Thursday, January 5, 2012

MEH......But Necessary

       You ever have chores that just need doing, but don't seem all that interesting to talk about?! Well, that's what our day was like yesterday....Meh. We did stuff that everybody has to do eventually, but who wants to hear about it! LOL Guess what?!...You get to hear about it today!!!!...*my exclamation points are my attempt at trying to make it interesting... ^_^ ....I know.....moving on!*
      Anyway!....Shopping is interesting, right?! can be. It just depends on what you're shopping for! In our case....meh. We needed to get some onions and trash bags from the grocery store. Needed to look for my special wash-up liquid soap that I used to get from KMart...meh...They don't carry it there anymore. Had to get a generic version from the grocery store. :-( ...Hope it doesn't give me hives. I'll keep you...*scratch, scratch*...informed.
        We had to buy new wash cloths. It was time!!!! The old ones...the ones 'we' use I mean...were at the point where they were making their own strips for handles...and you don't really need handles on a wash cloth, do you?! LOL 
       What is it with humans...maybe just female humans...anyway?! We have the most beautiful...pristine even!...wash cloths in the guest bathroom, but our own personal wash cloths are falling apart and shaking their head violently at the washing machine ..."No!! No More Detergent!!!"...every time they get near it! ^_^
         We had to get stamps...for all of the 'Thank You' cards I have to write. ♥ People are so good to me. :-] A friend even made us a delicious green salad and a 'killer good' lasagne yesterday!!...*pause for reflection*.....Yum! It was so good!!:-]  
       And lastly, I needed a pillow form to put inside my brand new pillow case!...
         How am I ever gonna be able to decide on a price for this little pillow?! O_O the materials are easily figured out. But how do you put a price on love, time, inspiration,....blood, sweat, and tears?!!
      And I still have to put my poem on the front....meh...Hubby says I should have the poem printed onto an iron-on transfer, and then iron it onto the front of the pillow O_0 The testing for that project is slated for later today. He's gonna show me what he means....I think one of the blankets I still have around here may 'bite the dust' in that experiment today!! LOL I'll try to keep an open mind. If it works...or if it doesn't...I'll show it to you tomorrow maybe.
      Two more things....1. Interesting proof of how cold it was around here...
       ...Hubby's glasses fogged up when he stepped out the door. Apparently his body warmth...well, the heat coming from his eyes anyway...was hotter than the air outside! Brrrr!
       And 2. the last thing...I woke up to two sales in my shop...from a repeat customer! :-) A brooch...

       ...and a key chain... of my slipper key chains. I think the making of these slipper key chains may be back on my "To Do" list. People have been inquiring about them all of a sudden.
        Have a good day everybody...until tomorrow! Maybe tomorrow will be interesting!! ^_^.........Meh.

I Think I Need To...

I think I need to change things up,
flip the script, change direction;
I don't want to lose my love
for that which I have so much affection?

I think I need some brand new eyes,
to see things a different way.
Because the way that I've been seeing
really isn't gonna pay.

I think, because it's me, I need
some creative inspiration.
Some sketches, markers, ball point pens,
and some Disney animation.

I think that this may take some time.
It seems a lot for me to do.
So, maybe I should change my mind.
I'll let you know when I get back to you! 


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! And it's nice to have hubby home, isn't it! I'm jealous! LOL
    I love the way the pillow has turned out! It's really beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished product.
    I apologize for not commenting yesterday. I realized this morning that I neglected my favorite thing to do in the morning! What's up with that!! I guess I have a lot on my mind and a lot of things to do. I don't know what else it could be.....except maybe that O.L.D. disease! LOL
    Congrats on the sales!! You are really on a role these days and I sure hope it continues for you!!
    Have a great Thursday!

  2. Deb, Your pillow turned out great. I think we all have days like that. Glad to hear that you are making some sales. Stay safe and warm. Have a Great Day!!!!!!!!!

  3. CinLynn Boutique, It was a good day, Bead...but nothing special. 'Same old same old' as they say. ^_^ But I have nice new wash cloths...without handles! And that's something! LOL...I'm so glad you like the pillow. Now if I can only find some time to sit quiet and cross-stitch the poem on it!..By the way, you never have to apologize for a comment here!! I love you and I know you always have my back...whether I have your words to show it or not! :-] ...And maybe we'll both get on a roll with our shops and not have to do anything except take care of Jehovah's business and create our brains out!!! ^_^ ...Have a good meeting tonight my friend!

  4. SnowflakeDreams1, Ohh! I'm so glad you like it! :-] It's been a true labor of love. I don't know how I'm ever gonna sell it! ;'_'; But I'm gonna have to! The tax man calleth!!! LOL Have a good day, Velma!


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