Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday!...'Virtual' Date Night Tonight?!!!!!....Hmmmmm

     It's a question, People! 'virtual' date for tonight, I mean. Because while hubby and I are laying around this morning talking about maybe going for a 'virtual' bike ride in sunny Europe...Or a leisurely long walk down some old southern road...

     ...what we're actually looking at on television is a weather map full of GREEN! O_O...

      ...In case you don't know what that means great weather.....and Green means rain!!!...And as you can see it's everywhere...all day! :-( And apparently it's not gonna get any better this evening! O_O ...

      All of the orange and yellow means 'turbulent' weather. :-( So it's not just gonna be raining...It's gonna be pouring...and maybe lightening...and thunder.....and UGH!!! Not the best Friday weather I've ever seen.
        I should've known the forecast though, because this is what it looked like when I looked out the window this morning...

     I pulled back my curtain and expected to see the sun! :-( If you look close you can see the rain running off of the leaves...and you can see that my hummingbird feeder is quiet. (Yesterday it was like hummingbird central again!)
       Oh Well, hubby and I will find somewhere to go, or something to do! And if not, we'll just have our date tomorrow! The weather's suppose to be great then! :-)

       You know us! ^_^ Give us something good to eat...

      ...and some good music to listen to...

      ...and we will have a good time NO MATTER WHERE WE ARE!!! ^_^

       We've had some of our best 'virtual' dates right here in the house....sleeping! LOL

         Speaking of which...a pre-'virtual' date day nap doesn't sound all that bad right now! ^_^

         Have a good day, Everybody!...and a good weekend! :-)

A Southern...TRIP!

A friend, my dad, and me
went on a Southern-bound road trip.
Everything was going fine
until our schedule took a flip.

The friend wanted to stop and see
her relative along the way.
So dad decided to drop her off,
and we headed off for the day.

Dad wanted to make a visit too,
someone he'd seen some time last year.
It was a half an hour away.
As we got closer...So did FEAR!

It was a bad neighborhood;
Wooden shacks, planks in the road;
Planks with nails sticking up,
like some "We'll Trap You!" secret code.

And as we rode fast round the curves
I said: "What is this all about?!"
House doors were cracked, with big sticks,
with fake dog heads sticking out!!

I don't mind telling you
that I was really, REALLY, scared!
{Things like this are the reason
that I'm prematurely gray-haired!}

You wouldn't think it could get worse,
but Yes indeed! It surely did!
My father stopped the car
and went inside!...I flipped my lid!

Here I was, in a car;
Didn't know the time! Had no clock!
And fake dogs are looking at me!
And the Cadillac doors won't lock!

Thankfully it wasn't long
before he got back in the car;
But he didn't seem that happy
that he'd driven out so far.

Then a man came walking up;
and dad got out, so they could talk.
But it didn't seem that friendly.
Dad was watching him like a hawk!

From where I was positioned
I could hear everything they said.
Apparently, last year,
this guy had hit dad in the head!

Oh Boy! This can't be good!
Now I REALLY wanted to go!
Whew!...Dad got back into the car
before he got another blow!

Now he was driving so fast
he almost made us miss a curve!
By the time he slammed his brakes though,
I was just a ball of nerves!

The car was pointed down a dirt road;
"A short cut". Dad hit the gas.
Great! Another wild adventure,
just because he drove too fast!

Down the road we went.
Dust and trees was all I saw.
Then some water across the road!!
My nerves were now, not plucked, but RAW!

No matter what I said
he just replied: "It'll be okay."
Then the road disappeared!!
It was a Southern water-way!

I think, at this point,
it was just a matter of pride,
that kept him going forward
when there was no road to ride.

We were lost and in a car
that now was more like a show-boat.
And there was water seeping in!
{Apparently Cadillacs don't float!}

The car started to tilt.
Too late for scooping with a cup.
YAY!...Wait! It was a dream!!

I was never happier to wake up!!


  1. That's quite a dream Wug!! I am always happy to wake up from nightmares like that!
    And it appears that your day and evening may be a nightmare too! Stay in, stay dry, and stay all cuddled up together (tee hee).
    We're heading to the harbor with our lawn chairs, Jimmy Johns, snacks and books! People watching night! :D

    1. Ha! Ha! Indeed it was, Bead!! That's the kind of dream you only wanna have every once in a blue moon! ^_^ But the day...rain and turning out to be quite alright! I'm following your above advice. :-) ... Enjoy the people watching! And have a good weekend, my friend! ♥

  2. Happy weekend!!!! Looks like you will have fun..rain or shine!!!! Lucy

    1. Thank you, Lucy! Happy weekend to you too!! ^_^ And you are right about the fun...RAIN OR SHINE!! :-]


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