Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Life Is An Earworm Right Now!


      In case you don't know it, an 'earworm' is a song, or a piece of music, that you hear and that gets caught up in your mind, and repeats over and over again...even after the song is no longer playing! :-) I have a couple of examples too...Adele's 'Chasing Pavements' ...and PS22 singing 'I am not a robot'. :-]

     Be careful not to play them more than twice...OR ELSE!!! LOL

      So, getting back to my point, my life is sorta like an earworm these days. It seems to be just repeating over and over day after day...and days sometimes just disappear on me...while I'm apparently mentally off somewhere playing! ^_^
    What am I doing?...I'm just looking for new ways to crochet flower a crazy woman! ^_^...Just call me the...

     ...Yarn...and Thread...Hunter!! LOL

      ...I'm taking naps here and there.....And there and here! :-)) ... Oh! I do love a cat nap!!!! ^_^

     I'm listening to music, and watching hummingbirds...

     Speaking of which, hubby and I had a cute conversation the other day about how devoted he is to making sure that nectar stays in the hummingbird feeder! Apparently he has a 'just as devoted' fan. A male hummingbird...we think! :-)) He sits on a branch near the feeder practically all day, only flying back and forth to feed, and to 'shoo' other hummingbirds away!
         I said to hubby: "Aren't you happy that the hummingbird loves your nectar so much that he wants to 'covet' it?! ^_^"...Hubby said: "That's not it! That feeder is a 'chick magnet'!!" (A person or object which attracts the ladies...Apparently hummingbird ladies too!! ^_^) LOL"

     Anyway! ^_^ I think I hear music!...Talk to you later!
Its The Beat

The syncopated rhythm
of the tapping of your feet,
and the snapping of your fingers
to the systematic beat
make the music that you're  hearing
(that you think is kinda neat)
motivate your body's  swaying,
and you have to leave your seat;
Now you're dancing back and forth,
and causing rising body heat.
And it's all from a beat-
Yes, one syncopated beat!


  1. This is my earworm right now
    it is not getting out of my mind

    1. They sure get into your head, don't they?! That's why I'm trying to stay away from them!! LOL


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