Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'm Feeling Butterfly-ish

      With it being only 5 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside, and nothing going on inside except me and hubby 'hanging around', I'm feeling kinda butterfly-ish. In other words...I just wanna have somebody put some food inside my cocoon so I can nibble when I feel like it, ^_^ and find me some sunshine and quiet time so I can re-organize my thoughts and transform into a rested and unfrazzled individual. :-)   
     Finding sunshine may be a chore today, but finding quiet?...Especially mental do-able!  :-] I have a meeting this morning that will definitely help me get my spiritual calm...and nothing but crocheting and tennis for the afternoon. :-)
        Perfect for somebody that's feeling butterfly-ish! ^_^ So, let me share some of the butterfly things I found on Etsy (where else, right!) that helped to put me in a butterfly-ish mood. 
        Are you feeling butterfly-ish?!...Maybe you will be in a minute! ^_^ ...Let's start with some butterflies that will make you hear the sound of music... that will look pretty around your neck...

       ....some that will be perfect for your packages to sell...

        ......some that will taste and look good enough to eat....

       ....some that will be perfect for someone's wedding gifts...

           ...some that will add just that perfect touch to your creations....

        ...some that will transform while they transfer...

         ....and one that will sit in your hair and make you stand out...

        So....are you feeling butterfly-ish now?! ^_^ If not....oh well, I tried!

      Okay, I've gotta get some breakfast and get my day started. Have a good and quiet butterfly kinda day.....I will! :-)


I'm feeling butterfly-ish.
Wanna flutter...move real slow.
Wanna wander...mind and body.
Not be fast, and 'on the go'.

I'm feeling like I need
a quiet day to hang around.
Have everything wrapped up,
and just block out surrounding sound.

I'm feeling butterfly-ish.
Wanna lay in bed till noon.
Wanna have some time to morph.
Need a tree and a cocoon.

I'm feeling that today
it's time to change and modify.
To spread my wings, add color,
like a brand new butterfly.     


  1. Butterflies have a special significance in my life surrounding my mother's death many years ago and so I especially loved this post. I hope you are doing well! Hugs, Silke

    1. Silke, I'm glad you liked all of the butterflies Silke. They certainly are beautiful, whereas death is not so beautiful. I find that the Bible's answers as to where the dead are, and what future they can look forward to, is even more beautiful! I'd love to discuss it with you sometime...In the meantime, thank you so much for your comment. And have a good rest of this quiet Sunday. :-)

  2. The butterflies are so beautiful. I love your blog!

  3. I do so love butterflies...even my Red hat group is called "Social Butterflies" lol....they are graceful and hold the beauty of life on their wings...

    1. Welcome to the club then! LOL And cute name for your group! ^_^

  4. All the butterflies look very pretty. I especially like the appliqué ones. I'm not feeling butterfly-ish at the moment but more caterpillar-ish and need of a snooze :D

    1. Ha! Ha! Caterpillar-ish!...And yet...that's still a stage of the butterfly, right?! ^_^ And the snoozing part was included in why I like them. When they're hanging around on the chrysillus they're just taking one big long snooze, in my opinion. ^_^ How great is that!

  5. I love butterflies and you picked some pretty ones for sure! Your poem is cute too! Hope you got to relax and feel a little sunshine in your heart today. Been a slow day for me. Cloudy, gloomy, dark but at the same time light! (Spiritual light that is!)
    Have a great night!

    1. Somehow I knew you were a butterfly girl! ^_^ And I'm glad you liked the poem. I did that one this morning after I wrote the post. {I didn't have any poems already written that fitted. LOL}...And yes, my whole day, barring a few attempts at messing with my 'calm', was very relaxing and peaceful. I really enjoyed the meeting, and found some things in the WT that were very encouraging...even though it wasn't directed at me. That always happens anyway! ^_^ I'm sorry your day was cloudy and gloomy. I hope tomorrow is better for you. Go toward the "light", Bead!! ^_^

  6. crocheting and tennis sounds super super nice, but i'm wishing you sunshine too!

    1. Guess what?!...We got some sunshine! YAY!!...But it was still freezing cold. ^_^ And this morning we have freezing rain!....Winter. Hmmmph! :-]

  7. Lilly things1/23/2012

    Thanks for sharing my tags! I love the crochet butterflies


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