Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Amazing How The Time Flies, Huh?!

      Can you believe that it's already the middle of August, with September, and Fall, and the changing of the leaves, right around the corner?! O_O I can hardly believe it!...Where is the time going so fast, huh?!
      I have to say though, that I think the sky is looking pretty amazing! I don't know exactly how to explain it...the sky I mean. But it has a sorta 'Ahhhhh!' feel to it. It's giving me the hankering for some hot apple cider and a fireplace to sip it in front of! ^_^
       On the bad side...sorta...I'm seeing only one lone hummingbird at the feeder now. Pretty soon he'll be gone too. :-( But, as I said, it's only 'sorta' bad...because no hummingbird feeder means winter bird suet balls! ^_^ Winter bird suet balls that don't have to be changed as often as hummingbird nectar feeders too, I might add! :-)
      Anyway!...On to my Etsy finds this amazing morning! :-) ...

       All useful...all cute....all created by amazing Etsians! :-) 

      Other than these things there's not much going on around here...except for the good news that my father apparently doesn't have diabetes...YAY!! But he may have a serious eye issue....Boooo! He's suppose to call the eye doctor soon. I'm working on trying to get him to do it...uhhhh...TODAY!! But he has no desire to be poked at right now...and considering my own experiences with doctors...I understand!!!!
      Plus he's in a kind of a sad mood right now because he just lost another family member. :-( The family member took a turn for the worst and was on life support in the hospital. The family was planning to go over to say goodbye to him after his going into a coma, and the doctor saying that he was gone. Not breathing on his own. Brain dead. 
      The family decided to pull the plug, and they were going over to the hospital to witness the taking of his life support away. :-( But the family member died early in the morning. :-( ...I feel bad for my father. His family has had a lot of deaths lately. On the phone last night he and I had a conversation about how living a long life is a blessing in this day and age, but it can also be a bad thing...because you live long enough to see everyone you love pass away! :-(
    I'm thankful for my faith and my hope of everlasting life in perfect health!...Yeah, I know it's not everybody's belief, but I'm a Bible person. And I know that God wouldn't lie to me about something as serious as that!!...Frankly, I don't know how people get through the hard times of this life without hope of the better to come. If all I had to look forward to was more of the same thing I have now.....O_O....YIKES!!

      Okay....until tomorrow, People! :-) Have a good one!

Hello Doctor

Hello Doctor! How are you?!
Me?!...I guess I'm doing fine.
Yes, I take my medication.
No, my heart has not flat lined.

Yes, I know I'm getting older.
No, I'm not a basket case.
Yes, I'm drinking all my water.
No, I'm not making a face!

Doctor, you are so funny.
Not 'ha! ha!'...The things you ask!
And I'm not sure how to answer.
Who knew questions were a task?!

Bye, bye Doctor! It's been nice,
like root canals done at the Mall.
Yes, I'll see you next go round.
No, I won't forget to call!


  1. I am sorry to hear you father has had another death in the family, life is a gift to treasure and enjoy every day while we are fit and able. Hope your father is able to stable his own health soon to. Enjoy your humming bird to while he still visits. Have a lovely day, dee x

    1. Thank you so much for the encouraging words, Dee. And I'm still trying to get my 'papa' to call the doctor! I fear it'll be a loser proposition...at least for now, even though he keeps saying: "Oh yeah, I'll call him!"...YEAH, RIGHT! LOL...And guess what?...My hummingbird has a buddy with him today...or with 'her'! ^_^ Have a good rest of the day, Dee! :-)

  2. Thank you so much for adding my my magnets to your blog! Very much appreciated! And, I am now following your blog.


    1. It was my pleasure to share your cute magnets!! :-) And welcome to the backyard blogspot too!! I hope I don't talk you to death! Ha! Ha!...Have a good day!

  3. Hi Wug, I'm sorry for your father's loss. Our hope is so wonderful, isn't it!
    I love those kitty magnets/bookmarks, don't you?
    I'm at pioneer school this week and next and so won't be around too much. So this is short and sweet!
    Keep the nectar out there. Those hummers will be stocking up to fly south soon and you'll be seeing a lot of them soon!! Nice to talk to you my friend!!

    1. Hi, Bead! :-) Thank you for the encouragement about dad. And yes indeed!...our hope 'IS' wonderful!! We were reminded of that, and reminded to share it with zeal, tonight...we have the C.O. :-] ... And how exciting that you're at Pioneer School!! ENJOY, my friend! Our congregation just hosted the school. YEARS of experience all in the same room! :-)...By the way, thanks for the heads up about the hummers....Will do! ♥ Night, night!


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