Monday, January 2, 2012

This Reminds Me Of 'Show And Tell"!!!

      I'm probably gonna date myself with this post, but do any of you remember back when you were in Elementary School (if this was something your country did), when they use to have 'Show and Tell' day?! I used to love it! It was always an experience getting to see what other people were interested in.
       Well, just looking around Blog land is like that for me sometimes. You all are a very interesting and crafty bunch! :-) I wanna show you and tell you about a couple of people...and I have something to show you of mine too. But first, just look at the photos from two blogs that I read regularly. One is Vicki's blog, 2 Bags Full. Her and her husband took these photos on their recent trip to Sulphur Mountain...
     They're breath-takingly beautiful photos! And these few are only a 'drop in the bucket'. You have to go HERE and see the rest!! When you read her descriptions you'll see how good she must have been at 'Show and Tell'. :-)
      Another blogger who's a great photographer is Kamana, of Journalling Through Photos blog. Her photos of the islands, with sandy beaches, sun and fun, are also usually quite breath-taking. But this photo on her blog got to me the other day! :-) ...
        It's full of the "Awwwwwwww!-factor". ^_^ So sweet!...But this photo is only a 'drop in the bucket' of all of the photos she shares too. You can go by her blog almost any time for beautiful photos HERE.

      I could be here all day...sincerely...because y'all are such interesting and creative people. But I'll stop there...for now...and show you what I was working on all day yesterday... 
      I know!'re thinking Yawn!, Yawn! Another soft blue headband. ^_^ ...I forgive you! LOL
      But this one is a little bit different. My creative juices were pulled into play when my friend 'Bead' (Cindy) received the Giveaway headband for her granddaughter and mentioned that it kept sliding up on her head...even though she wore it and didn't mind anyway. :-) Little cutie!
     I contemplated what 'Bead' said about maybe making a thinner section in the back. I didn't want to make a section TOO thin, because I make my headbands to cover the ears in the cold weather. But she did make me realize that there could be a slight adjustment made.
Meet 'The Ponytail Headband'! :-)

      In the front it looks exactly as it did before, with the ridges, the crochet flower...

       ...and my vintage button.

But in the back of it now...

      ...I scrunched it up some. :-) I made it so that if you have a ponytail, or you want to wear the headband with your hair over it, instead of under it, you can!

       I'm gonna have fun with this one I think! :-) I have to say though, this makes the crocheting of them a whole lot more work! So I don't know how many of them I'll make. What do you think of it?!

     Wheeeeeeee! ^_^

        So there you go. I showed you...and I told you! :-) ... I also can tell you that my hubby is home on vacation with me. YAY!!! He's already made me breakfast in bed...grits, English muffins, bacon, and eggs, with a green tea chaser! LOL
      We also stayed up late last night and I beat him in a game of Scrabble. :-) Ha! Ha!...But it was only by about 20 points! O_O He's getting better! I have to really pay attention now!!
      We've got a bunch of things on our "To Do" list for the week...including reorganizing and regulating some things in our lives. I'm looking forward to having my buddy underfoot. :-] I go! Have a good day Everybody!! :-)

A Crafty Group

T-Shirts showing pictures,
and the pillows with some too;
Artistic framed creations
done of vegetables and fruit.

Beaded wire-made bracelets;
Things vintage and brand new;
Penguins on a lunch bag;
and, of course, there's flowers too.

Plushy toys and hats;
Kittens, pottery and rings.
Painted yarn and thread;
Priced for paupers, fit for kings.

Reusable, recycled,
some refashioned, now called "green";
No plastic for the landfill,
Just some bags fit for a Queen.

Men's ties that now are 'handles';
Star-shaped soap, a purse with birds.
Wood crafts all hand-painted.
Retro T-Shirts, done with words.

With all the crafts and talent;
place-mats, quilts, and lots of fun,
It's a group of happy people;
every daughter, mom, and son.


  1. I love Vicki's blog too and I'm always amazed at her beautiful pics and the wonderful places they visit. I love the headband with the beautiful vintage button! Your blog is always a fun stop with the creativity of knitting and the fun poems. Have a great week with your hubby!

  2. yaya, So you already know what great photos Vicki shows! I love it!...And thank you so much for the nice complement about my blog too. :-] You have a good day today too!

  3. Those photos of the mountains look amazing!
    Love your crafty poem :)

  4. Jo-anne, They really are amazing views of the mountain, aren't they?! Sooooo pretty!...And thank you for the nice words about my poem too! :-)


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