Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Just Want To Share What She 'Felt'...

      I just felt like sharing some things that were 'felt'. That's why! ^_^ Yes, the clouds and birds in the header are from an Etsy shop specializing in...you guessed it!...'felt'! :-) And how creative!!!
      I figured I'd share what she felt instead of what I'm feeling about the rain we're getting right now!!...OUCH! So, here goes!...

      This is the cutest tree ever!!!! :-) It almost makes me long for Fall to get here faster! ^_^ And the expression on the owl's face, up top, is priceless! :-)

     Well, that's all I got today!...unless you wanna hear me go on and on about the great tennis matches at the opening day of the U.S. Open! :-) ... Oh Yeah! I can show you the two  items I crocheted in between matches!!...

      I crocheted a 3-layer brooch for ladies...

    ...and a tiny Lemon Lapel Pin for men!...

      They're both in my Wuglyees Etsy shop already...with some crickets that are wandering around in there! ^_^

      Okay...it's breakfast time at the 'Open'!!....LOVE!!!! :-) Have a good day, Everybody!


Frustration, excitement,
Great anger, Pure joy!
Deep sadness, elation,
intent to annoy.

Loving, disgusted,
triumphant, afraid.
Affection considered,
uneasiness weighed.

Cheerful, proud,
optimistic, despair.
Euphoric, in anguish,
gloom hanging there.

Emotions experienced,
the good and the bad.
Without feeling, sincerely,
what life have you had?!

You need hope and peace,
kindness and love.
An unemotional life is
Not much to speak of.


  1. Felt played a big part of my childhood...my Dad was a tool and dye maker for Western Felt Works and we always had tons of felt for projects growing up! Love the cute things shown here! Hope your rain stops soon and sunshine can usher in the end of August..fall not far behind..sigh...where did this season go?

    1. Ohhhhh! How cool, Yaya! :-] Frankly, I don't understand how felt works...at....all! I just think it looks cool! :-) I do love how creative people are with felt though! And I'm glad you liked the items I shared today...By the way, the rain left pretty quickly today. It's been tennis, tennis, TENNIS all day!! ^_^

  2. The red one is really pretty

    1. Thanks, Anne! :-) I got a customer that thought so too! It sold the first day I listed it! ^_^ I just finished another one, and I'm on my way over to list it now!..Have a good day!


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