Saturday, August 3, 2013

Are they dying already?!!!

     I're probably saying to yourself "Wug, why are you showing us dying leaves?!" ^_^ I know you're probably saying that because that's what I would be saying too!!...Well, let me tell you why.

     The reason is because I can't believe they're dying this fast?!! I's just the beginning of August! Summer isn't even over yet!...Yet already...while the hummingbirds are still chasing each other, and another set of hummingbird babies are no doubt in the works...the leaves are starting to show signs of Fall (Autumn)!!

     WOW! Out with the old, and in with the fast!! O_O Is it just here in our area, I wonder?!

      Oh well...there's nothing I can do about it! That's the way life 'rolls'! ^_^ So, I'm just gonna get my mind ready to enjoy the un-obstructed view of my backyard trees, which are gonna be really easy to see pretty soon when the tree goes leaf-bare!! :-)

     And I'm gonna remember that no matter what happens, I'll still have foliage to look at...sorta. ^_^ Flower foliage!......of the crochet thread variety! ^_^ 

     Well!!...What kind of flowers did you think I'd be talking about?! LOL You know I'm practically allergic to the sound of my own voice!...not to mention being allergic to anything that's growing outside right now!!! ^_^

      Anyway! LOL...These are a few of my latest creations. I'm gonna list them in the shop later this afternoon.

     This morning I have some 'other', more spiritual, business to take care of! :-) If you lived in my area, or if I knew your phone number, you might have a personal visit! ^_^ So, I'm off to take care of that. I think it's gonna be a good day!...You have a good day too!!


I wait most every morning
to see soft light coming through the trees;
To see the darkness pierced by shadows,
making clarity a tease.

I wait most every morning,
knowing darkness will give way;
Hoping sunrise won't forget me,
and my night will soon be day.

I wait most every morning,
for the thick black blanket's night
to flip back and uncover
all the brilliant rested light!

I've never been disappointed.
Light always manages to appear.
And I always smile and wave and holler:
"Hello Light! I'm over here!"


  1. You know, every summer/fall our fig tree is the first to show dying leaves and every year I think there's something wrong with it as everything else is still so green. Yes, fall is coming! Probably sooner for you and eventually also for us... Xoxo Silke

    1. Ha! Ha!...about your fig tree having something wrong with it. ^_^ Figs are not wrong. Ripe figs are oh, so, right!! And I don't wanna think about Fall! :-( But you're right. It's so close. It's my favorite season, but somehow I'm not quite ready for it this year!! :-]...Thanks for stopping by, Silke. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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