Saturday, April 2, 2011

What Is Going On?!.....Craziness!!

      It's St. Lucia!! Isn't it gorgeous?! I'm thankful to Vicki, from the blog 2 Bags Full,  that we have St. Lucia to look at today! Her and the Gardener and some friends went on a cruise. St. Lucia was one of their stops. She took some wonderful photos of the trip. You can go along to that sunny place by checking out the blog post HERE!
      I mean....who wouldn't want to be in St. Lucia these days?! Especially ME!
       Blue skies, calm seas, relaxation.....and not an ounce of snow in sight!
      I woke up yesterday to this!
     Can you see it?! Snow all over the backyard! Even the trees were laden with it...A-G-A-I-N!!! It's enough to make you dream of St. Lucia, or somewhere...anywhere...where there's some sun!...But wait!
        This morning I "DO" have sunny my backyard!! And there's hardly any snow around at all!!!! What is going on?!!! It's craziness...this weather!! Yesterday it snowed the whole first part of the morning. It didn't stick much on the roads around here though. I know the drivers were happy about that! But the backyard...was covered!
       But then this morning.....CLEAR!
        It's sunny and the robins are hoping around, having a great old time! O_0 Did I miss something?! Did I go down a rabbit hole or something?! If you've ever read a version of Alice in Wonderland you'd know what I mean...Speaking of which, you have to check out the sketch that became a painted scene for her kid's school, over on the blog We Blog Artists, when you have a minute.
       It started out looking like this (which is pretty cool all by itself!)...
       ...but you should see what it progressed to!!! (1.)  HERE...(2.)  HERE...(3.) HERE...and step three will 'knock your socks off'!! (4.) HERE! So colorful...and huge!!
     Now, back to my story, If I DID go down a rabbit hole, it's okay this morning...because I ended up back home, looking out my window at a snow-less backyard! :-)
      My patio will be ready for some barbecuing soon...after we get a bigger grill! LOL
        The weather has been pure Craziness this season!!! Hopefully the Spring and summer won't be that topsy  turvy!...Speaking of topsy turvy, I decided what the Giveaway is going to be...
     ...No! Not the man holding the blanket!...^_^...but the warm blanket itself!!...I know, I know! It's got some wild colors in it. Red, white, purple, brown, yellow, green, etc...But what do you expect from a recycled 'Wuglyee'?!! ^_^ It's got all kinds of leftover yarns! It measures approx. 50 1/2 inches (126cm) wide and 52 inches (132cm) long.
       And because I can't take the rolling rejection of my "baby", the rules for this Giveaway are going to be a little different than in times past. This time, when you make your comment below, you have to say: "ENTER ME" in your comment, and let me know if you're following the blog. (I don't want to be in the position of trying to force my poor ugly baby on some unwanted babysitter! LOL)
     The drawing will be on April 15, 2011...Until then you can make a comment with your "ENTER ME" in it every comment a day. 
      Okay, now that I have sunny skies to look at, I'm off to look at them! :-) And do some letter-writing, make some phone calls, do a little crocheting, know BE ME!! ^_^ You BE YOU today! Have a good day...and a good weekend! By the way, what are you doing this weekend?!


Weekend Folderol;
Lollygagging, having fun;
Makes working up to Friday
worth the paperwork you've done.

Your job, all week, came first,
but now it's time for a little jaunt;
or to lay around the house
and just do nothing, if you want!

Weekend with some friends,
or simply find some things to do;
Because every Monday will be back
and you'll need something to look forward to!       


  1. I *think* I have been on that VERY beach in St. Lucia. Wasn't the snow nutty? I fully expected to be VERY annoyed, but it melted too quickly for a bad mood to set in.

    Have a GREAT weekend! And thanks - as always - for your lovely comments. I get so happy to see your name on my comment list!

  2. Do you live in my backyard?? It's been the same here, snow, melt, snow, rain, warm, cold...etc..and our dreams of a warm getaway are the same too! We are twinners as my Grandson would say! Hope you have a wonderful weekend..yes I'm a follower and a proud owner of one of your babies that I'm giving as a gift to my niece who is having her first baby this summer. She will be a good Mama to now I need a replacement so enter me!

  3. Holyoke Home, You've been on THAT beach?! Excellent!! I'm sure the weather there was better than what we had here yesterday!! LOL In the morning I mean. By late afternoon it was almost as if it hadn't snowed at all!! WILD!!...And by the way, I feel the same way about your comments here neighbor! :-]

  4. Thank you so much for popping over and for the lovely comment you left! Wow! Your hands were certainly kept busy through the long, cold, winter months! Good luck with your Giveaway.

    The Alice in Wonderland pictures turned out beautifully. I wish I could paint like that!

    Hope your weather warms up soon, so you can get outside and enjoy your barbeques (we call them braais in SA - 'braai' is the Afrikaans word for grill).

  5. yaya, Ha! Ha! No, I don't live in YOUR backyard! But I can see that we are 'twinners' and our backyards are a lot alike lately, huh?!! I hope you're having warm sun today. That's what we've got!...For how long?! I don't know!! LOL It made me smile to know that you were the first one to go into the box for the Giveaway. You've been a good "baby" Wuglyees Mama. And may be again! :-) And I'm sure your niece will be too!

  6. Desiree, It was my pleasure visiting your blog! I so enjoyed my helicopter ride...and the fact that it landed okay. :-) As to the crocheting, my hands are busy ALL THE TIME!! LOL I always am working on something!...The weather today is beautiful! We have to get a new braai. It's a project I've been putting off because I'm afraid of my husband and a gas braai!! ^_^

  7. That's just plain freaky! We saw a bit of snow this morning in betwix the rain. Wasn't as pleasant as it should have been. I'm glad it didn't last for you (of course it won't's April!)
    Hope you have a wonderful day my friend! Start banking your time!!! :)

  8. CinLynn, It was freaky!! And looks like your weather was too...a little. But you're right. It's April. How long can this freakiness last?!....Do we dare ask?!! ^_^ Have a nice rest of the day....P.S. Some time banked already! :-]

  9. Fun blog! How lucky you are to have a big yard! The downside of apartment living unfortunately ... no really outdoor space to myself and no place to BBQ! So you are in MA? I love it there. One of my best friends is in Millbury and I was there a year ago.

    It's great meeting you!

  10. St. Lucia, here I come!! LOL Indeed, who wouldn't love to be there right now... Luckily no-one can take away dreaming about it :)
    The weather has been exactly the same here so I just wanted you to know that you are not crazy! ;) But it's really hard seeing the news nowadays when all the time they are saying that of it's +20 in Spain and +20 in UK and then it's only +2 in here....grrrrr Supposed to get warmer now and hopefully the craziness with the snow will stop! One can only hope! :)

  11. Cobalt Violet, Yes, Massachusetts! And Millbury is not that far away! In fact we considered moving there when we moved back to Massachusetts some years back. It seemed like a nice quiet small town...Not big and bustling, like California!! :-) Oh Well, home is home, right?!...And it was very nice to meet you too!

  12. Mariann, You're so right about dreaming of warmer places. You can always go to your mind! :-) ... And the weather in Spain and the U.K. don't seem THAT much better than yours! + 20 is still below freezing, isn't it? Or are you talking Celsius (versus Fahrenheit, which would be 68 degrees...Pretty good!! ^_^))? Anyway, the weather is bound to get better soon. It's beautiful around here today anyway! :-) Sunshine....Ahhhhhh!

  13. Sorry yes, I was talking about Celsius :)

  14. Mariann, I thought so! :-))

  15. Sign me up for St. Lucia! :) I'll take that scenery any day!

  16. Shannon, Ha! Ha! I know what you mean!!! Me too! ^_^

  17. I would love to win this rug Debbie, but I know it costs huge amounts to post overseas. (It would cost you about $50 to send your rug to Australia. Sigh!) xx

  18. Wendy, I'll send my items anywhere! If you win, the cost is on me! If you want to be entered just let me know! :-))

  19. Okay then, definitely enter me! Thanks! xx

  20. Wendy, You're in!! :-)

  21. Count me in sweetie. Big Hugs!

  22. Katherine's Corner, Consider yourself counted!! :-]

  23. Hi Deb, please enter me. Thank you so very much.

  24. SnowflakeDreams1, You're entered!! :-]


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