Monday, January 23, 2012

Shape Up, Honey!

       I know!....I know!...I need to shape up and be more focused about what I'm talking to you all about these days, is on!! ^_^ I'm watching Lleyton Hewitt give Djokovic a run for his money right now!! It's such a good match!!!!!
       So, maybe I'll be more focused tomorrow......but don't count on it. Not until next week...after the Australian Open is over and done with......sorry...*hanging my head in shame....kinda* LOL
     I 'did' wanna show you the pretty shapes that were in this new treasury that my new red hat was put in though...
       If anybody's interested, it's in my Wuglyees shop...for sale...along with all kinds of other crocheted items!.....right now! :-) ...*Just had to say that. We already paid the tax man, but now we need to put that money back in our safe haven before something else goes all 'expensive' on us!! LOL*
         One of the other shapes I loved in this treasury was this one....
         That's pretty cool, isn't it?!! :-)
      Okay, the only other thing I have to share today is photographs of my latest hat. My black hat with the interesting, although not colorful, button....
         It's very hard taking pictures of a black hat...especially when the button, the ridges, the flower and everything on it is black!...
      ...but I tried! ^_^

         Isn't that an interesting button?!! :-] ... Okay, I know no one is gonna be all into the button like I am, but still!! LOL
     Okay, off to finish watching my match, get some breakfast, and shape up! ^_^ Have a good day everybody!! :-)

Do You Play?!

I had some 'Play Time' in my youth,
back when my hips could take the heat.
I couldn't wait to find someone
that I could race, chase down, or beat!

How many times did I 'Hopscotch',
play some marbles, skip a rock?
And a game of 'Tag' could go
until you couldn't see the clock!

All my games were very active.
So much energy, people. WOW?!
But things have changed. It's different,
because I'm so much older now!

I still have Play Time at my age,
but the games are slow and rare.
I like board games, playing cards,
things you do right from your chair.

The games I watch can't be too long.
I'll fall asleep! I'm kind of nod-dy.
And I have to use my mind.
No running round now with this body.

Even so, I have to play!
It's my excuse to have a laugh.
I just have to keep it slow.
Don't want a charlie-horse in my calf!


  1. I love my play time too! Nice post. I like the black hat, but I understand what you mean about photographing anything black. It's hard. I think yours turned out pretty good though.
    Enjoy your tennis!

    1. ^_^ Where would we be without our play time, huh?!...Thanks for the complement on the hat photos. Taking those were tough!! Thankfully I still had tennis! :-] And I spent the rest of the day studying. I've changed my study schedule a bit. Early in the day...early in the week...etc. :-) It feels better...Have a good rest of the day, Cin!

  2. Deb, finally I am able to actually leave you a comment on your post. I don't know what has been going on but for over a week there was some blogs that I couldn't even get to open up for me. I'm glad it is finally over and I can tell you what I thought about the subjects that you have been blogging about. I love the treasury. Thank you for sharing. Have a Great Afternoon!!!!!

    1. YAY!!!! There you are!! ^_^ I figured the problem would be fixed eventually. It appears that a lot of us have been having problems at different times. A lovely frustrating cycle!...Thanks for the nice words about the treasury too!...Take it slow and go and comment freely, Velma! ^_^

  3. My, that Shape Up, Honey ! treasury features some fine items! Your red hat looks like it will surely keep ones head very warm during the cold winter months. Very nice! The Sea Urchin shells are so very delicate and pretty. We used to collect the deceased sea urchins that had washed up on the shore along the Gulf Coast. We would dry them out in the sun, boil them in lightly bleached water and then scrap off the spines. What resulted were stunning lilac shells with a beautiful texture. Perfect for placing in a bowl and using as decorative pieces. Great looking black hat with the very cool button. You do such beautiful work! Enjoy your tennis!

    1. Hello!...Thank you for the nice words about the treasury.I agree. There's some cute items in there...especially the urchin photo. I'm glad you like my red hat too! :-)...I can just see you with your camera, roaming up and down the coast, looking for interesting things to take pictures of. :-) National Geographic fashion!...And I would've loved to have seen the lilac colored urchin shells too!...Thank you for sharing that visual. Have a good rest of the day!

  4. What lovely treasury. The sea urchins made me think back to when I knelt on one and had the barbed needles in my knee. They sure look prettier all dried out giggle xo

    1. O-U-C-H!!!! Sea urchin needles in the knee!! ^_^ It's a wonder you can think pretty thoughts about them at all!...Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the nice words about the treasury too. :-)

  5. What a great poem! I love it. It's so true. I think of all that running around playing netball, tennis, swimming and cricket as a kid & wonder where all that energy came from. I just find it a shame that my two don't play any where near as much as I did as a child :(

    1. Thanks Jo! I'm glad you liked my silly poem...And I think the answer to why kids don't play outside today like we did as kids is kinda complicated, but I'm sure electronic media and the change in what's important by school officials has something to do with it. Here in the U.S. "recess" (the time around lunchtime at school) has been completed cut out of the kid's day. I have such wonderful memories of playing at 'recess'. And these kids don't have required music classes as part of their school schedule either. 'Required play'...has disappeared from their lives. Such a shame too...I don't have the energy for it anymore, but I'm so thankful for the memories of it. :-]

  6. this is really nice! i really like the button too!


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