Thursday, August 8, 2013

I'm with you, Addie!!! ^_^

       If you don't look at the video first, then nothing I say now will make sense! ^_^ Little Addie is precious!...and insightful...and wordy, without words. :-) 
      I'm sharing it because hubby and I had a conversation last night about how much I miss being able to do my own issues...long story. Anyway...I had to tell hubby: "I love you, but your not 'my' cooking! ^_^ In fact, his cooking is sometimes only loosely called 'cooking'! ^_^
      I know that 'could' sound mean, but it's not meant to be. And hubby doesn't get offended. In fact, he complains about his own cooking sometimes! Ha! Ha! Let me say though, that not all of his cooking is bad! He actually makes pot roast better than I ever did. And he's got my cheesecake recipe 'down' a 'T'! :-)
      He got a new recipe book from a friend of mine the other day...THANK YOU!! :-)...and he tried one of the recipes...cucumber and peanut salad. Sounds good, right?!...Uhhhh....yeah. O_O I knew I was in trouble when he brought some cucumbers in the room and asked me: "Are these cucumbers or squash?!"....*shaking my head* ^_^
      In the end I had cold cucumber salad, with apple cider vinegar...instead of the rice wine vinegar the recipe called for..., ginger, salt and pepper, sugar, cucumbers, and pecans...instead of the roasted peanuts the recipe called for!...and it would've been good if he had stopped there!...but he browned some ground beef...browned is being generous. BURNED ground beef!...without any seasonings O_O...and piled it on the side of the plate next to the cucumber and peanut....scratch that...'pecan'...salad.
     I had baby Addie's reaction (see video) after the first couple of bites. ^_^ The only difference, unfortunately for hubby, is that my facial and guttural expressions are attached to actual words! Ha! Ha!...and we don't have a dog to concur with me! ^_^ (You really have to see the video to understand that.)
     Okay...don't think mean thoughts about me. I'm not really insensitive. And I love my husband to tears!!!!! But the truth is the truth!! ^_^ ... He's convinced that the Cordon Bleu is gonna be calling him any day now, and I'm convinced that if they see his cooking they're gonna send him, straight jacket en-wrapped, to the French version of the 'Nut...and I don't mean pecan...House'!!!! LOL
      In other news, our hunt for a notary public to authenticate the renewal of my business license for my Wuglyees shop was solved yesterday. We found a lawyer! :-) And he was a very nice guy!...A few days ago I renewed my business name too, so I guess I'm still in business for a least for now! :-)
      More boutonnieres coming up! :-))

     Have a good day, Everybody!...and even if it's not that good....don't spit it out!! ^_^

Fast Food!

Tasty, salty, satisfying.
Bloating, coating stomach lining.

Greasy, cheesy, burger grinder.
Gassy, thick, intestine finder.

Crispy, long, french fries a-plenty.
Chocolate, peppermint, green and minty.

Salads; veggie, seafood, chicken.
Fried and floured, finger lickin'.

Hoagies, subs, and roast beef stew.
Catfish, dash of hot sauce too.

Pizza, mushroom, peppers, tomatoe.
Apple fries instead of potato.

Catch-up, mustard, condiments.
Onion rings? I'm on the fence.

Frosty, frothy, milk shake sip.
Coffee Coolata, donut, dipped.

No matter if it's hot or chilled.
Definitely a happy meal.


  1. Hilarious!! That little girl really knows her own mind! :D
    Sorry hubby isn't the best cook in the world, but at least he tries and your both still kickin'! LOL
    Have a great day and a great meeting tonight too!

    1. ^_^ I agree about the little girl!! Ha! Ha! She knows what she likes...and what she doesn't!...just like me!!! :-)) And you're right about hubby too! He tries and he tries and he tries!! That's what I love about him. He will not be deterred...NO MATTER WHAT!!! LOL...Have a great day, and enjoy your meeting too, Bead!! ♥


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