Monday, January 16, 2012

It's A Hot Chocolate Kind Of Day And An Australian Kind Of Week!

       It's four degrees Fahrenheit outside, with a wind chill factor of...UGH!...I don't even wanna talk about it!!...The weather has been wacky here. But we're not the only ones dealing with the weather! I heard on the news that even the search for survivors in the Italian cruise ship disaster was suspended because of bad weather...So sad. :-(
        I would say that it's definitely a day for some comfort, wouldn't you?!...Well, let's start with hot chocolate...

        And then let's go to some comforting, warming! Blue*Dark blue******* in the way of a new treasury that was curated by biesge...
          I was surprised to see my blue and black crochet beret hat in a treasury!...
       I thought the time for this retro looking 'baby' was gone!...Nice to see I was wrong! ^_^

       I liked these comforting blue things from this treasury too!...

        Thank you biesge, for the include into your comforting blue treasury! :-) Now my eyes are all warmed up, but outside?....It's still...

         Inside though, I also have some blue to feast my eyes on. I'm crocheting hats. No kidding...I started five of them yesterday, in all kinds of colors. I got them all started so that I wouldn't be having to count stitches while I was watching tennis this week! ^_^ I know....I'm a mess!! LOL
       Theses are two of the ones I started. is blue! :-)
       Turquoise blue...and heather gray...

     The heather gray one is replacing the one my sister-in-law bought. :-) Actually she bought four items from me!...The gray ribbed flower hat; the gray and multicolored specks sweater scarf that I had made with the yarn and threads crocheted together (she really loved that one! If you wanna see what she looked like in them, you can see the post on my couples blog HERE.); and the cream colored hat and scarf with the fun fur trim on them.
     I'll show you the other, white, and navy they're coming along. They're gonna be my tennis companions this week! :-) Yep! It's that time again!! The time to irritate all the non-sports lovers who read my blog! LOL...HELLO!!!!...Anybody out there?!!! ^_^ Oh well, if you're reading it or not, you know I'm gonna be talking about it!!! ^_^
     Hey! What else do I have to do?!...especially now that winter has decided that it really wants to come? I mean...I got no birds in the backyard to watch...

      And I got no more out-of-town company! :-( My sis-in-law went home yesterday......But what I do have is crochet!! 
      I finished this hat now...
       I'm gonna list it in the Wuglyees shop later today...

        Lastly,......and stop that clapping!!! LOL...I'd like to show you the photo I got from a customer wearing the scarf she bought! :-)

    She looks beautiful!!! :-) And the scarf doesn't look half bad either!....Okay, so it's not the same kind of warmth that you'd get from a cup of hot chocolate, or from a warm blue treasury,'s got me feeling all warm and that's something! :-)
     Now....on to putting up the new Giveaway...and seeing me some TENNIS!! Did I tell you?...It's AUSTRALIAN OPEN time again!!! Woohoo!!!!!! ^_^ Have a good day everybody!! :-)

The 'Racket' Men

Playing tennis with 'Hewitt'
is more like playing with a wall;
Just when you think you've  hit a winner-
Oh No!-Look Out!- Here comes the ball!

'Roger Federer's'  shot
changes fast-and that's his key;
But for steady, angled shots,
there's no one else like 'Agassi'.

'Roddick's' serve can part your hair;
It comes so fast across the net.
He just gets stronger every year.
(Don't think we've  seen his fastest yet!)

These guys are good as good can get.
I watch intensely-set by set!


  1. I love the blues.Especially the turquoise,so pretty.The hot chocolate is what brought me over lol.I thought you had a good recipe or something LOL.YUM the marshmellows.

    I heard about the Australian open,couldnt see anyone I knew playing. I was looking for the new guy out from pakistan hes supposed to be great.He played here in 2010.He was just married recently gorgeous pics on youtube.

    Cute poem,have a good one Debbie.Thanks for your comment on my pink day LOL.I love how your always open and honest. Nice and refreshing.


    1. Hi Becky! Thanks for the nice comment about the hats and the poem. :-) I think a lot of people like the turquoise blue color right now. I can't seem to keep things in my shop that color!..Sorry about the hot chocolate recipe, but I do have one if you need it! LOL...By the way, I'm watching Marty Fish play tennis right now. I don't know who this new guy is.....yet! LOL I'll keep you posted.

  2. Thank you very much my beautiful necklace also included in the text have been
    I'm good studies come easy

    1. :-) You're very welcome! It was my pleasure.

  3. Thank you very very much :)))
    Have a good day!

    1. You're so welcome! It was very much my pleasure! :-)And you have a good day also!

  4. ooohhh i love that beret you made i wear them all time in the winter they are a great shape. I had a hot chocolate at lunch time to warm up while i was resting at home. Loving the new blue wool for your hats you making. dee x

    1. Thanks Dee! :-) I'm working on some more hats right now...not berets though. Pull-on-Sack-hats! :-] Wish I had a large cup of hot chicken soup to round everything out! LOL Thanks for your comment. Have a good rest of the day!

  5. Wugs, your hat looks super warm & cozy - love the chic colour!!
    Thanks for the Hot Chocolate suggestion, I think everyone will be having a cup today with lots of marshmallows!!
    Feeling blue today - no not really, I surrounded by plenty of love and lots to do. I dodged the blue bullet!

    Have a great day Wugs!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I appreciate the feedback on my little hats! :-] Have a few more marshmallows in your hot chocolate...on me!! ^_^ {By the way, I just read your post. I had no idea today was blue Monday, or what that meant!! My blue post was just a coincidence!}

  6. I love the hats Wug!! I love the red one you listed and can't wait to see the blue and gray ones finished. Congrats on another sale (headband) too! You found what people are wanting for sure!
    The hot chocolate is enticing! I want, I want, I want!!! Good day for it too!
    Congrats on the pretty blue treasury. Your hat fit perfectly!
    Enjoy your tennis!

    1. Thanks Bead! I'm so glad you like them! :-) I finished the blue one today. I'm working on the flower for it right now...I hope you're okay! :-( I read on FB earlier about the accident! I'll head over there in a minute to see...Take a hot bath, fix you some hot chocolate, and then take a nap!

  7. I love the beret! It' so dang cute! I also love hot chocolate and we had a breezy, freezy Sat that was just made for hot cocoa. Blue is a fav color of mine and finally, I do enjoy tennis. I used to play every day..I mean EVERY DAY!! I haven't played in quite a bit and now I'm not sure my knees would be happy if I did. It's not fun getting old!

    1. yaya, Thank you so much for the nice words about the beret! :-]...I particularly agree with your statement that it's no fun getting old! It sure isn't!! It's a good thing we have tennis and hot chocolate to level the playing field! Ha! Ha! Keep warm and have a good rest of the day!

  8. Love the blue.. I miss my crochet so much (it's still all packed away down in the garage..) I bought new wool the other day, so I need to go find my crochet bag!!

    1. Thank you! I'm loving the blue too! :-) And yeah!...Get out that crochet bag...if the eyes are ready I mean. :-]

  9. That hot chocolate looks soooo delicious!
    Enjoy watching the tennis! And if you really would like some warmth its going to be in the high 90's here today. I'll gladly send it all to you :D

    1. ^_^ Uhhhhhh...I'll just keep my hot chocolate I think. High 90s?!....Uh...NO THANK YOU! LOL We're gonna have 40s tomorrow...Woohoo!!! ^_^ ... And I'm watching LIVE tennis right now! Another Woohoo!!! :-))

  10. Deb, today I could really use the warmth it is cold here. I don't think my p.c. was real happy with the cold because it was having trouble getting me onto different sites and one of them was facebook and the other was blogger. With me just now being able to get onto blogger I'm skipping posting for today. Thank you for sharing you warmth. Congrats on another treasury. Have a Great Evening!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Velma, I wish I could send you some warmth, but it was 4 degrees here early this morning and it's just 30 right now! Time to pull out the warm afghans, blankets, and warm sleeping lap dogs!! LOL...Different people have been having issues with Blogger lately. They may be tweaking things, so it might not be your computer after all. Get some rest. "Tomorrow is another day!" {Scarlett O'Hara} ^_^


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