Thursday, January 12, 2012

Is It Time For Them Already?!!!!

        Yes it is! At least it is in my neck of the woods....It's time to open the drawer with the winter hats in it and 'get to wearing'!! ^_^ We've outrun the old 'snow' monster for as long as we could. Now...we're caught! Winter has finally arrived in Massachusetts! No more pretending that maybe winter was gonna skip us this year....Yes! Yes I have been pretending!....*giggle*
      But just looking at the weather map this morning got rid of all my pretense. It could get rid of anybody's pretense...and could give you 'snow blindness'! Or pink and green blindness!
       Most mornings there's this calming blue all over the weather map. The blue that says: "All is calm. There's no storm or bad weather in our vicinity"... but this morning there's tons of green, which means that rain is pouring down in some areas....and there's tons of white, which means that it's already snowing heavily in some areas,...and there's areas of dark pink around the white, which means: "Whoa Sally!!! Where are my long johns and gloves?! And pull me one of those winter hats out of the drawer, will ya!...I think we're in for it today!!!"
          Me...I'm working on putting some winter hats 'into' the drawer...the drawer being the section of my Wuglyees shop that says Hats/Headbands! ^_^  I've put enough scarves in there for right now I think. Now I'm gonna work on putting some hats in there with colors that match some of my scarf colors.
       I'd love to be as successful one of these days with selling things from my shop as pixiebell has been with her hats! She's had over 8,000 sales in her Etsy shop!! Impressive indeed!!...She's got talent...not only in knitting, but also in marketing. I followed a link in her etsy shop profile that showed Ty Pennington and his crew from Extreme Makeover Home Edition wearing her hats!!...Hmmmm....what celebrity could I send an 'Ugly Wuglyee' to?! O_0
      Maybe I should market them the way Dprintsclayful marketed her really cute door pulls. Maybe I could make my hats look like candy somehow!!...Nah. That won't work...But I could send some candy wrapped up in the hat!! ^_^ Would that be a sweet marketing gimmick or what?!....Anyway! I need to think on that one a little bit more...and keep the phone number for Russell Stover candies close at hand! LOL
      Enough daydreaming...^_^...Let me show you my hats I made in between gabbing and napping...
         I started out with a simple pull-on hat using the soft gray Caron yarn...

       I'm calling it a 'Sack Hat' because it's gonna be long enough on your head to stuff your hair in it...

       ...Or you can just 'roll up the sack' to speak...
       And just like grocery sacks are good for all kinds of things, I think my hat can be worn by all kinds of people too!...I may even have to make one for my hubby! :-)
      After I finished the gray one, I made one more...
        I used this pretty 'maize' or corn-colored yarn.

       I actually liked the hat better in this color...

         In fact, I liked it so much that I couldn't help but wonder what it would look like with one of my crochet button flowers on it!...So I made one of those too! ^_^...

       Please forgive my wacky photos...I tried to edit them...*shaking my head*

        I didn't attach the flower to it this time. Depending on who buys it, I might just send the flower along as a free accessory. :-] 
       So, that's my foray into the winter hat making arena. It was just in time!...The snow outside is starting to make hats...
         ...and if the snow is starting to make hats......I KNOW it's time for me to start making hats!! That white stuff is not gonna have anything on me!!! LOL


Yes, I knew you'd finally get here.
Every year you come around.
Even when you're not so punctual,
you always make it to the ground.

No, I'm not always glad to see you.
Every sighting leaves me cold.
Even when you're kinda pretty,
you always remind me that I'm old.

Yes, you make me kinda grumpy.
Every word of you brings woe.
But even when I call you "white stuff",
you still fall as poetic, snow.


  1. I feel your pain! Snow pain, that is! I think your poem says it all. It IS coming and we can't stop it. Right now, we're getting a small amount of rain. It's supposed to change over later today to snow. Could be really bad here tomorrow.
    On a lighter note, I love, love, love that corn colored hat! The flower is awesome on it! But I think you're wise to keep it unattached. Just send it as an accessory for it. You'll sell it in no time, I'm sure!! The gray one is nice too, but I like the color better.
    Have a great day....stay warm and inside!

  2. CinLynn Boutique, Yep! Snow pain. ^_^ Nice to share it with you...And thank you for the nice words about my poem and hat. So, you like the corn colored one better than the gray?!...You're easing into a color girl! I love that!! ^_^ Thanks for such a nice comment, Bead. Have a!

  3. LOVE the hats...and the candy pulls...very sweet!(lol)
    I love the grey better...but then I wear a lot of grey.
    HUGS to you miss creative.

  4. We Blog Artists, Oooo! A new name! ^_^ I like "miss creative"! Makes me think I'm actually busy and brain cramp free! LOL Although I'm still working on that!...Thank you for the nice words about the hats, and the input on the color you like. I appreciate it...Have a good weekend, Char! :-)

  5. Deb, Great looking hats I think I need one my direction. It has gotten down into the teens here. Sorry about the late comment but I was having blogger problems. I couldn't get into some of the blogs which included mine. I think the problem is fixed now. Have a Great Evening!!!!

  6. SnowflakeDreams1, WOW! You've gotten teens already! Ours is about 35 or so right now...but I think it's going lower tonight. We were suppose to get a bit of snow today, but it turned into a rain event instead. YAY! I'm good wit it! ^_^...About blogger, that happened to me last week. It's nerve-racking. I see some changes on my blog too, so I think they're tweaking some things. I'm glad you got back in though...Have a good evening, Velma!

  7. The hat with the flower button is really nice :) It's hard to believe you are headed for snow and we are here sweltering under the!

    1. Thank you so much, about the hat!! It's not attached to it though. I just sat it there to take the picture...just in case it ends up at a man's house! LOL Although I didn't even list it yet! ^_^ I need to 'get on the ball' with the listing thing!...And BELIEVE it! We are indeed headed for snow!...*shaking my head*...You can send some of that heat and cut it off at the pass if you want to! LOL

  8. Thinking about all that white stuff you get makes me wonder if I am missing out on something special. I've never had the opportunity to play in snow. Maybe one day.
    I love hat with the flower button. In fact the colour of that button blends in really well with the yarn. Great choice!

  9. It is flabbergasting to me that you've never played in snow! Although I myself hadn't 'really' seen it before we moved to the New England area. They REALLY get snow here!!...But, guess what? We didn't hardly get any snow yesterday! We got mostly rain! And this morning....still none...yet anyway! Although we do have "black ice" on the roads (the rain froze on it overnight). That's not fun either, but if you're not going's all good! :-)...Thanks for the input about the hat too! I think I'm going to make flowers for all of them henceforth, while I still have the yarn. You know me...I'll turn the leftover bits into a 'Wuglyee Scarf' in a minute!! LOL

    1. We get that black ice here too. It's cause plenty of accidents :( I think its scary stuff.
      I look forward to seeing more flowers :D or a new Wuglyee scarf

    2. Oh yeah! That black ice is really dangerous!...Thankfully it only lasted a short time before it warmed up!...And no worries, you'll definitely see some new flowers...and some new 'Wuglyees'! ^_^


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