Friday, May 10, 2013

Do I Really WANT An Unusual 'Virtual' Friday Date Night?!!

      Hubby and I have been hanging close to home for weeks and weeks now! It was a necessity with our health acting up, and funds running low...*Hubby has been out of work for more than a year now!...YIKES!...I had almost forgotten that it had been that long! O_O On the 'plus' side, hubby now has a job. One that seems to be working for our unique schedule. He gets to pop in and out! ^_^*
      We're feeling healthier...somewhat! :-] ... and once again we feel like traveling!...'virtually' of course! But we're older now!...and we're not gonna get any younger. Also our health is not gonna miraculously take a turn for our former 18 year old selves! least not right now! ^_^ So we're too old to have to think about dragging a bunch of luggage, and wearing flip flops, to the airport!! LOL  ^_^ No!...that kind of traveling is O-U-T! All this means is that we have to think differently about our travel plans!...But 'virtual' travel is NO PROBLEM!! ^_^
    Inspired by the scene in the backyard this morning, hubby told me...while he was on his way out the door for work this be prepared for an unusual 'virtual' date night trip! O_O

       It was all fog and spider webs!!...

     ...with a few budding flowers along the ground thrown in. :-)

     ... Uhhhhh....Really?!...Do I Really "WANT" An Unusual 'Virtual' Friday Date?! O_O I I in the mood for 'different'...or 'unusual'?! O_O Well, if I'm not in the mood already, I'd better 'get' in the mood!!! Hubby is gonna need me "in" when he launches this 'date night' off!! Nobody likes to travel alone! Not even 'virtually'!! ^_^
       The good thing for me is that I can always count on Etsy shop owners when I'm looking for 'different'...'unusual'...'quirky'...and 'colorful'! Yep! Etsy is the place to go!! ^_^ Wanna go with me?!...Come on! Let's get in the mood, shall we!!...

       And then there is the non-Etsy...Peanut Butter Cup and Pretzel Ice Cream Cake!!!...

      I saw this on the blog 'Framed Cooks' yesterday, and thought of it this morning when I started this post! :-) ... 'Different'?...Yes!...'Unusual'?...In my world?...Yes! ^_^ But you could also call it wild, Scrumptous, Fabu, and wonderful!!!!! ^_^ 
     I sure hope hubby has something like this on the schedule for our 'virtual' date tonight!!...without the 'virtual' part! LOL...And whatever you're doing tonight, and this weekend, I hope you have a FABU one...with unusal, different, and music!! ^_^ 'This ain't no time for moping around!'

Where would we be without music?

Where would we be without music?
Don't answer. I don't want to know!
The thought of no guitar or back beat,
no humming or tapping of toe!

What umph would there be to commercials?
What excitement for games yet to play?!
What missing movie's anticipation
that the  'Dun Dun Dun' would happily say?!

How would new mommies rock their babies,
and calm them to put them to sleep?
Without music the world would be screaming,
but the ocean of silence would be deep.

So, where would we be without music?
In a world with no brain cells to link.
In a big room with nothing to do,
and a bunch of poor folks that don't blink!


  1. Where WOULD we be without music!?? Right now I'm listening to "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" by the Temptations!! I'm about to beg for a new body myself, but I MUST be you.
    I'm sure that whatever your hubs has in mind for your virtual date will be wonderful!! Have a great time!
    Love your finds today too! :)

    1. Exactly!!! :-) 'Music soothes the savage beast'!! ^_^ By the way, I LOVE the Temptations!!! That's a group that makes me wanna move this body!..and that's saying something!! LOL Enjoy your weekend, my friend!

  2. I hope you will have a lovely time!

    1. I'm sure we will!!... :-)...whatever he comes up with!


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