Saturday, January 7, 2012

What An Annoying Day That Was!!!!!

        Stay with me now!........because I know this is gonna be a stupid question, but have you ever had one of those days where everything seemed to start out just fine,...except for a little bit of physical issues,...and a little bit too much on your mind,.....and then the world seemed to tilt everything just a little bit on it's axis.....AND EVERYTHING STARTED TO GO HAYWIRE ALL AT THE SAME TIME?!!!!!! O_O Well...that was my yesterday!!
       My stomach was acting up all day. I should've known right there and then that it was gonna be an one of those days!! Here's what happened:

1.  I had a list made of the things I needed to get from JoAnn do my finishing embroidery work on my crochet pillow. It was a loose list, you know....the basics....Hubby left the house to go somewhere that was gonna take him about an hour and a half. No problem....HOURS went by. He wasn't answering his phone. I began to worry. O_O Did he have a car accident? Did something come up that he hadn't expected? Why hadn't he called?!
    HOURS later...he pops back into the house...without a care...carrying bags from two craft stores, one being JoAnn Fabrics!! He saw the list I'd made and thought he'd just go and get the things for me. He said he was gonna call while he was out and let me know, but he forgot his cell phone here at the house. {Eight scared, worried messages later.......UGH!} I asked why he didn't call me from one of the stores or stops he made......he said: "Oh! I could've done that, couldn't I?! :-) I didn't think of that......O_0}
         And my stomach went...gurgle, gurgle, gurgle....Now, maybe I shouldn't have been annoyed. After all, he went shopping for things he thought I needed, and he was standing there so proud of himself that he had gone on this 'adventure' without being prompted for a change!
     No, I shouldn't have been annoyed...but I was!! Grrr!...I was annoyed because I didn't get to tell him the specifics of exactly what I wanted at JoAnn's...He came back with only one of the four items correct. Muslin fabric. The fabric I was gonna use to practice my embroidery stitches...*shaking my head*...And yes I do hear all of you out there in blogland telling me to MOVE ON and take it for what his intention was....Okay!!!!!

2. I went to write a check for something yesterday and realized that I didn't have any!! O_O The brand new checks I ordered over a week ago hadn't come...and I had forgotten all about it!...Thankfully, as quick as I realized I didn't have any, the mailman came and there they were!....PHEW! One slightly more annoying annoyance averted.

3. I put my blog up yesterday. Went and did some updating in my Etsy shop. Went offline for a while. Came back online and answered a couple comments I had gotten on the blog...Went back offline for a few hours....Came back online. Headed to my blog, and........and......I couldn't access it! O_0 It said I was denied access! And even worse...that my blog had been deleted!!!!!...What?!!!...Why?!!!!...
(T-Shirt Wording by FloozeesDoozees)
      I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out what was wrong...going to a lot of your blogs trying to see if I could access mine from yours....Nope! Asking questions on Twitter.....on Etsy.....on Facebook.
      Finally YAY!!! I got some help!! A wonderful fellow blogger...who I would name in a heartbeat, but I'm not sure she would like it. :-)) She showed me exactly where to go.! I was back in!!! :-]
      Was that the end of my annoyances of the day?!.....No!...*gurgle, gurgle, gurgle*...Aargh! I'm not gonna make you sit through me listing any more of them though. Why should you be annoyed just because I am?!!! LOL.....Well, maybe I'll just mention a few of them. LOL
       This morning everything on the computer wants to update, and a bunch of things in my Etsy shop have expired all at once and need updating, and....and this is really annoying, even still this morning,...I missed my trip to Madagascar for my 'virtual date night' last night!....Grrrrr!!!!...My mind was a little occupied and hubby didn't want to annoy me talking about a little trip to Africa! LOL
        What else?!......Well, my brain doesn't want to calmly put words together this morning either!....and even though the temperature in our area is supposed to get up to 50 something today, right now I'M FREEZING!!!....Did I make my brain and body annoyed with me now?!!!...
        Why not?!!!.....Go ahead, body and brain, be annoyed!! Why should I be the only one?!!!......Grump.....Out!!!! LOL

Contagious Annoyance

Are annoyances contagious?
Yeah, you heard just what I said!
There was one thing that annoyed me;
Then somehow it seemed to spread.

I was annoyed at my computer,
at my stomach, and at me;
Annoyed at why my written-worded
brain cells seemed to flee!

Annoyed at my 'To Do' list
never seeming to get done.
Annoyed that going shopping
wasn't nearly as much fun.

Annoyed at family members,
and at hubby's 'helpful' glee.
Annoyed at Blogger-dot-com,
and it's not letting me be me!

So, come on everybody,
Please! Today, 'throw me a bone'!
Just peacefully leave annoyed
and crazy girl alone!


  1. Hello,

    I hear you. Some days are just... not that easy. Today, at least feels niceout. It's 52F and sunny. I love it.
    I've heard of JoAnn's, I want to go there.

    I'm glad you liked my pillows. Thank you.

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Oh, poor are sick aren't you? :\ If you have the chills, your stomach is gurgling and you're must be sick. I hope you feel better soon.
    I know you were annoyed by the blog thing. I would have been too. Glad you got it figured out.
    Rest and take it easy today and maybe get your mind on other things (between naps, of course).
    Take it easy on Jeff...I think he really did have your best interests at heart yesterday. What a sweetie for wanting to get the things you needed without being asked! How many husbands would do that? Mine wouldn't! <<He wouldn't dare! He'd be in hot water if he came home with the wrong things! LOL Okay, okay....I am a bit like you in this! Tee Hee!
    Get better my friend!

  3. Deb, I think that we all have some of those days. No matter how hard we try to not let it get to us it still does then the trickle effect goes into play. I hope that you are not ill. This time of year though it is very unlikely that we don't catch some bug. I think I'm coming down with a cold my sinuses hurt and so does my head. Here it is afternoon and I didn't blog today. Oh well. Have a Great Afternoon!!!!!

  4. I hear you! lol! It's ok to be annoyed.. it's a part of life :).. I would have been annoyed at my hubby if he did my CRAFT shopping for me! That's part of the fun of it!

    hope you feel better soon :)

  5. I can't imagine my hubby picking up my list and going to get things...since I never go into a fabric store I think I'm safe there! Yours does get 2pts. for trying however! I hope I never lose the blog, but if I do I'm heading over to yours to find out how to get it back....I hope the rest of the weekend turns out better. Our weather was great today and that's just crazy for Ohio in Jan.!

  6. Anonymous1/07/2012

    so sorry you had a terrible day. we all have those days. hoping today will be better for you.

  7. PriscilaPetersDecor, Yep! Some days...some days!!...Hopefully today will be better. :-] And Oh Yeah, you HAVE to check out JoAnn's!!...And those pillows?......BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the colors and designs...Okay, have a good and un-annoying day! ^_^

  8. CinLynn Boutique, Hi Bead...I think I figured out the stomach gurgling thing. I'm having an allergic reaction to something I think. I'm all clogged up too. It doesn't feel like a cold or flu though. I'm working it out!!! LOL...I had a very nice visit with some friends yesterday. We laughed and did half of the WT together. I felt great by the time they left!! ^_^ Love and friendship will do it every time, right?!...I'm even gonna take it easy on hubby your honor. ^_^ Have a good day!

  9. SnowflakeDreams1, YES!!! The trickle effect!! That's exactly what was in play!...UGH!...And just like you, I'm having some sinus issues, but I think mine is due to an allergic reaction, not a cold. I think I figured out to 'what' this morning. New dish-washing soap. I guess you and I both better be diligent about keeping our sinuses washed out today!...UGH! I hope you have a good day though!

  10. Alittlesprite, That you for the pat on my annoyed back!! LOL Here's hoping today is Annoy Free!!!...I hope yours is too! ^_^

  11. yaya, Ha! Ha! I gave hubby 2 points just because you said so! ^_^ And I'm all loving on him again today. But I'm keeping all lists out of his view! LOL Annoyance Free...that's my goal today!..And PLEASE don't lose your blog! It's very nerve-racking!...Also your Ohio in January seems like our Massachusetts in January! What's up with the 50 something degree weather?! O_O ...Although I'm not annoyed about that! ^_^ Have a good day, yaya!

  12. Kamana, Thank you for the sympathies. I agree. All of us have them. I'm gonna try not to have another one any time soon though! ^_^ And I hope you don't either!


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