Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Gray's Autonomy

      No. This time I'm not talking about the weather. The weather here is about 37 degrees right now, and sun is gonna be around most of the day. ..Okay, so we 'are' gonna get some cloudy skies and drizzle tonight....but still...that's not what my post is really about today!
     My post is about my gray hat that I finished yesterday...the replacement for the one my sis-in-law bought when she was up...
          Now that the hat is all done, I'm trying to decide whether to make a colorful flower for it or just do a gray flower with a colorful button. Decisions...*who cares*...decisions! LOL
       Okay, as you can tell...maybe I also have a bit of a 'gray' mood...kinda...this morning too...Why, you ask?!...Oh! You didn't ask?! ^_^ Well, I'll tell you anyway!...My 'Baby Girl' is in the hospital. She has been for a few days now. :-( They haven't figured out why she's experiencing the pain she is. They're in the tedious process of ruling things out.
      And, as if that wasn't bad enough, my "Friend" (who is not a friend at all!!!)...Aargh!...came-a-visiting last night too! You know who I mean, right ladies?!...Now I know for sure that the expression 'When It Rains It Pours' has nothing to do with the actual weather!
      Anyway!!!....Back to my gray....hat! Yeah, my hat! LOL
        With my body 'out-to-lunch', so to speak,...and therefore my brain is too!...I can't decide what to do with this gray sack hat!
       It's terrible to have gray hat choice autonomy, and still not be able to choose! LOL...Do I pair it with that pretty shade of blue that's in that gorgeous beaded bracelet (in the header photo)?...or some other color?...Or just a colorful, pretty button?
     I needed some inspiration from some fellow Etsians. Some with gray items in their shops that they've paired with some pretty colors. I thought I'd show you some of theirs with colors that I'm considering for my gray hat...

       Any one of these colors would make a pretty flower on the hat, don't you think?!...And, for that matter, they'd make a good accent button color too!...I'll decide and try to finish it today. If I do, I'll show it to you tomorrow.
      I also have to make more headbands it appears! :-] This one sold a few days ago...

          ...and this one sold last night!...

         They're not gray either!...Both turquoise. But hmmmm...! That would be a great color with gray! :-) ...Clearly I need a nap!! LOL Too much tennis watching...and other taking my poor thinking process away!! ^_^
      Have a good day Everybody!...Zzzzzzzzzz!
I only have one brain

There have been times when I felt that I needed
an extra brain to remember some stuff.
An extra noggin to handle the chaos,
when my life and my schedule got tough.

A much bigger cranium for non-essentials;
Somewhere to go when my brain wants to bail.
An extra universe inside my skull space,
where I could place all my 'Mental Junk Mail'.

But, knowing my thinking, there's no use
having two places for my mind to stretch.
Two places to toss around ideas.
Just more balls of ideas I can't catch!

My one brain is an occupied scramble.
A pink-celled, forgetful and frustrated mess!
Do I need another brain somewhere,
holding problems that I must address?

No, I have enough things to focus on.
Things so confusing and numerous to do.
So it's a good thing I only have one brain!
What in the world would I ever do with two!


  1. I like the idea of a flower with a beautiful button n the center~~ I love the hat - I love the color gray!


    1. Okayyyy! So maybe I 'should' go that way. That's the way I'm already leaning....gray crochet flower, with a pretty button!...Thanks Vicki! :-]

  2. I have to say that I adored the turquoise with purple.

    Have you had any more blog problems?

    1. Ohhhhh! The turquoise and purple! Thank you! Maybe I should do another one like that one then. You're the second person to tell me that, and the first one was the one I made it for as a custom item! LOL But a lot of people liked it. I wasn't sure. Those two colors didn't seem compatible to me...And so far I haven't had any more problems. I'm taking it a day at a time! :-]

  3. Thanks so much for including my Granny Square Pillow Covers in today's posting. Cheers!

    1. It was my pleasure! :-) It's a very pretty pillow. It has me re-thinking my not making granny squares more often! ^_^ I guess I'll leave them to you though.

    2. Lol, Thanks again and I have a post about this feature on my Blog along with links to your Blog and Shop. All the best, Tracy!

    3. I'll have to head over and check it out, Tracy! :-) And thank you!!

  4. Deb, I think that a colorful flower would be great for your grey hat. I'm partial to red.I hope that your day has gotten brighter. I'm sending you a little of the sunshine that we are getting here today. Have a Great Afternoon!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Velma, See! You and I are all about the color! But I'm afraid not everybody is! LOL I would LOVE to make a red flower for a gray hat....spice it up a little! :-]...but I chickened out and went all 'muted'. I made a gray flower with a sea foam green button. I listed it in the shop already too!...Next stop?!....RED!! LOL

  5. The gray hat reminds me of my hair that would be gray if Miss Clairol hadn't made a visit! See, that's how my brain works! I love the "shades of gray" pillow that you featured, but I think the hat does need color and I know you'll find a cool something to adorn it...about having an extra would be like giving me an extra room in the house..yep, just a place to throw more not needed "stuff"!

    1. Ha! Ha! Yaya, You are definitely showing your age with the 'Miss Clairol' reference! LOL Or, rather, both of our age...because I knew what you were talking about! ^_^ ... And you are a color lover like me, so I knew you'd agree that the hat needed color. But if you look at my response to SnowflakeDreams1 above you'll see what I finally did...Okay, off to put my "extra room" to bed....Well, after watching some more tennis! ^_^ That's all that's in the room this week!! LOL

  6. Gray is nice, it goes with anything (except brown). I do like the blue flower on your headband :)

    I DO hope they find out what's wrong with your friend soon.

    1. Thank you. I'm glad you like it. And, by the way, I kinda like gray and brown together too! :-) ... Thanks for the kind words for my friend too. So far...*shaking my head*...No. :-(

  7. I just wanted to say thank you sweetie :) got my little crocheted bag in the post yesterday and it is so cute! I didn't realise I had won it as I have been too busy to check everyones blogs at the moment so thanks for sending it on I love it! hope you and hubby are keeping ok :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

    1. You're welcome, Bee! I'm glad you like it. I'm sure you'll find something to use it for. :-)

  8. That turquoise with the grey would look lovely as a flower :) Although I quite like red with grey myself, just like that sofa cushion cover.

    1. Yes...Yes! Turquoise would look pretty! So would the red! I'll maybe do those colors for others that I do. This one is all done now.


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