Saturday, January 14, 2012

'Virtual' Date Night and a Hot Dog!

       Before I even get into my post today I wanna let you know that all of the items I'm sharing can be found, and purchased, on Etsy. Just click on either the photos or the links below the photos to get details, prices, and more photos of the items...I just had to say that because I was really impressed with these Etsians!...Okay, moving on! :-)
    Our 'Date Night' trip this time was to a place that we've been before...Boston!

       I think I've told you all before about one of the last trips we took to Boston...the time I kidnapped hubby?!....O_O.....Oh!...I didn't tell you about that?! ^_^ Well, I won't get into the full story, but I'll tell you that it was one of our anniversaries, and hubby's schedule had been non-stop hectic, and well...I wanted some time for me...So I stole it!! ^_^
     I bought flowers and fixed a picnic lunch and stuffed them out of sight in the trunk of the car. Boston is only a little more than two hours away, but I knew I would be kidnapping him at dinnertime and he would be starving. So I made snacks for the ride, and put the flowers in there so he would know he was being kidnapped and it was going to be pretty special...enough so that I was buying flowers for HIM for a change! :-)
     I packed our suitcases, called a friend of his to take over a very important thing that was on his schedule that just had to be done, and met him somewhere that he absolutely wasn't expecting me to be...Oh! I wish I had pictures of his face when he saw me!...Priceless! :-)
     He plied me with a bunch of questions...that I didn't answer. :-)) I just said: "Come on,'re driving." I didn't even tell him where we were going! I just told him that he'd find out along the way...When we got to the highway exit and I made him go a different direction than we would have gone to go home.....face?....Priceless! :-)

       I had him stop the car about a half an hour down the road, so I could have him get himself something to eat...out of the trunk. When he got back in the car with the picnic basket and the flowers I took over driving so he could eat. I told him where we were going. I answered the questions he was throwing at me. And once he realized his appointment would be taken care of, and that I had everything completely in hand, he relaxed and was "IN"! Our anniversary could officially begin! :-)
    I booked us a couple of days at a Hotel in Boston that at the time...unbeknownst to me...was being used to film the movie "The Housesitter", with Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn. We didn't actually see the stars of the movie. Actually, we didn't see anybody the first night. :-)) We stayed in our room all day, ordering room service, sleeping, resting, and winding down. We were a frazzled couple at that time. Being able to just do...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING...all day...was the best!!
      The next day we went all over the city. We had breakfast at Tiffany's....Really!! They had a huge breakfast right outside the Tiffany jewelry store! And it was good too!...I ate good, looked at jewelry, and then we walked hand in hand around the area. :-) We went out to Boston! :-) Well, I did. Hubby is allergic. That would not have been a good time, him eating fish! O_O
      Anyway, I'll spare you all the details.....LOL Suffice it to say that when we think of Boston these days...we always smile. It's a very good memory :-) ...But driving to Boston last night?...Not a good memory! O_O...Our weather.....UGH! Windy...40 MPH wind gusts! Rain and snow mixed. Black ice on the roads!...And we had my sister-in-law along on our 'virtual' trip too! (even though she didn't know it. ^_^)

        She thought she was just visiting and gonna spend the night with her brother and sis-in-law! :-) Little did she know that she was on a 'Date' with us, eating Chinese food and apple pie in Boston!....Nope! No ballpark hotdogs for us this time!Ha! Ha! 

      It was nice having company. It's been a while since anyone stayed overnight with us. :-] We talked and laughed, and she looked through a bunch of my scarves and hats....{by the way, I made some sales last night...^_^...and I gave away some things too. My shop is missing a few items today. Now you know why! ^_^}
     She even took the gray hat with the flower that I just made the other day. That new baby didn't even make it to the listing process in my Wuglyees shop!! LOL...No problem. I'll just have to make another one! :-) I still have the golden yellow one and a red one that I finished yesterday anyway. Maybe they'll make it to the shop today...maybe!
      And we may not have been able to see a Red Sox baseball game this time, but...

    ...tonight there is actually a big game in the Boston Foxboro, at the Gillette Stadium...The Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots football game is tonight at 8:00! :-) So our trip has a slight 'virtual' extension for us sports loving New Englanders (hubby and me! ^_^)...and my sis-in-law will get to visit another one of the siblings that lives in the Boston area too! :-)) A WIN/WIN!.....I'm talking to YOU New England Patriots!....WIN!!! WIN!!!! ^_^
      Oh Yeah! HOT DOG!!!...I almost forgot to tell you about the other nice thing I found out last night!...I have another satisfied customer! :-) Look at this nice photo!...
       She received it and she really likes it! :-) It doesn't take much to make me smile, does it?! ^_^ A satisfied customer, a good 'virtual' Date Night trip, a great visit with my sis-in-law, and Boston!!
      Okay...I'm off to get some breakfast and! LOL Today is the last day you can enter the Giveaway for the bags, so don't forget to leave your "Enter Me"!...And have a good day everybody!! :-)
  Virtual trip

I really like to travel,
See the world, expand my mind.
But not getting on an airplane,
or hunting luggage I can't find!

I like a 'good ole' virtual trip.
Computer details. Music too.
Where you don't need a stinking passport,
or have to wear a stinking shoe!


  1. You are so romantic!!! Puts me to shame! I always wanted to do something like that to my hubby, but never had the nerve. How sweet!! I did surprise him one time with tickets to see Chicago in concert two days before we left for vacation. He was mad at me for doing that since we just spent so much on a trip. But when we got there and they started playing and singing, the look on his face was priceless!! It was like "thank you," "thank you," "thank you!" No longer mad! Best concert we ever went to and we've been to a lot of them!
    Glad you had such a wonderful virtual date night and visit with your sister in law! Congrats on all the sales too!
    I sure hope to see at least one of those hats in your shop soon! Anxious to see if they become big sellers for you!
    Enjoy your Sat. We need to dig out before service this morning!

  2. CinLynn, You say you always 'wanted' to do something like that, but...YOU DID! ^_^ You took him to a surprise Chicago concert! Oh! I'm sure that was good too!! Chicago wrote a song called 'Saturday', ( Perfect for today even! ^_^ Thanks for the nice comment, Bead. Be careful on your 'Dig', and have a good rest of the day!

  3. What a fun "virtual" date to a place I've never been but hope to see one day. Loved your romantic, kidnap the hubs love story. Very cute! Your weather is much like ours but we did get 3-4in. of snow along with the cold and blowy..winter has arrived! Stay warm and enjoy your weekend!

    1. Yaya, Thank you for the nice comment. And yep! Welcome to winter...although the snow we thought we were gonna! LOL We only got wind and a bit colder weather, with some black ice for a little while in the early mornings! Wasn't that nice of the snow to visit you instead of us?! ^_^ So I say right back to you...Stay warm and enjoy your weekend! :-]

  4. What a lovely 'kidnap' story. You are such a romantic aren't you! It sounds like you had a wonderful time in Boston :)

    1. ^_^ I guess I am, Jo! But I just really wanted for us to take a break for a minute...and I knew he would keep making excuses to put it off. Sometimes you just have to do what needs done! Ha! Ha! Even husband-napping!! :-]


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