Sunday, December 25, 2011

Here's Your Key For The Flight Of The Bumblebee!

         I've got some 'Scrabble' and breakfast eating to do this morning, so I'm not gonna be here 'yapping' long. I just wanted to share a couple of being my Funky Clowning Around Key Chain (in the header photo). It was chosen...and I am truly flabbergasted as to why! LOL...for a treasury.
    The treasury is entitled With Key...Oh, that's probably why! ^_^ I'm a little slow this morning!
      Just kidding. :-] I said I didn't know why because if you look at the treasury everything else in there looks so serious, and pink, blue and yellow giggle-fest of a key chain is thrown in there! It just seems like it's hanging out in the wrong neighborhood. ^_^ ...But hey! who am I to argue!...Thank you, Danfe!
       The other quick thing I wanted to share is my 'almost' completely finished yellow, gray and black wrist warmer/ fingerless gloves! :-)
        I'm sure that not everybody is gonna appreciate my...'interesting'...color choices...
        But then.......everybody doesn't have to! ^_^ I like 'em!
        They're like a little bit of bumblebee...for your hands! :-] If anybody's out there...what do you think?!.....HELLOOOOOOOOO!! ^_^ It's alright....I know where you are. :-) ...Have a good day, everybody...or YOU!...Ha! Ha!

Eclectic Tastes

I've got eclectic tastes.
Yes I do! That's what I said!
I'm not afraid of being different,
Country raised and city bred.

If it's pretty, then I'm in,
but just as fast I can be out,
because I don't like what the hoopla
about some things is all about!

I think different can be cool,
in many colors, not just white.
And not just worn by 'one such person',
with a body shape just right.

It's good to have 'eclectic' tastes,
and to just be who 'you' are!
But be careful, because 'eclectic'
quickly can become 'Too Far'!!


  1. Those wrist warmers do remind me of a bumble bee. I quite like that colour combination. Perhaps they are someone's football team colours or something :)
    Thanks for including the music. I quite like that particular piece. It's been a while since I had heard it.

  2. I love them Wug!! Those are great colors and will go so nicely with that new scarf you made too. I'm going to show off my new things on my blog this morning too. No one reads it anyway, so I won't be boring too many people. LOL
    Everyone has other things to do today anyway. After the meeting we're going over to some friends for a Euchre party. I think that'll be fun. Our last afternoon meeting for a year!! Yay!
    Have a good meeting and a great day!! Say "hi" to everyone for me! :)

  3. Jo-anne, ^_^ Thank you, Jo. Everybody needs a bumblebee for their hands, right?!...without the stinger, of course! LOL And I'm so glad you liked the music. It's one of my fun time pieces of music. I conducted the orchestra in the air this morning. ^_^ Hubby was not impressed! LOL

  4. CinLynn, Yeah, this is our last afternoon meeting too...but we're visiting another congregation's morning meeting today. We have plans this afternoon...I've never heard of 'Euchre'. So I don't know what kind of party that is. But I know you guys are pretty tame, so I'm just gonna say: Have a good time! :-] Thanks for the nice words about my gloves, and have a good rest of the day too!

  5. Love your poem… being different is important!
    Hugs and best wishes in this holiday season!!

  6. We Blog Artists, :-) Thank you for such a nice comment...I agree. Being different is important "IF" being the same is gonna cost you self-respect or the loss of something else valuable to you...But being the same can be important when you're sharing some of the same things as your family, or your friends, or sharing something of importance, like belief systems. :-) The trick is to be "YOU", not a pressured matter what! That's what I think anyway...Have a good rest of the day, Char!

  7. My Granddaughter had on fingerless gloves yesterday that looked almost identical to those! Which makes me think of teens and how they want to be "their own" person...different...then you see them walking in a mall in a pack and they look like clones with the same hair, clothes, etc...I always laugh and think "yep, you are really being your "own" person!" Have a great week Deb!

  8. yaya, Ha! Ha! Yep! Being 'your own person' these days is getting to be a lot of work!!! LOL And really?! Her fingerless gloves looked like mine? ^_^ You mean I've accidentally stumbled on "IN"?!! ^_^ I better look around some more!!...Have a good rest of the day!


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