Friday, August 2, 2013


     I usually start every Friday post talking about how great it is that it's 'virtual' Friday date night, and telling you, in one form or another, about my preparations or plans for my date. But not today! Today I'm just gonna show you the great things I found on Etsy....Why, you ask?!...
     Well, because I've been on a date ever since my anniversary in the middle of the week! ^_^ We're enjoying the long, long, date night...right on into the weekend!! :-) Even though a few things have happened to try to derail our good time! O_O I may tell you about it on another day, but not today!
       The sun is least for now!...and hubby and I are about to eat breakfast together and do a little dancing...maybe! ^_^ I think it's gonna be a good Friday! :-) I hope your Friday is good too!...Maybe I can help your Friday start with a 'BANG!' by sharing a few of my favorite things from my morning Etsy scroll!...

       Not only are they all cool items, but they're all things that remind me of some of the activities of hubby and my week so far!...the GOOD stuff, I mean! :-] ENJOY!!...And have a good weekend, Everybody! :-)

All With You!

If money could take me anywhere,
where would I go? What would I do?
I could walk down sandy beaches
as long as it's done with you?

I could paint on the French Riviera,
and on the cliffs of Dover too.
I could dance to the wee wee hours.
As long as it's done with you.

I could write my first true novel,
with every where, when, what or who.
And if well received...or not,
I'd be fine as long as I'm with you.

I could travel to Hawaii,
and ride horseback through the crystal blue.
I could hula and eat, and hula some more,
as long as it's done with you.

I could make a lot of friend's lives better,
pay their bills and buy them something new.
But it wouldn't be nearly as much fun
as spending all my time with you!

So if money could take me anywhere,
what would I want to see and do?
Exactly what I see and do right now,
because I get to do it all with you! 


  1. Thank you for featuring my sunshine card in your great selection of items! A lovely, cheerful post to brighten up Friday! Great verse too! Have a fab weekend.

    Debbie x

    1. It was my pleasure, Debbie! The post wouldn't have been the same without it! :-] And thank you for the nice words about my verse...poem, I mean. ^_^ I don't think I'm classy enough to call it 'verse'! LOL Have a good weekend! ♥

  2. Enjoy your weekend! I hope only good things continue for you and hubby and I'm sure pancakes will be involved!

    1. Thanks, Yaya! I 'will' enjoy the weekend...You enjoy yours too! ^_^ And I'll even eat a pancake...or two! LOL


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