Saturday, May 4, 2013

I've Never Seen Anything Like It!!

     If you've ever found yourself saying this..."I've never seen anything like it!" could've been talking about any number of things! You could've been talking about the really cute one-of-a-kind business card holder in my header photo...

      ...Or you could've been talking about my latest one-of-a-kind crochet boutonnieres...

    Wait! That's what "I" would be talking about! LOL...With the things in the news these days, you could've been talking about the weather!...fires, explosions, mud slides, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, drenching downpours, high winds, SNOW! O_O...It's certainly been one-of-a-kind weather!!
     I've also never seen anything before like the way people are behaving...or should I say mis-behaving!! O_O But I'm not gonna get into all of that today!! No!...the one of a kind, never-seen-anything-like-it stuff that I wanna talk about doesn't have anything to do with either weather, or people-gone-wild!
     I'm talking about some things I found on Etsy! ^_^ ... For instance look at all of the flowers on this one of a kind wedding dress!...

      ...And look at all of the work that must've went into this tote bag!...

       ...And just look at the needlework and color in these!...

       The good thing about this is that it means there still may be room in the market for some of 'my' one-of-a-kind creations! ^_^ Remember my headbands for hairless people...and my one-of-a-kind pocketbook with the diaper ruffles? :-) No?!...How did you miss those?! ^_^
       Well, did you see my crochet shawl that could also be a coat?!...Or my 'Flintstones' style scarf? LOL...Okay...truth is, a lot of the things in my Wuglyees shop are one-of-a-kinds!...and I'd really like them to be sold please!!! ^_^ But the absence of traffic in my shop these days!...I've never seen anything like it!! ^_^

      Okay...enough silly! I've got another medical appointment today that I've got to get ready for. O_O Yep! On a Saturday!!...But it'll be over soon and I'll be able to enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend with my hubby. :-) I'm really looking forward to that. He started a new job this week and I didn't have him underfoot as much as I usually did...Funny how you miss little giggling and lingering over a cup of tea, and leisurely backyard bird-watching...when your schedule of life changes. :-]
    Ahhhhhhhh! Sweet time! :-) ... Enjoy yours with your family this weekend! :-)


Oh, I've been so hither thither,
up and down, all here and there.
I guess I'm trying to get a handle
on the changes everywhere.

The changes of the seasons
and the times, and of me.
The changes to my schedule
and responsibility.

I'm not complaining. Not a bit!
This change is good. I will adjust.
Or you will see me near the highway
with a sign: "Will Change Or Bust!"

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