Monday, August 26, 2013

Is Anything Else Going On Today.......?!

      Yes, I know!...there are lots of serious things going on in the world right now...LOTS of things!!!!...including the fact that IT'S DARK this morning! O_O Here comes the rain.....and here comes the Fall season!
      And there's all of the heartache and struggle of the firefighters trying to put the wildfire out near Yosemite National Park...

     ...Unfortunately the fire is winning right now. :-(

     There is good news out there too. Like the little Panda cubs that are being born all over the place!...Twin Panda cubs at Zoo Atlanta! :-)

    Uhhhh...let me see....Is there anything else going on today?!....Hmmmmmm... ^_^ ...Oh Yeah.....IT'S U.S. OPEN TENNIS time!!!!! Woohoo!!!!! ^_^

      Some of the tennis players have been in New York for a week already...including my 'baby boy', Rafael Nadal. :-) He's suppose to play Ryan Harrison this afternoon around 3:00 p.m. I think....I think! ^_^
      So, guess what I'm gonna be doing today! ^_^ Even if it rains...O-U-C-H!...I think it's gonna be a good day! :-) I hope it is for you too!...On a side note, in case he's reading my blog... "My heart is with you today 'Papa'! ♥♥♥ And the poem is for you today too!"

Be The Best You Can Be

I live my life every day,
trying to be the very best I can,
so that I am not affected
by the degrading words of man.

If "I" know who I am,
then I don't care what others think;
I don't end up in some bar,
trying to hide my pain with drink.

Oh Yes! THEY have opinions
on what THEY think you should do,
on how you wear your hair,
where you should go, also with who!

I nod and give a grin,
respecting what they want to say;
but it's my thoughts that count
at the end of the day.

It makes it so much easier
when I'm being the best I can;
Then I feel good about my choices;
I don't fear words from any man!

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