies in the accident. He probably won't be able to find out until tomorrow or Tuesday...He, like you, has been having a continuous laugh about the guy that drove through his garage too! ^_^ Nosy!!!...Ad thanks for the nice words about my 'alive' poem. :-) Have a good rest of the day Jo!

  7. Ditto glad he was okay!! lol I love the blog title. We are always busting on my sis, Erica in her little Martinez Accent saying "WHAT you fixin to do today ?." And Stephanie's jokingly response to Erica "Teaching, you how to read a dictionary."

  8. Lilly Things, Ha! Ha! Ha! I say 'fixin' to' all the time!! That's my southern accent. ^_^ I love Stephanie's response!! :-)) Have a good day, Liz. Enjoy the meeting.

  9. Thanks so much for sharing my shirt! Glad your hubby is OK!

  10. Nicole | Blue Bicicletta, It was very much my pleasure!...And thank you, about my hubby. :-] Have a good day!


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