Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Don't Know If I'm Going Or Coming...!

        I saw this cute little dress and it reminded me of when I was a little girl and I used to watch my mother get dressed to go out. I'm almost positive she had a little floral dress just like this one!...Ohhhh! The 60s! :-) I was just a 'youngun' in the 60s, but my memories of that time are very clear...more clear than my memories of what I did yesterday...or 20 minutes ago frankly! LOL
     I know my memory is getting 'scattery' because my hubby keeps saying things like: "Don't you remember I told you...blah, blah, blah...!"...and the answer is: "No! No I don't! thank you very much!...Move on already!!...Tell it to me again!" ^_^
     My not knowing whether I'm going or coming has him cracking jokes about me having Alzheimer's!! He thinks he's sooooo funny! But won't he be surprised if one of these days he comes home and starts one of those long stories about the different stops on his route....and I start screaming because there's some strange man in my house!!! LOL
      Yes, I have been tempted to do it just for a joke, but I'm afraid he might actually call the doctor and the two of them might finally have the excuse they need to lock me up!!! LOL
     That's why I got so tickled when I saw the name of the treasury by thecarboncrusader that included the dress in my header photo. The treasury was titled "i follow you"...
       It's a really cute treasury, and she put one of my crocheted necklaces in it! And that's why when I saw it I kept thinking: "If only you knew who you were trying to follow!!" ^_^ I'll show you a couple of my favorite items in her treasury, but let me finish my story first...
    My friends and my sister-in-law came over yesterday. Within the hours of these visits, while I was ecstatic and giggling and having a good time, my mind was all over the place! And my hormonal, forgetful, brain was my constant companion.
       One of my girlfriend's asked me, but I couldn't remember where the new phone that hubby bought for her was plugged in at...the one hubby got new the other day. He bought one for us and one for my girlfriend. My old cell phone wouldn't keep a charge anymore, and his ended up under water...don't ask! LOL We needed new ones, and we saw a great deal for them online...There's a long story in there, but I'm not telling it today!!! FRUSTRATING!!!
      Anyway!...hubby activated ours the other night, and I activated the one for my friend so that it would be charged when she came over to pick it up...Well, she came to get it....and I couldn't remember where it was plugged in at!!...No! We don't live in a mansion with 8,000 rooms!! ^_^ I'm just not the brain-savvy girl I used to be!
     I had to call hubby at work to use his brain for the memory that mine won't hold anymore....All I did was give him more Alzheimer ammo!! LOL...It was plugged up in the socket and laying on the floor in the hall (NOW I remember!! LOL)
    Add to that that hubby came home, kissed me hello, and proceeded to ask me a bunch of questions..."Did she like the phone?!...Did you write down her new number?...What were you and 'Sis' talking about today?!...Is she coming back over tonight?!...How long is she gonna be in town?!"...and I had to hem and hah my way through them!!...Seriously?!!!...I couldn't remember what we talked about...and that's all I did yesterday was talk!!! LOL
      UGH!...I think I better look into that Ginkgo Biloba or something!! O_O ....Okay, before I forget, I better show you the items I liked from the treasury!...

      And, of course, my pink and black necklace! *Teehee*...

      There's one other...fabulously creative...item that was in this treasury. I had to show it to you all by itself. It's that cool!! :-) ...
       Looks like just a regular shell....right?!.......


       It's a Handstitched Clamshell Book Sculpture! It's in the etsy shop odelae...

        Now that's what I call a great place to keep your thoughts!...Or in my case, my memories!! LOL
      Okay, I think I'm 'going' now. ^_^ Have a good day everybody!...and don't forget about the Giveaway. Just click the right hand sidebar for what it is and what the rules are to enter. There's only a few more days!....Now, where was I?!.....

My Brain, My Brain

My brain just does
what it wants and when it wants!
Some days, all of it's positives
is what it flips and flaunts.

It triggers really fast,
and all my brain cells start to meet.
It stores all kinds of things,
and it runs long, without feet!

It fires happiness,
is organized, remembers well.
But then that "Bing!" will come
as if someone just hit a bell.

It slows and starts to ponder.
And what it ponders is not good!
Those days it might as well
be just a solid block of wood.

Can't remember what to do,
or if it already did;
Thoughts are scattered everywhere
and all my memories are hid.

Yes, my brain just does
what it wants and how it wants!
My job is staying with it,
and responding when it taunts.


  1. Nice items I love that Dress too! Age Activated Attention Disorder could that be you, maybe??

  2. Great treasury, love the dress such a pretty pattern, roll on spring!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

    Enter me!

  3. Lilly Things, I love that dress too!...And no, not Age Activated Attention Disorder...^_^...Just plain outright peri-menopause!! LOL

  4. Bee happy, Thank you!!...And I agree about the dress...for whenever with all of those pretty flowers! :-] Have a good day, Bee!...You're entered!

  5. Hi Debbie,I think I put enter me on the wrong post anyway.ENTER ME,thats adorable and different too I love different.

    Here is something for the brain problem of,Im that way as well.If you love fish like I do...Here ya go.Eat at least twice a week some baked fish.NOT fried,but baked.What happens with age,me too, the protein in the gray matter of the brain lessens,thus problems there.So the fish eaten baked twice a week will help I love fish anyway so I enjoy having it every other day lol.

    Cute poem about the brain lol.Have a good one!

  6. Becky~, Ha! Ha! Well, it's just as well you put it on the other post too. Now you're entered twice! ^_^ And thanks for the fish info. Yes, I love fish too! I eat it at least twice a week in one form or another. Imagine where my mind would be without the fish!! LOL...Thanks for the nice words about the poem too!

  7. Deb, you had me laughing so hard. I wasn't laughing at you but at myself wait till you read my post you will understand why. I'm starting to think that maybe we are twins and we were seperated at birth...LOL... Have a Great Day!!!!!

  8. SnowflakeDreams1, Uh Oh! Ha! Ha! I'm heading over there right now!! ^_^

  9. I remember my Mom wearing a dress almost like that in the late 50's or early 60's. I love it! I would wear it now.
    Congrats on the treasury. There really are some great items in it!
    As for the forgetfulness thing.....*bam* *hit* I forgot what I was going to say! LOL
    It's just temporary!

  10. I think we have similar brains! ;)
    LOVE a 60s dress!

  11. CinLynn Boutique, Look at that! Something else we have in common! :-) And yeah, I would wear it now a bolder color red or green or orange! LOL....And you had me laughing out loud with that 'forgetful' comment! I heard Emeril Lagasse's voice...BAM!! ^_^ I thought maybe you forgot to open a door and ran into it or something! LOL...Wait! That would be something I would do!! ^_^ ... And I sure hope you're right about it being temporary. I'm counting on you!! :-) Thanks, Bead!

  12. Cobalt Violet, You have a similar brain too?!...Well, welcome to the club. No fees collected....Who would remember to do it anyway?! LOL

  13. Loving the clamshell book- so clever! I'm slowly coming round to the idea of vintage styled dresses. I could wear them if I lived in the city but in the outer suburbs you just can't do vintage. xx

  14. Wendy Sice, Yes, I like that clamshell book too!...And really? People don't wear vintage in the suburbs?! O_0 I never heard that before!...Live and learn, huh?! But you know the expression...'Everything old is new again'!! ^_^

  15. That dress is very pretty. The floral pattern is just my cup of tea too :D
    Gosh something else to look forward to as I get older. I'm forgetting enough stuff as it is lol

    1. I like it too, Jo! It maybe the flowers that got me...and the familiarity of it....I think. ^_^ Have a good day!


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