Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm Just Gonna Be Honest With You.......

      I'm just gonna be very honest with you today...I've got only two things on my mind this morning. Tennis...and my crocheting. As you can see from the header photo, which I thank australian open (dot) com for, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal headed off to the court to begin their battle...and I was right behind them!! ^_^
       You can't see me running behind them, but trust me...that's where I was! ^_^ And right 5:08 a.m. in the early morning...I'm sitting with all of Australia...and any other country's crazy tennis fans, like me...watching one of the best matches ever!...Ever!! :-) It's the men's semi-finals!.........SPOILER ALERT:....... Roger Federer, at this moment is up one set...7/6...but Nadal is up in the 2nd set...5/2! :-)
     After this match there will be another great match! :-) Andy Murray versus Novak Djokovic! :-) ... So, needless to say...and I know that any regular readers of this blog are not gonna believe this!... ^_^...I'm not in the mood for much talking today! O_O In fact, I'm doing my blog early so that I can just sit and watch my matches in quiet, without talking, and without worrying about what time I'm gonna get my blog up!...Enjoy the lack of 'going on'. It won't last past the weekend...The Australian Open will be over. LOL
      As I said though, there is one other thing on my mind...crocheting...I wanted to show any of you that were reading my blog yesterday, that I finally decided on the color thing for my "sack" hat...
      I decided to keep it kinda low-key. I made the flower gray also, and I added a sea-foam green pinwheel type button in the center of it.

      I realized that I didn't have any all gray hats or scarves in the shop, and since all gray items fly out of the shop really fast, I decided to put a basic color in there now, and later I can do another one with some COLOR!! :-) ...By the way, if you're interested, I listed it in my Wuglyees shop yesterday HERE.
     I'm working on the scarf right now. I'm putting a new pattern in it. It has a section with a pretty double crochet stitching. I made it up. :-) I probably should write it down, in case I wanna repeat it in the future...You know how my brain remembers things these days...or not! LOL
      Anyway!....Here's where I am so far on the scarf...
      Do you like it?!

     Okay....I gotta go! Rafael Nadal has leveled the match in the 2nd set...7/6! Now Roger and Rafa both have a set a piece, and the score in the 3rd set is 1/1! All even! :-) ... I like y'all and all, but I don't wanna miss any more of it!!! LOL
     Have a good day!...See you tomorrow! :-)

  I Wish I Could Wave Off The Time

I wish I could wave off the time
the way you wave off a fly about to land.
Just 'poo poo' appointments I'm dreading
with a flick and a wave of the hand.

If only the time went unnoticed,
like 'extras' on some movie set.
One shot it's as if they were coming,
the next shot they've not gotten there yet.

I'm dreading the phone calls and chatting,
as if time has somehow just stood still.
I wish I could wave off the ticking,
and hours of quiet to fill.

I know soon the day will be over.
The consciousness is in this rhyme.
Still I'm dreading the fact that it's coming,
and I wish I could wave off the time.


  1. That's a beautiful hat and scarf. I love the subtle color!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your day of tennis and crochet! Hugs, Silke

    1. Thanks Silke! :-) That's the perfect word for the color...subtle. I hope someone else likes it too! LOL...And no worries, I will enjoy the tennis! ^_^ Have a good day!

  2. I love it Wug!! The gray is a great color since it's so popular right now. I'm sure it'll fly out of your shop too!
    Enjoy your tennis today! I'm sorry I didn't get to your blog yesterday. It was a long, full day and when I did try, blogger was not letting me do anything. I'll take a look today, but probably won't leave a comment.
    Have a good one!

    1. Thanks Bead! I'm glad you like it!...But listen, you are never required to leave a comment on my blog! I love it when your comments are there, but I don't do my blog for comments alone anyway! I never get anxiety over whether anybody comments or not. People have lives...just like me! LOL I'm always happy to get a visitor, and a hello, but when no one comes to visit, I'm always good with me! ^_^ Writing is a wonderful outlet for me...So, have a good day my friend. :-)

  3. Hello,

    Debbie, hope you're enjoying the tennis game on tv. In fact, it's a great day to stay home and relax. I think we'll be getting snow later today...ugh.

    1. Hello! :-) I did indeed enjoy the LIVE tennis matches. That Federer/Nadal match for top notch!!...And yes, I heard that we're in for snow and icy drizzle tonight....Aargh! Here we go again! Take out your comfy blankets and a large container of hot chocolate and get ready to enjoy! :-]

  4. Thanks for the update on the tennis! We're not getting it on TV here in the UK although presumably it's on Sky!! I'd love to watch but have to content myself with catching up online!
    Have a great day!!

    1. Awwwww! That's too bad! :-( And the Federer/Nadal match was so goooooood too!...I thought the Murray/Djokovic match was coming on after it, but it's actually not until tomorrow (which is 3:30a.m. for us here!)...Did you here already that Nadal won?! ^_^ Woohoo!! One half of the final done...another half to go!...Have a good day, gill!

  5. Deb, the hat looks nice with just a little splash of color. Sounds like you are in good spirits with your tennis time. Have a Great Day!!!!!!!

    1. Wel, thank you, Velma! :-] I like the little pop of color too, but of course...I would, right?! LOL

  6. wasn't that a great match?.. I am sad Rodger didn't win though. Although Nadal seems to be a nice guy :)

    1. It 'WAS' a great match!!...I like both Roger and Rafa, so it was gonna be a win/win for me either way. But I love the 'fight' in Rafa, so I was pleased to see him come back after dropping that first set!

  7. I haven't kept up on the players as much as I used to but I have enjoyed watching a few of the matches. It makes me look longingly at my racket that's sitting on a shelf for more years than I want to admit too. I used to play everyday, even in Winter if the courts weren't snow covered! Now I'm not sure my knees would hold up! Maybe this Spring I'll slip quietly over to the park and give it a go...maybe.

    1. No worries, Yaya. I've kept up enough for both of us...while crocheting away! ^_^ I'm already planning and setting my clock for 3 a.m. in the morning. The last match of the Australian open season...unless there's doubles. LOL...You can keep your racket in storage at least until Spring! :-)


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