Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pancake Sunday...With A 'Fishy' Twist!

     Ahhhhhh!...Sunday!...Quiet time to sit myself next to the window, watch my hummingbirds, and have a hot cup of green tea. :-) ... But wait! This isn't 'Green Tea' Sunday! It's 'pancake' Sunday! :-) So let's have some pancakes, shall we!!...

      I'm showing you my pancakes without the syrup poured all over them already, because some things shared with you on the blog this early in the morning would just be cruel and unusual punishment to your eyes!! LOL
       And when you 'sea' the 'food' I'm having with my pancakes this morning you just might think that it's cruel and unusual punishment to my stomach!! ^_^ It's....

     ...eggs and fish sticks!!! :-)
      I know!.....weird. Well, weird for some people! ^_^ Hubby and I don't eat meals according to the norm most of the time anyway! fish sticks and eggs, with pancakes, is not so unusual for me!...The fish sticks are all 'me' though. Hubby is allergic to some fish products, fish sticks included, so when he was bringing me breakfast in bed....YES HE DID!! ^_^...the fishy sticks were held at arm's length....sorta like '10-foot-pole' distance!! LOL

     Ummmmmmmm! sticks, eggs, AND pancakes!! :-) Are you drooling.....or horrified?! ^_^ Whatever!!!!!...You enjoy your breakfast...oatmeal, grits, Pop Tart, toast, omelet, donuts and coffee, bagel, yogurt, waffles...sausage McMuffin...boring! ^_^...and I'll enjoy mine!! (Just kidding!...I'm good with all of those things too. Just not this morning! ^_^)
      Have a happy Sunday, Everybody! :-)


It feels good to be awake!
Eyes wide open. Brain cells too!
Now my mind and eyes need focus.
Let's go find something to do!


  1. Pancakes and eggs for breakfast doesn't sound too unusual for breakfast but the fish sticks definitely are different.
    I hope you had a wonderful Sunday!

    1. ^_^ Yep! Fish sticks 'ARE' different!! LOL And Oh....So.....GOOD!!...And yes, I had a great Sunday and weekend. :-) I hope you did too. And have a good week too, Jo!

  2. You had me at pancakes and syrup...but I took a dive into the deep at the mention of fish! Glad you enjoyed it though, that's all that matters! I'm having oatmeal to start my week!

    1. Ha! Ha!! LOL Have a good week, Yaya!...And hmmmm...oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon! Maybe I'll have that today!! ^_^


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