Friday, January 6, 2012

I Am In Slow Motion Today!!!

         Isn't it always the way?!...I went from yesterday having nothing to talk today, having too much to talk about!...and not knowing where to start!...Okay, let's start with the fact that my hubby's idea for my crochet pillow, the iron-on transfer idea, is a 'wash'!...We're now not gonna do that.
      He went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and asked the lady about it and she dissuaded him..."Thank You Jo-Ann Fabrics' employee!! ^_^"...She told him that if he put an iron transfer onto a crochet pillow it would probably make the material pull, and the letters would get all funky when it was washed!...He got her point right away...Whew! Saved my crochet afghan from a terrible experiment!! LOL
     Instead of iron-on transfer, my 'Tigger-ific' friend told me this morning that she'll embroidery my little poem onto my pillow for me!!...And she's also gonna teach me how to do embroidery! ^_^ Isn't that great! Another skill for my brain's crafty bag!
      We made a list of all of the things we'll need to do it...including some muslin fabric for me to practice on....Another trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics coming up!! :-)
      In other news, I got a phone call from my father...UGH! issues going on...UGH! UGH!...He wondered if I had gotten a phone call from a particular family member...A particular family member that I haven't talked to in at least a year, and would be SHOCKED if they actually called me!.....
      ...A particular family member who may, or may not, be doing drugs (and not with a doctor's supervision either!!), and who called another one of my relatives recently talking about suicide!! O_O ...Which is better?...No news.....or the kind of news that makes you crazy?!!...Aargh!...Let me see....could this be why my stomach wants to do the fandango this morning....and without musical accompaniment?!..O_0...Yeah! That could be it! 
     But, while I have all of these issues going on...and a few medical issues too this morning, with my stomach, head, and other stuff,...I also have my 'hubby nurse' home with me. :-) He's a handy hunk of man to have around! ^_^ ...And I also have crochet! :-) I sold my eight-color scarf yesterday...and I have to make another one.
      I started it last night...
        I'm on my 4th color...the far. I'll probably have it all done by the end of the day. It's wonderful therapy for a mind that's full of too much.
       Other than the crocheting though...I'm really in slow motion this morning. I have to wash my hair, do some studying, and a few other little piddly things, but dragging myself to do them is gonna be work...WORK I tell you!! I go to try to get it started!!!...after a little bit more chit chatting with my 'Bestie' I mean. :-)
      Have a good day everybody......a much better...and 'gooder' than me!! :-)

I Tell It All

What good's a secret from your friends?
How much of "YOU" do you shut out?
Do you tell them all you know,
or do you hide what you're about?

Do they know how much you argue,
or how much you really spend?
Do they know your real hair color?
Are they not that kind of friend?!

Do they know the way you laugh
when your giggle can't be stopped?
Do they know your honest feelings
after all your hair's been chopped?

Are they totally informed
of the size you really wear?
You might hide it from your in-laws,
but your 'Bestie' doesn't care!!

What good's a secret from your friends?
In a 'Fix' that's who you call!
Then they're gonna find you out!
Might as well just tell it all!


  1. You do tell it all, don't you! And I, for one, love it! I think others do too, that's why you have so many followers.
    I'm sorry you're done feeling well this morning. Hope hubby nurse dotes on you all day. You deserve it!
    Congrats again, on all the sales lately! Wow!! I'm so happy for you!! I love the colors in your new scarf too!
    I can't wait to see your pillow finished. And you'll love embroidery! I used to do it, but have my hands in too many other things these days.
    Watching my little Haley today and wasting time on the puter. Got my convention reservations done too! Whew! I hate that job!
    Have a great day and feel better!!

  2. I hope your day improves but I agree with CinLynn - I admire you for telling it how it is!
    Here in the UK at least the sun came out today which cheers us all up!

  3. CinLynn Boutique, ^_^ Yes, I do tell it all. I lived with secrets when I was young. Secrets don't do anybody any good! And plus I know I'm not the only one dealing with these kind of issues!...'Hubby Nurse' has done a good job of taking care of me so far today. And I have a nice crock pot beef stew going take with us on our 'Virtual Date Night' trip!...Yep! We're still going! ^_^ ...Heyyyy! You never told me that you knew how to embroider! How nice! I think my mom used to do it too. I seem to have a bit of a memory of seeing her do it. It's prettier than cross stitch, but a bit more skill is necessary too I know...Thanks for the thumbs up on my new scarf colors too. I'm on color number 5 now...We just got our date for the summer D.A. last night. Thankfully the C.A. and the summer D.A. are both close enough for hubby to drive back and forth. Although we used to stay for the C.A. anyway...1 3/4 hours away...just for convenience...Okay, have a good day, my friend. And thanks for the comment.

  4. gill, Thanks for the thumbs up on my 'loose lips'!! LOL Now, if only we had your sunshine! That would make my mood lift a bit faster I think...although I am feeling better than I did earlier..Have a good rest of the day! :-]

  5. I do hope that you are feeling better. I'm sure that with your hubby being your nurse it would do wonders for you :)

    I just checked out Jo-Ann Fabrics online. It looks awfully like my favourite shop Spotlight :) with lots of crafty goodness. It has enough to keep me happy and out of trouble.

    I can't wait to see what your pillow will look like once the embroidery is done. I bet it will look fantastic!

  6. yay! I can get to your blog! LOL!
    Sorry about the yucky family news..
    Hope you feel better soon.

    I WISH I could crochet right now, but I have only one arm at the I am under strict doctors orders not to use my sore arm for a few days.... SO bored!

  7. Jo-anne, Hi! Yes, I'm much better now. I had a very annoying day yesterday though. I couldn't get onto my blog page almost all day...or comment on anybody else's either!! Grrrr! Physically I'm good though...And yes, JoAnn Fabrics is 'crafty central' near me. But we have other places, less expensive, for just my normal things. My specialty items come from JoAnn Fabrics...Okay, a blogging I must go! ^_^

  8. Alittlesprite, ^_^ And YAY!! "I" can get to my blog too!!!! So annoying!! Grrrr!...And thanks for the kind words about the family news stuff....By the way, what happened to your arm?! O_O My sympathies to you too! I would be bored as well if I was one-armed. That's happened to me on a number of occasions, not literally one-armed, but where the eyes, hands, and brain decided they wanted to take a hiatus all at the same time!!...UGH! Try to be patient with yourself and heal pretty! Those crochet projects will wait...They always do! ^_^

  9. So glad you're back! I had a slow motion day too. Maybe it's the cold, it's slowing us down!

    Hope you and Mr. Wugs have a great weekend!

  10. Lisa, Awwww! Thank You! :-] It's good to be back too! I wouldn't be if not for you!!!!!...And my slow motion wasn't just the weather...unless I had barometric pressure of the brain! LOL...And yes, Me and Mr. Wug are great. :-) I hope my comment finds you, the grumpy prince, and the 'keteers all fine too!


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