Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Do You Ever Wake Up Like This....?!

      I slept pretty good, soooooo...what's with the weird mood?! O_O I don't know! And by weird I mean calm, but low key. Rested, but not rambunctious. Thoughtful, but not aching for something to do. Not sad...or 'flat-lined'...but not really in a hurry to do anything. Kinda....Oh, I don't know.....'bleh!'
      No, there's nothing depressing going on or anything like that. Maybe it could be the aftermath of a whole week of stuff going on that's finally done though! You know...sorta like the calm before the storm...but afterward instead. ^_^
      But whatever the reason for the mood, it sure does make me notice some cool stuff when I'm looking around! :-) Take a look!...

      My mood lifted a little just looking at the 2nd chicken photo...with the eggs. Ha! Ha!...and the scarf with the music notes! :-) And maybe those are the key to turning my mood around.....breakfast!...and music! ^_^ I'm off to get the first one, and I'll leave you a little of the second one! :-) Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

I Think I Need To...

I think I need to change things up,
flip the script, change direction;
I don't want to lose my love
for that which I have so much affection?

I think I need some brand new eyes,
to see things a different way.
Because the way that I've been seing
really isn't gonna pay.

I think, because it's me, I need
some creative inspiration.
Some sketches, markers, ball point pens,
and some Disney animation.

I think that this may take some time.
It seems a lot for me to do.
So, maybe I should change my mind.
I'll let you know and get back to you!


  1. thanks for sharing my photo!

  2. Love the chicken with the eggs! LOL
    Hope your mood gets better as the day goes on!

    1. ^_^ I liked 'em too, Bead!!...Mood better!! :-)

  3. Hope you have a lovely day, love that photo with the chicken and the egg it certainly made me smile :-) dee x

    1. It was a good day, Dee! :-) And I didn't see a chicken, or an egg, all day either! LOL


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