Thursday, May 23, 2013

Water...Water....Water Falling Everywhere!

      It's been raining 'crazy' around here! And I'm sure some people love it! I know the plants, flowers and trees love it! But I'm not a flower, plant or tree, and I've had enough of it for a while!! LOL...(I say this in a very personal and ha! ha! way, not meaning to be insensitive to people who are having drought conditions and really 'need' some rain right now!)
     The backyard looks beautiful, lush and green...and for me?...the green part is right! ^_^ This rain and humidity has me aching in places I didn't know I had places!!...Now, you would think that this would make me not wanna see any more water at all...ever! But actually I'm thinking about water all the time!...But big bodies of water...located in places where it would be nice to take a 'virtual' trip again! the header photo shot of Lake Tahoe California! :-)
      Or the photo below of Big Sur coast in central California...

      ...Or the water under the Golden Gate Bridge. Also in California. :-) ...
      Hmmmm...I'm feeling a theme here! :-) ... California it is!!! :-) ...That's not until tomorrow though. Today...*sigh*...I have to get through some more rainfall....water falling! Ugh!

But in the meantime, I have music...and songs with water in the videos! :-) ...

Water makes a good back-drop for good music too, huh?! :-) ... Have a good Thursday, Everybody!

Massachusetts Weather

Wind and wet, fog and rain;
Nagging joints and aches and pain.

Massachusetts weather fare.
Is this the weather everywhere?!

On real bad days it gets to me;
This 'weather change sililloguy'.

Look out the window, shake my head,
pull up the covers...back to bed!


  1. Don't feel bad. We planted grass seed and need the rain, but we have a lake in our front yard this morning. Yep...I said it...more rain...sorry. :/
    Have a good day.

    1. :-( Oh No!...Poor grass seed! And poor you! And it's gonna be poor us today too, I think. It's POURING out right now!!!!...*sigh*...Oh Well, make it good any way! That's what I'm gonna try to do!


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