Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How Cool!!!...Now I'm Really Inspired!

        How do I keep ending up 'out of the loop'?!! I mean...just because I'm in my 50s and over the hill, long in the tooth, and an old Peri-menopausal lady...*okay... that might explain everything!*...but it doesn't mean that I can't be 'up' on things, right?!....RIGHT?!!!....So, then, why didn't somebody tell me that the popcorn stitch pillow was back 'in'?!!!!
      I'm not 'pushing up daisies' yet!! ^_^ And it's a good thing! Otherwise I wouldn't be able to breathe...or see...or read! And that's how I found out that the popcorn stitch pillow was back 'in'! 
      I saw an article about a young lady named Beth Shorr in my new Oprah magazine entitled "Women Who Make Beautiful Things".  At the top of the page were these cute little knitted Gadget Cozies...
      They were in all kinds of colors....and you know how much I love color! :-) ... But what really got me to read the article was the picture at the bottom of the page......a picture of popcorn stitched pillows!! (like the one in the header photo) They were yellow, blue, and red...all stacked up....and beautiful!!

      Now I know you're not gonna believe this...I wouldn't!! LOL...but just last week I was contemplating making some crochet popcorn stitched pillows. JUST LAST WEEK!! And I talked myself out of it by saying: "Come on, Old Girl, you know nobody is gonna buy those! Those popcorn pillows are just a blast from the 70s...Move on!"...And now look!! Popcorn stitch pillows in the Oprah magazine!! ^_^ {Among other great stuff! You have to get a copy yourself...NO! You cannot borrow mine! LOL}
     And the story gets even better!...Beth Shorr is a fellow Etsian!! :-) Her Etsy shop is called bshorr! She makes her 'beautiful woman' creations in her spare time. I say 'spare time' because this isn't her only job. The article says that " wasn't until she landed a job assisting a producer at Comedy Central's The Daily Show that she started knitting regularly...she discovered that needles and yarn helped her unwind..." Me too, Beth!! :-] But crocheting, not knitting. Knitting makes me turn into a ball of wind!!...{wind=sounds sorta like wine...but I've been called windy mouthed too, so whatever!! LOL}
       Her family and friends encouraged her to sell what she made, and off she went to Etsy...Cool!!!...That was my path too!...But I'm woefully lacking in pillows in my Wuglyees shop! In fact, I've only got one in there right now...and it's not a popcorn stitch one...I think I already told you why, right?! ^_^ ...Popcorn stitch pillows! I don't have any!!...I've got to fix that I know they're back 'in'!! ^_^
    The article says that Beth is now a talent coordinator and the assistant to host Jon Stewart, and that her colleagues offered to model her hats and scarves for her. She named some of her creations after them!....Anybody out there wanna have one of my scarves named after them?! of my 'Ugly Wuglyee' scarves?!...*Teehee*...I didn't think so. ^_^ You can buy a Chabotski hat though, from bshorr! :-)
     Let me pause here to let you know, though, that the new Giveaway for February 1, 2012 is up! It's a soft and fluffy angel hair keychain...
          You can look at all of the details about it by clicking the picture of the keychain on the right hand sidebar. 
      Back to what I was saying......The article said that bshorr handmade is a hit at local craft shows, and that one of the stars of Mad Men was even photographed wearing one of her scarves...which are very cute too, by the way.
      Me, with my old self...who has never sold a thing in a craft show, or watched Mad Men, and has only seen a couple of episodes of The Daily Show in my life...sorry Beth and probably not gonna end up with the same success as bshorr. As Jon Stewart said: "...Girl's got skills."
     And the girl can inspire!...And she has inspired me!...And while I can't be her...I can be me! I can crochet my brains out! And I can sure enough make a popcorn stitch pillow!! :-) And I am now inspired to do so....immediately!! :-)) Well...immediately after I finish making these five crochet hats and scarves I'm working on right now! ^_^ Hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures of what I'm up to, for you to see tomorrow.
     I've got some pillow planning to do! :-) And watch out lisawinestudios! If I ever figure out how to crochet cursive poetic writing onto a crochet pillow, you're gonna be in trouble!!!! LOL But for now...this is your 'wheelhouse'...and your wheelhouse alone!...
           And what a beautifully creative wheelhouse it is too! :-)

      In other news, the Australian Open is great!! We're just in rounds one and two and there's already been some unbelievable upsets! But Andy Murray, Serena Williams, Andy Roddick, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are still in it! So I'm still good!! ^_^
      My girlfriend...the one that went to the emergency room the other night, was in the hospital until after one O'Clock in the morning!! She's got to make an appointment with her doctor for follow up because they haven't pinpointed what the exact problem is. She's still in bad pain. :-( I'll keep you informed as things come along.
      The weather?!....Over the time it's taken me to type this blog post, the temperature has gone from 45 degrees (Fahrenheit) down to 36 right now!...*shaking my head*...I don't know what's going on!! But apparently this is the 'high' temperature for the day. O_O And there's a wind advisory in effect until 4 p.m. :-/
     I'm just gonna keep my head down today, and crochet...and watch tennis. :-) It'll be a good day I'm sure. I hope yours is too! :-)

Things I Love To Do

I love to lay on the bed in my room,
listening to the whirl of the fan;
And I love to cook in my kitchen,
listening to the sizzle in the pan.

I love to play 'oldies' music;
Listening to the beat makes me dance.
And I love to watch sports on t.v.,
and scream when my team has no chance.

I love to walk through my house when its clean;
and light candles that smell nice and glow.
And I love to take naps in the middle of the day,
while I listen to the Spanish station turned down low.

I love to crochet things and give them away;
and write personal letters to my friends.
And I love to write poetry to make myself smile-
like this one I did-The End.


  1. Well im loving that popcorn stitch pillow i have never seen one before but its very fun and retro looking. A jumble on a sofa of a few of them in different colours would look fab;-)) Hope you have enjoyed your day. Look forward to seeing yours. dee x

    1. Hi Dee! That popcorn stitch pillow 'is' pretty cute, isn't it! I can't believe you've never seen one before though! Although you're not as old as me, sooooo...^_^...And this isn't the 70s...anymore. LOL I'll be sure to show the pictures when I do mine. :-) In the meantime, have a good rest of the day!

  2. Those pillows are gorgeous! You should make some!!
    Enjoy your tennis!

    1. I will Cindy...I will! :-)

  3. I would never have thought that popcorn stitch was retro. Who knew?! Well I didn't lol Does that make that popcorn stitch baby blanket I made retro too? Or does it only apply to cushions? I'm thinking you should make some :)

    1. Jo, I hadn't seen a popcorn stitch pillow done by anybody in many sell, I mean. I know everyone works old patterns for themselves, and a baby blanket, small, popcorn stitch is different! I would even call that a 'bobble stitch' instead of a popcorn stitch because of it's being so small. Think about it though, have you seen any popcorn stitch blankets for sell online or in the stores?!...Maybe it's one of those things that came back "in" without me knowing it!! LOL That's highly possible! ^_^ By the way, I am gonna make one after my hats and matching scarves are done. It's on my "To Do" list. :-)

  4. Would you happen to have a patter?I'm new to crochet. Thanks

    1. Do you mean a pattern?!...There's tons of them online. Just search free patterns for whatever you're looking for. I make up my own mostly.


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