Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Me too!!!!!! :-)

     Do you like blogging?!...I do too!......Do you like tennis?!...I do too!......Do you like buttons?!....I do too!! ^_^
     Okay...I slipped the tennis part in there, because that's just how I roll these days!! LOL Today's blog post is not, however, about tennis!...and stop clapping!! LOL This blog is mostly about buttons...pretty buttons......creative buttons.....colorful and eye-catching buttons!! :-) 

     The bee button was the first one to snatch my neck around this morning, but the crayons and the ribbons did their share of neck-snatching too! :-]
     I think they caught my attention because I've been seriously thinking about going back to putting buttons on my flowers and boutonnieres. I think they need some character along with the colors! :-) 
     Unfortunately my customers haven't been that accommodating when it comes to buying my button-ieres! LOL They do buy my lapel pins and boutonnieres though. In fact, I got a nice sale yesterday...a lady's brooch and some lapel pins! :-) I think I just may try a few with some interesting buttons soon, and see how it goes!
     Right now, though, I have some studying to do, and some breakfast to eat, and some tennis to watch! ^_^ Have a good 'button-ed-up' day, Everybody! :-)

Vintage Buttons

Pull them from a shirt
that's been tossed into the pile;
Yank them from a dress
you haven't worn in quite a while.

Inherit them from friends;
Get them as a gift of love;
Take them from the back
of one of Granny's vintage gloves.

Pluck them from old hats;
Tell their story with your tears.
Now ,use those vintage buttons,
that you've saved through out the years.

Old is what they're called;
Out of style, and retro too;
But when I put them on creations,
with my eyes, they look brand new!    


  1. Haha...yes I love tennis and blogging and although I never thought about it before this post, I do like buttons and they can completely change a look. Those cake toppers are adorable!


    1. Great, Dale! :-) I'm glad you could appreciate my buttons too! ^_^ Have a good day!


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