Saturday, March 9, 2013

It's Not Always About Crochet Boutonnieres!

      Hello! :-) ... Yes!...even though there was a lot of 'hacking and barking' through the night, we're still alive! LOL In fact, hubby is feeling much better!! So much so that he was in the mood to fry chicken yesterday! ^_^
     While he was in the kitchen frying chicken, I was in the other room crocheting!...Of course I'm 'always' in the other room crocheting...but it sounds all important when I type it 'out loud'! LOL
      What I was crocheting mostly was not boutonnieres this time though! :-) Even though I did steal a bit of time to make this powder blue boutonniere. :-) ...

      I was gonna try to make it into a much bigger flower...the kind you put on the side of a headband or something. But the thread was waaaaay too thin...It was a ball of thread that was given to me along with some other yarns, by my girlfriend, to make some flowers for her out of.
     You'd think that after spending day after day with my arthritic fingers and that thin, thin crochet thread, that I would be happy to make some bigger flowers!...but it was tough!...

    This was some really thick yarn!...

      The brown was a bit softer...but still thick!...

      I had fun putting the thin fashion hair thread in the center of this one. (above) :-] ... And I also made one a bit larger still, with no fashion hair thread. (below)...

      I'm gonna try to double some of the powder blue threads up and make another flower a little later today...First I've got to get a shipment out...and make some phone calls...and write some letters...maybe...if my fingers hold up! (We have a special event coming up, and I've got some invitations to get out!)...It's suppose to be one of the nicest weather days we've had around here in a while, and I'm aching all over!...UGH!...There is never any rhyme or reason to the functioning of this body! I just keep 'putting one foot in front of the other' to speak...and smiling! :-) The alternative is not an option!! LOL
       All I have to say is 'YAY' for working minds, and partially working typing fingers...even if every day there's a new key on my keyboard sticking! Grrrrr! Today it's the 'h'!! ^_^ Fun is....picking a new key to hammer every day!!...Hmmm...I'm starting to sound like 'Oscar the Grouch' on Sesame Street! LOL Time to go!!!...Have a good day, Everybody! :-)


Big rocks of life, important things,
decisions in your prime,
require the best that you can give;
Deserve the choicest of your time.

We have to go to work;
and everyone needs time to play;
But without priorities
the speed of time will take your day.

And if you don't believe it,
try this trick, with rocks and sand;
Put rocks into a bucket.
Then fill the sand in, hand by hand.

Now, empty out your bucket,
and then fill it all back up.
But this time, put the sand in first,
the same sand, cup by cup.

The thing that you will find
is that you don't now have the room!
Putting rocks back in is now like
putting a baby back in the womb.

The rocks are goals, priorities,
the important things to you.
The sand can be most anything,
even recreation too.

Yes, Such is the challenge
when you're managing your time.
That's why Big Rocks come first!
They help prioritize the climb.


  1. Those booties are adorable! I'm glad your hubby is getting better. Probably all his germ killing helped him to get over the bug quicker. Enjoy your weekend and crocheting!

    1. I thought they were really cute too, Yaya! :-] ... And yes, hubby isn't even stuffed today. Just slightly drippy now...Thought I would share. LOL Have a good rest of the weekend, Yaya. :-)


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