Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Teasers!

         Is there any bad time to see or say the words "I Love You"?!...You know what? Now that I think about it, there probably 'is' some situation out there where it would be bad to utter those words. O_O ...But if you just had these little pears decorating your bathroom, or in a kitchen window, or in front of your bedroom dresser mirror...as a reminder to your own self!...that wouldn't be a bad time to see these words, right?!
    Well I just had to show them to you anyway! As soon as I saw them come across my computer screen my mind started teasing me about how wonderful these little wordy pears would look in my house!...Of course, I initially thought they were candles!...Little teasers! {"teaser" - given to teasing (as by mocking or stirring curiosity)}LOL "STOP looking at me!!" ^_^
       Are y'all laughing at me?!...Well, just for that I've decided that I'm not gonna be in this by myself! Consider yourself henceforth to be teased also! ^_^

         If you live where it's either too hot or too cold right now, wouldn't you love to be in the Caribbean islands?!!! :-) This treasury (above) was curated with that little tease in mind. Not only the turquoise blue and green colors, but the whole feel of this treasury says: "Let's go away!"
     I'm very appreciative to see my turquoise bird, bead and crochet necklace in there too! :-) It would look perfect around someone's neck while they walked the sandy Caribbean beach at night. :-)
      Now if that wasn't a tease...I don't know what is!! Ha! Ha!...By the way, I also loved this bowl (below) from this treasury...

     If that treasury wasn't a sufficient enough tease, how about this one....

      All of those cute items could tease the most unteasable of people!...She even put my funky 4-color crochet necklace in this one!...
     Talk about a tease!!! ^_^

      But this Birds, purple and green, handbag by renklitasarimlar was also in there...
       So pretty, right?!.....Right?! ^_^

      What?!! O_O ........Okay! Okay! I confess!...This necklace wasn't in either of the above treasuries. I just like it!!!...And I thought it was the perfect last piece to tease you with on this Tuesday. ^_^

        What I'm about to show you is NOT a tease! It was a forgotten creation of mine!.....Yes....forgotten!! O_O When hubby's sister-in-law was here, she went roaming through my craft supply bins...checking out all of my hats and scarves...and lo and behold.....I saw this!.....
          It's a small pocketbook I made a long time ago!...An experiment piece that came out pretty good! :-)
       I crocheted the bag, and then I crocheted some really expensive multicolor ribbon on the front of it...in the shape of a rose...Can you see the rose?!
       I did have it listed in my Wuglyees shop back when I first opened it, in 2009. But when I deleted all of the children's items from the shop...*Too many requirements by CIPSIA for having kid's items*...I also deleted this small bag...

         I had totally forgotten about it since then. It was sitting in a sealed package, all nice and pretty...probably hollering at me for years..."HELLO!!!!! What about me?!!!!"...and I wasn't listening. {Probably was watching tennis! LOL}
      I even made a couple of accessories to go with it!...A little glass case...

       ...and a little wristband!...
     I remember having a lot of fun making this set...I suppose I should re-list it in the shop. I mean...it's not doing anybody any good sitting in a craft room hollering where no one...especially avid Australian Open tennis watchers...can hear it! LOL
       Okay...I'm off to take a nap! The weather has been teasing us here...it's snowing/raining/messy outside...and my bones ARE NOT LAUGHING!!!...I'm also exhausted! I didn't sleep very well last night...between the weather and my girlfriend. She went into the emergency room last night. I still haven't heard what the reason for her severe pain was. O_O I'll probably hear in a little while....I think I may need a nap first though. O_O 
     It'll only be a very short nap though. If I fall completely asleep I may miss the phone call from my girlfriend...and everything else in the land of the living!! LOL Why?!....I neglected to add that we had our meeting at the Kingdom Hall last night...a change of day because of other scheduling going on...and I stayed up late watching tennis too....In fact, I'm still watching it LIVE now!...Sympathies to all the Samantha Stossur fans. :-( An Aussie shouldn't have had to go out that fast at their home tournament.
       Okay, have a happy Tuesday Everybody! And a big 'Howdy Doo and Welcome to winter'!!....The Teaser......OUT!! :-)

Winter Is The Snow

Winter is the snow,
when the chilly breezes blow,
and the clouds all seem to flow,
and the birds, in flight, will go,
with their ducks all in a row-
but they leave behind the crow.

Winter is the snow,
when the farmer doesn't sow,
and its not the time to hoe,
and there's nothing left to mow,
'cause the seed, right now, won't grow.

Winter is the snow,
and the little baby doe,
with his mama's eyes aglow,
and defensiveness in tow,
'cause she's had her share of woe.

The ducks, the farmer, and the doe
respect the season, 'cause they know
that winter is the snow.


  1. Great post my friend! We are having the same weather as you. Messy and yucky!!
    Congrats on the treasurys! It must be an epidemic! I've been included in half a dozen or more in the last couple of days!! Hope it helps!
    I sure hope your friend is okay. Keep us informed!
    Thanks for showing off my necklace! I'm so glad you like it! I wasn't sure of the appeal on that one, but I like it.

    Have a wonderful day and get some sleep! I'll be going to meeting tomorrow. My grandson (he's 6) is giving his first talk!! In Spanish! I'm so proud of him!!! Getting my camera ready!

    1. Thank you, Bead...About the treasuries, I think the winter white is getting to people and you and I have shops full of color! ^_^ ...And I will keep you informed about my friend. I didn't get a call yet. She may be sleep after spending half the night at the hospital!! UGH...Tell your grandson I'll be smiling for him here...in English...and a little bit in Spanish. ^_^ Have a good day!

  2. Finally! I have been trying to leave comments on your post for over a week and the screen goes white. Today I decided to use the Google Chrome browser and all is well. Yippee! Love the Caribbean treasury featuring bright, colorful goods. Such a nice tropical, warm feeling. How wonderful that your festive necklace was included in the grouping.

    Sounds like we are experiencing the same weather that you are. Dreary and gray ... your terrific blog post certainly brightens my day. (Hey, I'm a poet!) It's a great day to stay inside, relax, watch tennis and crochet. I hope you hear good new about your girlfriend.

    Love the sweet pocketbook you found. The ribbon is lovely. Your talent amazes me! I also enjoyed reading your splendid poem ... as always!

    1. Julie G., Really?! O_0 Someone else said they were having problems leaving comments here too! I don't know what that's about! But I'm glad you were able to comment today...And just in time to make a poet out of you too! ^_^ Thank you so much for continuing to support my creations and for such nice comments...even when it takes a lot of diligence to make 'em!! :-] Have a warm, low wind day!

  3. Here it's cold and frosty and I'm fed up with scraping the ice off the car windscreen each morning!
    I love all the treasures you found - all those aquas - and I love the green and purple bird bag!
    I hope you've heard that your friend is OK by now
    Take care!

    1. Our temperature has gone up to a whopping 39!! And in a minute we're about to get inundated with pouring rain! Doesn't it sound all warm and cozy?!....NOT!! LOL But at least I'm glad you liked the aqua green and purples. And I sent off your bag too! You should be getting it before too long...My friend... :-( ...To be continued...

  4. I love all the pretty things you show in your posts.. especially your things!
    Hope your friend is OK..
    GUESS WHAT! My keychain arrived yesterday!! Such a pretty package to! thank you so much.. I really love it.. love that it has the little surprise pocket in the back to! You can quote me in your shop if you want to :)

    1. Awww! Thank you! I'm glad you like them. Especially the keychain!! YAY! And thank you for permission to quote you too!...I'll let you know about my friend. The prognosis is still pending...Have a good day!

  5. Thank you very much.
    give place to my treasury very nice good luck

    1. It was my pleasure! It's a very pretty treasury! :-)


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