Monday, January 9, 2012

Company's Coming!...Company's Coming!

          I saw this beautiful necklace in the etsy shop called JenniferMoonJewelry and almost fell in 'necklace love'! :-) And for more than one reason too....Yes! I am a colored jewelry nut! And the combination of Pea pods wrapped in antique bronze wire and gold leaves definitely draws that part of my jewelry nuttiness to the fore!
       But I also looked at it this my poetic brain kinda way...and :-) Don't those peas all nuzzled up beside each other look like family?!....Well, sometimes my family looks like that. Sometimes I look at my family and just see 'red'!! LOL...Whatever!! ^_^
      But because I've got some special company coming from out of state today, I'm all about family today. :-] My hubby's sister, my 'sis-in-law'....she calls me 'Sis' :-) coming!!! :-) I can't wait for her to get here!!
       My siblings and I, while growing up, were very close...
       ...You would hardly ever see one of us without the others...But as we've grown up, and as our lives have taken different roads, we aren't as close as we used to be...I miss that. But it's funny how, if you keep your heart open, you can find family everywhere!...sometimes even in your own family! LOL...The family you marry into I mean.
      I love my sister-in-law! :-) She's the kindest, sweetest person you'll ever meet...And strangely enough...and it's a long story I'll spare you from going into hubby didn't meet her himself until he was about 16 I think! In fact, he didn't even know she existed!
      When he found out he had a 'Big Sister'....since he was the oldest at that time...he was ecstatic!!! :-) She came to stay with them for the summer shortly after he found out about her, and he loved her right away. In fact, it was an affectionate love he'd never had with anyone...not even his own mom...up to that point. (Things have changed drastically in that regard now!)
      His memories included sitting on the floor and talking very openly with her while she braided his hair....Yes! He is a boy! ^_^ ..If you weren't a black guy in the 70's you're not gonna understand it. You just aren't!! LOL
      Anyway, when the two of them are together I am always amazed at the change in him...He's a sweetie in my book anyway, but somehow when she's around, he's softer, more thoughtful, gentle, more respectful...protective even. You can just look at him and tell that he would never allow anything bad to happen to his sister. :-) It's a look I love to see, and I'm looking forward to it today!...Company's coming!!!

           In other, unrelated, news...I finished the new eight-color scarf!...
        If you saw the other one...before it'd know that I put different colors in this one. I just couldn't bring myself to make the same one again....I just couldn't!! LOL This one has chocolate brown, white, golden yellow, turquoise, red, gray, mint green, and a straw tan shade...
        Depending on whether I can de-excite myself about my company that's coming...^_^...I might list this one in the shop later today...I listed three new items yesterday though, so maybe not...I listed the three yesterday to replace three recent sales I made...Yep! More sales!! :-)) I don't know why, all of a sudden, my shop seems to be getting a lot of attention, but you'll get no arguments from me! Bring it on! I'm still crocheting!!!! ^_^
      Have a good day Everybody...and forgive my silly poem below. It's one I wrote a while ago!! :-)

Family Perspective

When we're all together we are--
Massively talkative,
argumentative, competitive;
adaptive, adhesive,
so much fun, addictive.

When we want to be, we are--
acceptive, accommodative,
attentive, creative;
appreciative, inclusive,
enjoyably cooperative.

When you catch us on a bad day we're--
aggressive, combative,
allusive, explosive;
assertive, offensive, ,
over-protective, combustive..

When we take the time to think we are--
assertive, affective,
adoptive, non-corrosive;
attractive, progressive,
apprehensive, but non-subversive.

But what our family mostly is, is--
actively responsive,
communicative, acceptive,
Positive, supportive;
And as a spiritual collective,
moved by one directive.


  1. I can see why you chose peas in a pod for your header shot. Your sister in law sounds wonderful. I am so glad you're getting to see her.
    Love the poem it's certainly very descriptive. I had to ad my bit for all the -ive words you used :D

  2. Jo-anne *Blossy*, ^_^ Thank you for getting my 'peas in a pod' expression about the family, and my 'descriptive' poem. :-) And yes, my sister-in-law is a pretty wonderful person...Thanks for the nice comment, and have a good day, Jo!


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