Thursday, May 16, 2013

Am I awake?!...And If so...Why Am I Seeing Blue?!

       Hello!...Yes, I'm up! And for a change, I'm up at the time I'm suppose to be up!...even though I went down last night at a time that I wasn't suppose to go down, and woke up thinking it was a time that it wasn't!! LOL I woke up a little after nine, and thought it was nine a.m. instead of p.m.!!
      One of these days I'm gonna get used to this new work schedule of hubby's...One of these days!!! ^_^ In the meantime, I'm seeing blue! skies out my window, and blue shades in the items I was scoping on Etsy! :-) ...


      I thought the baby footprints keychain was such a great idea!...especially because you can have your own baby's footprints there!!...not that I have a baby! But if I did.....! ^_^ ... And why didn't I think of the handy loop on the water bottle cozy?!!!...Oh Well, I'll just have to admire the creative mind behind it, and clap for a great idea realized!....*clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!* :-)

     On a completely different subject, I had a custom order to do yesterday. It felt so good to finally have some crocheting to do...and the time and mindset to do it! (I'm battling a new schedule and pollen allergies! Grrrrr!)
     These antique violet colored 'babies' are going to a wedding!! :-)

      Are there any other men out there needing a little crochet boutonniere for a wedding?!...COME AND GET 'EM!! ^_^ Just let me know what color you need!!

     Okay, now that I'm awake I better take advantage of the time! I have some studying to finish, and a little more crocheting to do! :-) Just being me! :-) ... You have a good day, and just be YOU!! :-)


or cloudy days.
Getting counsel
to mend your ways.
Cuddling up,
or sleeping alone.
Sitting quiet
or talking on the phone.
Behaving yourself,
or being a brat.
Combing your hair,
or wearing a hat.
Being you,
or suppressing a cry.
Giving up,
refusing to try.
Either way
you've got to be you;
Living for others
it's too hard to do!


  1. I love all the blues today Wug! That robin is awesome!!! And the idea of the baby prints key chain is a sure winner.
    I hope you get some rest today, get your studying done and still find time to do a bit of crocheting!

    By the way....Candace is going to win tonight!!! :D

    1. I'm glad you liked the blues, Bead! :-) And I agree about the robin and the keychain...Hey! That could be a poem or a song..."The robin and the keychain'! LOL Uhhhh...maybe I'm not ALL THE WAY awake yet!! ^_^ ... By the way, I agree! Candace is a 'shoe-in' with those pipes!!! LOL

  2. Thank you for a lovely blog post. I'm thrilled to have my creation featured and I really appreciate the comments! Have a wonderful day, you have certainly assisted in making mine special!

    1. Awww! Thanks Elizabeth! But it was entirely 'MY' pleasure!! :-) And you have a wonderful rest of the day too!


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