Friday, January 20, 2012

Bull's Eye!....Caught 'MY' Attention!!

        I don't know why some things catch my attention more than others...unless it's tennis! I know why tennis catches my attention. It's because I used to be sort of an athlete. Well, if you can call the kind of game playing where you beat your husband on the basketball and tennis courts every weekend, and playing first string basketball in High School, being an athlete!...I do!! LOL
     Tennis aside, sometimes the other things that catch my attention are beyond, for instance, circles and bulls eyes. WHY?!!!...I don't know. But they always do! Could the short stint in High School when I learned how to shoot a bow and arrow be the answer?...O-U-C-H!...My forearm still hurts just thinking about it!! 
      Who knew that the little leather forearm thingee that they make you wear when you shoot your arrow...the little forearm thingee that's suppose to stop the backlash of the bow string from burning your skin off when you let go of the arrow...was only for decoration!!................O-U-C-H!!!............Yeah! That could be why my eyes get big every time I see a bulls eye alright!! LOL
       Anywho!...Let me show you some bulls eye items I found...and the button inspiration they gave me! :-) ...

      Are you seeing circles yet?! ^_^ I am! In fact, I'm seeing circles all the time! They jump out at me all over the place!...No! I'm not drinking anything alcoholic, and I'm not on any mind-altering medication, and I don't see little green men or talk to myself either!...Wait a minute! I may be talking to myself right now!! O_O
     WHATEVER!!!...Ha! Ha!....As I was saying...maybe to myself!...circles and bulls eyes always catch my attention. In fact, I just noticed that in my button stash I have a lot of bulls eye-like buttons!...This one, on one of my crochet necklaces, is in my Wuglyees shop right now!...
        And if you saw my post yesterday you know that I made a crochet flower that I 'went-a-hunting' for a button for. This one...
       Well, I found one! And guess what it looks like?!...Go ahead....GUESS!! LOL

       It's a bulls eye looking heavy metal button!...I love this button too! I owe a 'Thank You' to my girlfriend that recently gave me this button. I talked about it on the post HERE. Because of the vintage button, I'm not gonna just give it away as a free gift (I give free gifts to every customer that buys something from my shop). But I can't decide whether I want it to be a necklace, a brooch, a hair comb, or what!...Any ideas?!...That is, if anybody is out there! O_O I could still be talking to myself!!
       By the way, Mr. Wug got some pictures of my blue circle scarf...the one I made to match the blue hat (which is already in my shop HERE). He stuck 'headless Tina'...(No! I'm not a mentally sick person! ^_^ Tina is my scarf model!)...out there in the snow yesterday and took them...

      Hubby takes such a good picture, in my opinion. {And yes! I may be a little biased!} ^_^ Even the snow didn't mess it up! ^_^ 
      Speaking of snow, we got some more of the 'white stuff' last night. In fact, we're due to get a few more snow showers over the next couple of days. It's snow...but it's still not much snow, considering what we usually get this time of year! And I'm not complaining about it either!! LOL
      And as long as it doesn't snow on my study books, my telephone, my computer, my crocheting or on my T.V. (where I wouldn't be able to watch my tennis!...*gulp!*), it can snow all it wants!! ^_^ ...Besides, we're going somewhere really hot for our 'Virtual Date Night' tonight anyway! If you're guessing...this one won't be hard to figure out!! ^_^ I'll tell you all about it tomorrow though.
       Have a good day Everybody!! :-)

Another 'Virtual' Trip!

Another long trip abroad.
We're some 'virtual' traveling fools!
We revel in our 'virtual' jaunts,
but don't have to follow travel rules.

Our shoes stay on our feet.
In fact, sometimes we go without!
And what is all this measuring
and getting searched about?!

Yes, we travel everywhere,
and we never spend a dime.
It's 'virtual' perfection.
You should try it too sometime!


  1. Oh Im in ha.Finally!I love the mosiac earrings.Oh yes we are expecting the snow too.Tonight into tommorrow.Nice to cozy in and bake something that I shouldnt bake like maybe a cake,lol.I enjoy baking besides I bought some new mixing bowls all different colors.

    Have the best time tonight,enjoy!Liking the poem, especially "we travel everywhere and never spend a dime"Where is that located LOL.I need to know ha.

    1. YAY!!! There you are! LOL And you're planning to bake on a snowed in day! That sounds like a great idea! I won't be baking. Baking would lead to eating, which would lead to sleeping, which would lead to no tennis watching and no crocheting! ^_^ No baking around here!!!...We'll be 'traveling' anyway. By the way, the travel where you don't spend a dime is 'virtually anywhere you wanna go'-ville! :-)) Thanks for your comment Becky. Have a good Bake-Day! :-)

  2. I love that bulls eye necklace in your first photo! Awesome! And the button you put on your new flower is perfect!! Great collection!
    Have a great, snowy day! Stay warm and enjoy your tennis!

    1. I liked that header photo necklace too, Bead! I could almost see myself wearing it! :-] And I'm glad you like the button I chose for my new flower too. I appreciate your input, my friend...Have a good day! :-)

  3. oops had a typo! I called your blig lovely, instead of your blog. thanks for the feature! great finds.

    1. Ha! Ha!No problem. I knew what you meant. And besides, sometimes it feels like a "blig"! LOL...By the way, it was my pleasure sharing your really cute earrings! :-)

  4. Those mosaic earrings look so pretty. I can almost imagine them dangling from my ears :)
    I love your poem! Those virtual holidays are the best kind :D no travel restrictions to worry about.

    1. Jo, I agree about those cute earrings! I could see them on my ears too! ^_^ They would've looked great on my trip too!...Thanks for the nice words about the poem too. 'Virtual' trips are the only way to fly!! ^_^


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