Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"Rooster...Rooster!! What Time Is It?!"

       I am up VERY early this morning!....VERY!...There's no sense in me telling you exactly what time it is, because with bloggers in all kinds of time zones, it probably won't matter anyway! But let me just say...no rooster ANYWHERE has even 'thought' about getting up to crow at this 'unnatural-to-man' hour!! LOL
     It's so early that even if I wanted a cup of coffee...I couldn't get it at one of the early morning coffee houses! ^_^ So I guess...for me...it'll be 'talkie before coffee'!! :-] ... What's going on is that my hubby's new job is batting my schedule around a bit...Not that it's a bad schedule. Just a different one!
     I'm finding that to have a somewhat smooth running household now, I'm having to change the times I do certain things....and I'm having a bit of a hard time adjusting. I'm sure it'll work itself out eventually. It always does! This isn't the first job either of us has started over the last 50 years.
      YIKES!! O_O We're starting a new job schedule at 'over 50' now!! O_O ... YEAH! That could be the 'real' problem!! LOL Our 'get-up-and-go' has 'got-up-and-went'!! You know, bodies don't like to be pushed around as much when they get over 50! ^_^ They like to take time to 'warm up' to new times and situations. They like to 'mosey' a bit, not shoot out of the gate like a prize running stallion! LOL ... Oooo! Just the thought of my body having to move that fast in the morning makes me wanna take a nap!! ^_^
      ANYWAY!!...So I'm up, thinking about coffee...and sugar and cream...Speaking of which, aren't the spoon in the header, and these cream and sugar sets below, cute!!...

      It's too early in the morning for me to talk about anything but how early it is....Sorry!...I can't take any pictures of anything. It's too dark! ^_^ I can't even have an interesting conversation with hubby...He's still not completely awake yet! LOL Besides...I don't want to talk to him right now. He'll only wanna talk about how excited he is about his new job, and I'm not that excited about it!...At least not yet! I need another couple of weeks or so to get used to the schedule...and re-schedule my nap time! LOL
      Have any of you ever had a time where your spouse was excited about something you just couldn't get as excited about....but you didn't wanna burst their little excited happy bubble?! ^_^ That's where I am. So I grin when he talks about his new clients...while I think of how big of a pin it would take to burst that happy bubble all to pieces!!! LOL...But I won't. Who knows, next week I may be telling you all about his new clients...and you may wanna burst my happy bubble!! ^_^

     Okay...before I go...let me show you a couple of other cute finds from Etsy...

       I love the embroidery of the letters. And, of course, all the colors! :-) ... And the cookies below...

    ...speak for themselves!! ^_^
     I was considering becoming an LPN or an RN myself, at one time in my life. Instead I remained a nurse's aide. I took all of the schooling for it...well, maybe not ALL of it! :-) ...but when I had to make a real choice, after working as an aide for a couple of years, I decided to remain an aide.
        It was kind of a personal choice because I saw that the RNs and LPNs weren't working with the patients as much as they were giving pills and doing paperwork! In fact, I thought it was kinda sad that there were some patients on the floor that they never got to see some days...because they didn't get medication. :-( 
       It's a tough job...probably even more so these days! I KNOW things have changed a lot since I left nursing. We were only allowed to wear white...including pantyhose! And the only jewelry we could wear was a wedding band, a watch, and post-type earrings!!...I've seen nurses....Ooooo! Whee!!!!....I won't talk about it!!...And hey! We didn't need face masks and gloves up to the shoulders back when I was in nursing! So I respect the hard work they do!!
    By the way, why am I up at this hour, talking about nursing?! ^_^ I should be nursing a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of coffee!!! ^_^ Or going back to sleep!!...I'll tell you which one I chose tomorrow! LOL...Where is that rooster?!....Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

 Hungry Stomach

My empty stomach's grumbling
was as noisy as could be!
So demanding in it's urging,
and it's "Hungry" symphony.

I awakened to it's music,
and the fluttering that it caused.
I tried to just ignore it,
with its twist and turning gnaws!

Like a 'stick-in-hand' conductor,
setting music to a riot,
I'll direct some food into it,
so that it will just be QUIET! 


  1. Thank you for featuring my necklaces!

    1. Hi Natalka!...It was my pleasure!! :-]

  2. Good morning you up before the rooster friend!! I'm up early too. It's Tuesday...I start early on Tuesday. As for your husband's job, tell me about it!! What kind of clients does he have?? What kind of a job is it?
    Sorry it makes you have to adjust your schedule, but at least he's got work and that means your necessities will be cared for.
    I love that spoon in your header photo! I almost bought a T-shirt that said that once. I was going to wear it with my sleep pants. Sure wish I had!! LOL
    Those tea sets are awesome!!
    Great finds this morning for sure!
    Enjoy your day, and get a nap! I know I don't have to say that, do I? :D LOL

    1. Ha! Ha! You never have to tell me to take a nap! ^_^ I just woke up for the second time...or was it the third?! LOL...As for hubby's job, he's driving a van to take elderly and disabled people to their appointments! He loves it already. He likes the personalities of the people he drives...his clients. :-) I'll tell you more about it over on FB...Have a good day, Bead!! :-)


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