Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Didn't Need Flowers To Bloom Yesterday, But......

        No! I didn't need flowers yesterday, but I did need something to bloom...and it did. :-) I'll tell you about that in a second...But let me first say that I'm probably better off that I didn't get flowers yesterday, because I was clogged up and sneezing most of the day, and then again this morning.
     I think I finally figured out why this dish-washing detergent. Well, not new, but the 'concentrated' bottle. I know they say it's suppose to be the same as the regular, but I seem to be allergic to the ones that say 'concentrated' for some reason!...*Achoo!*
      It just dawned on me this pun intended 'Dawn'...^_^...when I realized that this is the soap that's been washing my C-pap mask every night now!!...Puffy eyes, stuffy nose, no fever, gurgly stomach, slight head pressure,...all of it clearing when I drink tons of water.....Yep! Allergic reaction to the dish-washing soap! UGH!
     Anyway!...Moving on!! I want to take a second and say a big 'Whoop! Whoop!' to all of you who commented with such nice...and funny...comments about my annoying day yesterday. As usual, you made me feel less annoyed...and you made hubby smile all of the support you gave him for at least trying! ^_^
     The farthest hubby is going with anything of mine today...and there is no list the Post Office. I sold two headbands overnight and they have to be shipped....The tax man is gonna be soooooo happy!! ^_^ More money to send to him!!
     Now, about what bloomed yesterday.......friendship. :-) Hubby and I both got to build some more layers on the friendships we have...He spent part of the day with a friend, moving some wood from his mom's yard, and talking about times when they grew up and stuff and people they had in common. He was all smiles telling me about it.
      And I got to visit with a dear friend and her mom!!!...Her mom lives out of state. It was such a surprise to see her. A very nice surprise!! :-) We laughed and did part of our 'Watchtower' study article together, for the meeting today. And...she brought me another gift too...besides seeing her mom I mean...she brought me BUTTONS!!! :-)
         I can see that there is going to be some more 'blooming' in my future. I see the blooming of some new crochet projects...with great buttons on them!! ^_^
           They're just the kind of buttons I like too. Interesting, not just like everybody else's...The color of this ceramic one (above) is so pretty!...And just look at these others too (below)...

       These are some kind of heavy metal...

         I think this one (below) is glass...

           I'm gonna have fun trying to figure out where to put them all! :-) ...

         And you can see why I like this one, right?! :-)
         It's blooming! ^_^
       So, no...I didn't need any flowers to bloom around here to make me feel better yesterday. I had all of your wonderfully supportive comments, a visit from some great friends, a cuddle and chat with my hubby, and some buttons to drool and smile over. :-)
     I guess 'SOMEBODY' didn't want me staying in that 'annoyed' and grumpy state too long. :-) And this morning.....the grump has lifted, hubby is making breakfast for us....without a list! LOL...and I've got packages to wrap for the Post Office after the meeting. :-) I think it's gonna be an 'ANNOY FREE' zone in Wugland today!!...I hope it is at your house too!...Have a good day everybody!! :-)

I will Be Happy!

Today I will be happy!
I've decided, and so "There!"
And it won't depend on clothing,
or the way I wear my hair.

My 'Happy' has to be
from my head down to my toes.
And not coincidental,
but because that's what I've chose.

I am trying to be happy
when there's always such bad news.
But the good news is that happy
is a way to squash the blues!

So today I will be happy!
I've decided. Enough said!!
There will be plenty of time for sadness,
and for taking to my bed.

Are you thinking that my poem
is too 'Optimistic/Sappy'?
Okay, you could be right.
Don't burst my bubble. I am happy!


  1. Good morning! I'm glad you figured out what the problem is and got it resolved. And...I'm glad you're feeling better.
    Also congrats on the headband sales!! Woo Hoo!!
    I love your buttons. As a matter of fact, I made post earrings out of those metal ones once and sold them!! I thought they were cute too! I love the others and look forward to seeing what you create with them.
    Have a great meeting and a great day!

  2. CinLynn, I'm glad I figured it out too, Bead. Now I just have to keep myself hydrated today so it'll get completely out of my system...And the post earrings with those buttons must have been cute!! I don't know where mine will end up! ^_^ ...Have a good meeting and a good day yourself! I'm off to get some breakfast and get ready. :-)

  3. I don't even want to think about what they put in all these cleaning products , recently I became allergic to almost all laundry detergents except Wisk and the natural ones. Good thing there's Borax !:) I'm glad you had enjoyable day! Me too! Thank you for your friendship! <3

  4. Lilly Things, I know, huh, about the ingredients to some of these things! I usually sniff and wait. If I get a sneeze coming on I know it's a NO!! LOL But hubby was the one cleaning the face mask this time, so I didn't smell it beforehand....YAY for borax and 'Basis' soap!! ^_^ By the way, yes I did have a good time yesterday! I was still smiling this morning!! :-]

  5. Glad to hear you had a lovely day yesterday those buttons are gorgeous what a lovely gift. I don't think you can ever have to many ;-)) Thank you so much for your lovely comment about my crochet squares it meant a lot to me you have inspired me a lot i will let you know if i struggle with the ends and thank you. Enjoy your week, dee x

  6. delia hornbook, Hello Dee! :-) And how right you are about the fact that you can never have too many buttons!!...Or too many crochet squares, in your case. :-) Oh, the blankets I see in your upcoming time!! I'm available for help if you need crochet instruction. Just let me know. But it looks like you have lots of local help! :-) Have a good week!


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