Monday, May 27, 2013

The French Open And...American Chop Suey!

       I'm having a good weekend! :-) And yes, I do know it's actually Monday....or at least it is here. :-)) But hubby is home today, because of the holiday here. So it still feels like the weekend to me still!
     Hubby was in the mood to cook too, so that REALLY makes it a good 'pseudo' weekend!...Or does it?! O_O He wasn't making his 'tried and true' recipes. You know, the ones he does great every time!...No, he decided to make American Chop Suey, or Goulash.  
     For those of you not familiar with it, it starts with elbow pasta...

      The above elbow macaroni is not elbow macaroni at all! It just looks like elbow macaroni. It's actually a radio!! :-) I just had to show it to you because it fascinated me! ^_^ ... But, like I was saying, American Chop Suey starts with elbow macaroni. Then you have to brown some ground beef and add spices, bell pepper, and tomatoes!...

      If all of the 'melding' of flavors happens as it should, your American Chop Suey, or Goulash, should look like this!...

      Unfortunately...hubby's didn't look like this. O_O He used ground turkey instead of ground beef, and it ended up looking like the turkey was trying to fly the coop! LOL "Sorry Honey". 
      His ground turkey didn't brown and caramelize the way ground beef does. It kinda looked gray!...YUCK!...All of that hard work and yet...I didn't wanna eat it!! O_O Or should I say, I was afraid to eat it!!
     He ate a plate of it though, and he's still alive! ^_^ So I may try it today...after it 'melds' a bit longer! ^_^ What can I say. I'm funny about food that doesn't look, on the plate, the way it looks in my head!! LOL
      He says I hurt his feelings after he did all of that work. :-(  And his argument also included something about how "he" thought it tasted good... "Sorry Honey"...It wasn't my intention to hurt his feelings. And if it tasted good to him...great! But I couldn't eat it....I just COULDN'T!!!! ^_^ I had visions of Salmonella 'coming to get me'!! LOL
      I reasoned with him that it's really not him. It's me!...and that's true! Once I get a vision of what my food is 'suppose' to look like in my head, if the reality doesn't come to fruition...I'm OUT!!! ^_^
     I didn't used to be like that! But now that I'm going through 'the change' I'm having weird food issues. I can hardly stand the smell of cooking eggs or chicken. And don't get me started about the 'texture' of certain foods. Ewwwwwww Whee!!! We could be here for days talking about it!! LOL
      Thankfully I had some crunchy 'Cheetoes' in my stash, or I might've starved to death last night!! LOL... Okay. That's a bit dramatic. :-)) But let me just say...I think hubby's American Chop Suey might taste good with a layer of Cheetoes on top!...I may have to try that in order to get it down!.....Shhhhhh! Don't tell him! It might hurt his little 'slaving-over-a-hot-stove' cooking heart!! :-)

      Anyway!....American Chop Suey is not my main focus this weekend. And it's not crocheting either...even though I had a few sales over the weekend and I NEED to replace the items in my Wuglyees shop!...No! My main focus this weekend is TENNIS!! :-)

       It's that time of year again. The FRENCH OPEN!!!! :-) Oh, the happiness! This weekend has had a good meeting at the Kingdom Hall, a great 'virtual'date night to Jamaica with beef patties and coco bread, sales in my shop, giggle time with hubby, and tennis!!! :-) If I leave the whole fiasco with the American Chop Suey out, it might just be the recipe for a perfect weekend!! :-) "Sorry Honey".
      Enjoy the rest of your weekend...or your day, Everybody! :-)

 For all the Mondays

For all the Mondays that come around,
and all the Fall leaves gently falling down;
For all the wet soil, caked and brown,
and all the worms it must have drowned;

For all the honking, and chatty sound
from all the folks scurrying round the town;
For aching feet and hearts that pound;
and lists and nerves to be unwound;

For bags and keys that hit the ground,
when well-tired bodies fall in a mound;
For deals and prices that do astound,
and all well worth it, pound for pound;

For all the Mondays that come around,
and all the weekends gone with a frown;
For adjectives needed, not just a noun,
Much thanks to Mondays that come around.

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