Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sorry For The Delay........

      YAY!! I'm back in!!...or should I say: "PHEW! I'm back in"!! O_O I was worried about it for a while there!!...My computer modem...or whatever it is...died on me out of the blue yesterday! I tried to refresh...and refresh...and refresh again, but NOTHING! UGH!
       So I called the cable company. They said: "Sorry Mam. We can't send a serviceman out until Friday.".......WHAT?????!!!!!!!!...I told him, in no uncertain terms, and in the nicest panicked way that I could, that Friday was unacceptable! Grrr!
      I was assured that there was nothing they could do until Friday........O_O..........I asked to speak to a manager, and told the gentleman that I have a 24 hour shipping policy on my online shop, and Friday is NOT acceptable!!....I was told to wait a moment......Then I was told that a serviceman would be out between 8 a.m. and 12 noon today.
       I have to be honest...I didn't think anybody was gonna show up! But, at 11:50 a.m....^_^he showed up!! And he fixed my problem!!....and all day long my computer has been trying to update!...while at the same time DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! LOL
      My girlfriend looked at my shop from her house and saw that I had sold some items last night...And then this morning, before the serviceman came, I had sold eight more items!!!! I was livid that I couldn't get my customer's items shipped right away! Grrr!....While at the same time, VERY happy to hear that sales would be waiting for me when the computer was fixed! :-)
    Now I'm back up and running...and exhausted!!! So, I'm off to get something to eat and take a restful nap!...And in case you're wondering....YES! I did take a few naps just the same....They just weren't as restful as the one I'm about to take! ^_^ THANK YOU STEVE, THE CABLE GUY!! ENJOY YOUR MAGAZINES!! :-)


There's a need inside of us
To just connect with someone else;

To look at them and somehow know
that who they are, can help you grow;

That if you just could somehow feel
the way down deep, that makes them real,

Then your words no longer hide
the 'who' you are-the you inside;

And then, if you should laugh or cry
or lean your head, and give a sigh;

And if they mimic back to you
the same reactions that you do,

Then there's a real connection made,
and all your inhibitions fade.

All the walls that you put high
will fall away-into their eye,

Where you can look and see intense
emotion-and their innocence;

And you no longer must explain
the need inside, you now must claim;

The need to be the 'who' you are.
They've taken stock-and raised the bar.

Now-if you touch, or if you don't,
or if you will, or if you won't;

It doesn't matter-not a one,
the things they think, or what they've done;

Because connection has been made-
the needed, real, foundation's laid.

Now-there's a real relationship
that you give action-not just lip!


  1. Glad it's fixed and it's nothing more serious. I was worried....

    Congrats on all the sales!

    1. ME TOO, Bead!! ^_^ What would I do if I couldn't talk with my fingers?!.....Uhhhh....I'd find a way, wouldn't I?! ^_^ Have a good day, my friend. ♥


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