Thursday, August 22, 2013

Now, This Is What I Call A 'Gift Idea'!!

       And 'No!'...I'm not calling the picture of the blue moon, in the header photo, a 'gift idea'! ^_^ Although finding this photo yesterday was indeed a 'gift'...for my eyes! :-) WOW! So pretty!! I wanna have my chair pulled up and planted right at that spot for the next blue moon!! ^_^ Wait! When is that gonna be?!...Probably in a blue moon's time! ^_^ ...Anyway! Good job, Matthew!! :-)
       The gift ideas I'm talking about today are gift ideas that I found on Etsy. Gifts I never would've thought of before!...Well, except this one! :-) ...

    I 'always' think of my crochet boutonnieres and lapel pins as gift ideas!! ^_^ Call me crazy! Ha! Ha!...But these?.....Never!....not before now I mean...Take a look!...

 the interest of full disclosure...I have given clocks, robes, and necklaces to people before as gifts before. But I've never given any clocks with embossed floral designs, no necklaces as interesting as the wearable planter....or any robes as pretty as the Turkish robes above!
    The retro van?...well, that was too old of an idea for me to have thought about it! LOL...and the bike phone mount is too new of an idea for this 'old 'WUG' lady' to have thought of! ^_^ Tell the truth...had you thought of any of these as gift ideas before?!
    No, I didn't think of any of these. But I could write several posts about gift ideas that I 'have' given, or received! Some of them could make for some funny conversation too! for instance, I had an aunt who used to give all of the girls in my family a pair of underwear every year! LOL And the underwear had two rubber bands across the crotch area....Oh Oh! Is that too much information?! ^_^
       That same aunt gave my father a brand new white Bible every year too! :-) Maybe that's why he made us girls have a Bible study with Jehovah's Witnesses all those years ago. Hmmmmmm!...We rebelled against it then though...That's a story for another time! ^_^ I've got to get outta here and go make somebody some gifts!! ^_^
     Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

It's a good thing people know me

It's a good thing people know me,
and they know that I just "talk".
Cuz the things that I've been saying
might make people 'take a walk'!

It hasn't been because I'm angry
or I'm trying to make a point.
It's just the silly observations
of a brain that's 'out of joint'!

It's a good thing people know me,
cuz sometimes my mind's a sieve.
I don't remember what I found out,
and I can look insensitive.

So, for people who don't know me,
let me tell you from the start,
my mouth might shoot out kookie business,
but never worry about my heart.

My intention is toward funny,
or to simply tell the truth.
I would never hurt a fly...
Unless he's chocolate...I'm aloof! 


  1. Love your finds! Yes...they would ALL make great gifts! I love the blue moon photo! Very enticing for sure!!
    The Bible is the greatest gift we have and can give anyone. Glad you mentioned it!
    Have a great evening!

    1. Thanks, Bead! :-) And I concur wholeheartedly about the Bible being the greatest gift!!!...Have a good sleep, my friend! ♥


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