Sunday, May 12, 2013

Remembering Flowers...

       I'm sure that those of you who regularly read my blog are surprised...surprised I say! ^_^ come by and see me doing a post about flowers!! LOL...Okay...NOT! I'm always doing posts about flowers! :-) But this time it's a 'little' different.
       I was scrolling by the daisy baby cardigan (in the header photo) on Etsy yesterday, and it reminded me...of flowers!...

     This is the time of year that hubby would usually be out in the yard with his plant boxes...

     ...pondering deeply about where the different flowers would be going...*sigh*...But this year things are kinda different. Time and funds are low. And we have much more important things to be focusing on than flowers!...besides, we can't legitimately enjoy anything that we spend our shortened budget on that doesn't help the car fuel up, put a roof over our head, keep the lights on, and the 'hawk' (cold weather) away from our door! (I'm talking about electricity and heat, people!! ^_^)
     But just because we can't afford to put as much money into the backyard flowers this year, doesn't mean that we can't remember flowers! I mean, hubby certainly took enough photos of them when he was tinkering and growing them in times past!! :-) Do you remember this little sunflower seed...

     ...the one that grew this deep purplish maroon sunflower year before last?!...

     Oh, how hubby enjoyed those sunflowers!!...So much so that he tried to go back and find the same seed last year, so he could grow some more! :-)) But even though they were in the same store, in the same package, bought at the same time of year...he didn't get the same sunflowers last year! He got these!...


     No, they weren't deep purplish maroon. But they grew H-U-G-E! :-) Much larger than the purple ones!!...Therefore, there was a new kind of flower love for these last year..He even replanted some of the seeds from these sunflowers after they dried...but no new sunflowers from them have shown up in the backyard yet! :-)
       We did get these though! :-) ...

     So today, I'm remembering flowers...because there aren't very many in the backyard to look at right now...except on the tree next to my window...

     ...and in my Wuglyees Etsy shop!...but that's a whole different kind of flower story! LOL

            Anyway!...All of the flowers on the tree will be gone soon. They never hang around long...but just long enough for us to admire their short-lived beauty. They are so pretty! :-)
     I told you all about the next door neighbor toddler girl...wibbly wobbly...who got her grandmother to take her back out there to pick the little flowers off of the edge of the woods...Well, some other flowers grew back, pretty, tall, and more beautifully colored than the ones she took!
     They 'were' the only things growing on the ground level of the backyard...until day before yesterday...*sigh*...Yep! Wibbly wobbly struck again!!...this time she got her father to take her up there!...and he let her pick every single one of them!! Grrrr! We now know that the only voice of flower-reason in their household is the mother!! ^_^
     I'm remembering flowers today, because between our low funds, this wild and crazy Massachusetts weather, and little 'wibbly wobbly girl toddler'...we don't have any flowers to actually look at!!!...But I do have hummingbirds! :-) I'll tell you about that next week!!...and it is still Sunday...and I have pancakes!! :-) If 'wibbly wobbly' comes anywhere near my stack of may hear the scream across the blog world!!! And it won't be me screaming...just saying!! LOL Have a good day, Everybody!

Remembering Flowers

I'm remembering pretty daisies,
daffodils, with flitting bees.
I'm remembering roses,
tulips, pansies, flower trees.

I'm remembering flowers,
in every vase and field and nook.
Yes, remembering the flowers,
how they smell and feel and look.


  1. Thank you for featuring my baby cardigan! Your sunflowers are stunning! I have never seen them in that colour before. I'm off to look for seeds on the net!

    1. It was totally my pleasure to share your beautiful cardigan!! :-] And about the flowers, before those came up in the yard, we'd never seen any sunflowers that color either!!! Let me know if you find the seeds online! :-) Hubby would love to have some more!

  2. Love when everything is flowering! Went to the Los Angeles Arboretum at the beginning of April and it was spectacular with various blooms. Your purple sunflower reminded me of a sunflower that came up next to a bird feeder at my parents house. The seed was obviously dropped by a birdy or messy birdies. It was at least 5 feet high and happened to bloom on the day of my sister's wedding!

    1. We love to see things flowering too!...but I like to see it from "inside the house" ^_^ *ACHOO!!*...By the way, don't you LOVE arboretums?!!!...By the way, the purplish maroon sunflower that bloomed at your parent's house was probably dropped there by a bird that took it from our yard!! LOL...Yeah, right!! ^_^ I'm sure it made a beautiful talking point for your sister's wedding! :-) Thanks for sharing that with me! Have a good rest of the weekend!

  3. Love that maroon sunflower. I have a little perennial garden and the peonies are budding. The flowers on one are similar in color to your sunflower. Sorry you won't be having flower boxes this year.

    1. I would love to see your maroon flowers!! Do you ever blog about things like that?! O_O ... Oh Well, I'll just "THINK" flowers for a few more days! :-)) Have a good week!!

  4. I like the maroon sunflower, so cool! Your poem was cute too. I share your pain at not having a garden, but I decided I would grow one on paper with oil pastels instead! I keep my Facebook updated regularly with new additions if you would like to look.

    1. I thought it was pretty cool too, Jenn! :-) And thank you for the nice words about the poem too!!...By the way, I saw your pastel flowers on your FB! :-]


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