Saturday, May 18, 2013

'Sing-Out' Saturday!

     It's suppose to be a beautiful weekend, weather-wise, in our neck of the woods. The calm before the storm sorta, because next week the weather map is suppose to be touch-and-go. rain...rain...etc. Ugh!
      But it's not next week yet. It's Saturday! The weekend, baby!! :-) So, like a singing mockingbird, I wanna open my mouth and sing!...♫ la la la la la la! ♫...But I don't just wanna sing about the weather. I wanna sing about some pretty things, like beautiful beads!...

      ...and interestingly beautiful and different earrings!...

    ...and a sewing bag that everyone will know is a sewing bag! :-) ...

      ...and a pair of the cutest baby booties I've sung out about in a long time! :-) ...

     I'm about to go and sing out about some other things too! breakfast! :-) But you won't hear that song. My mama taught me not to sing with my mouth full! ^_^ ... Have a good weekend, Everybody! :-)


Weekend Folderol;
Lollygagging, having fun;
Makes working up to Friday
worth the paperwork you've done.

Your job, all week, came first,
but now it's time for a little jaunt;
or to lay around the house
and just do nothing, if you want!

A little this. A little that.
A bit of fun had out of doors.
A little weeding in the garden.
And a little bit of chores.

Some weekend folderol,
all alone or with your friends.
Or some chit chat with your neighbors,
new acquaintances or kin.

A Weekend that's all planned,,
or simply finding things to do;
Because every Monday will be back
and you'll need something to look forward to!


  1. I think you have done a wonderful job on this!!!

  2. thank you so much!!!


    1. It was my pleasure, Nancy! :-)


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