Monday, August 19, 2013

Wait! Is This Actually Monday?!

      I've got a real 'case of the Mondays' this morning. You know...the kind of Monday where you barely have gotten over the weekend, and now you have a mountain of scheduled 'must dos' ahead of you...that you really aren't ready 'TO DO'!!
    Thankfully it looks like it's gonna be a beautiful day 'weather-wise'! So that at least the mountain of 'must dos' that I have to do today can be done without aches and pains. Well...not as many aches and pains! Unfortunately there's always at least one or two 'ouchies' lurking somewhere in this body of mine!! ^_^
      Hello Monday!! I'm coming at Ya! :-)) ...with studying to do, reading to catch up on, and crocheting to amuse myself with...Speaking of which, I amused myself with these yesterday! :-) ...

     ...A boutonniere in topaz, white and turquoise (above)...And one in royal blue, turquoise and white! (below) :-)

       I listed them in the Wuglyees shop yesterday. And I've got a list of other boutonnieres and lapel pins to 'MONDAY' around with today! ^_^

      I've also got some sick friends and family to re-connect with, and so, so much more stuff to do too!!!...*sigh*...What a time to have a case of the Mondays!...when I wish it was another Friday! :-))
      Is it wrong, on a Monday, to pretend that it's a Friday, so that you can make it to a Wednesday, and forget there ever was a Tuesday. A Tuesday that you wished was a Thursday anyway, because it precedes your beloved Friday?!!! ^_^ 

      Anyway!...See you on Tuesday!...Or as I like to call it, the day three days from Friday! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody!...Oh Yeah, welcome to the backyard, Margie!! :-)

Monday, Monday, Monday

Here comes another Monday!
Your frantic work week has begun!
Say goodbye to 'Take It Easy',
and all those things you haven't done.

Four more week days are ahead,
seeming like they'll never end.
But just think, before you know it,
"weekend" will be round again.

Lift your attention, all you mothers;
Week day workers, "Out The Door!"
Time to file, and diaper babies,
walk and scrape things off the floor.

Here comes another Monday!
Whether you want it to, or not!
Say goodbye to 'Take It Easy'.
You've got things to do...a lot!

Monday, Monday, Monday!
Why do you have to come so fast?!
And you stay so long! Why can't
the weekend 'Take It Easy' last?! 


  1. I love the spoon & I do have diapers to change today, my granddaughter's.

    Happy Monday, cute poem!

    1. Hi Margie!...Yes, I love that spoon too! :-] Thank you for the nice words about the poem...Enjoy your granddaughter, and have a good rest of this Monday!

  2. I just got home from work and my feet are telling me "It's Monday"! After seeing our schedule for surgery this week, looks like I'm in for a 5 day Monday spree! Ouch! Friday will come eventually, then we're taking off for Chicago to visit family..that is something to look forward too!

    1. You's the feet that tell you everything first, isn't it?! ^_^ I hope they hold up for you this week, because it looks like your 'dogs' are in for it!! LOL...And have a good time in Chicago too!


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