Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sometimes Girls Just Know How To Get What They Want!!

      Little girls....cute...cuddly...manipulative?! O_O Okay...maybe manipulative is a strong word. I mean, little cuties as sweet as pie are not capable of that strong of a word thrown at them...right?! ^_^ Well, I'll tell you the story, and you let me know what you think!...In the meantime I'll share some of the cute little toddler and baby items I found on Etsy.
      The story starts like this: Hubby and I were sitting and sipping on some hot green tea with lemon when we looked out the window and saw that the neighbor and dad...were walking their toddler through the backyard again...or should I say the toddler was walking them?! ^_^
       The little one was doing a tip-toe balancing act through the uneven hill and grass in the backyard, with mom and dad standing on either side of her, and a little bit behind her, the whole time. It was clear that the toddler was the one running the show! LOL If she turned left, they turned left. If she turned right they turned right. If she sped up, they went to a little trot right behind her. If she stopped and stood in one spot, and played with her fingers...looked up for birds...did a little 'stand-still-and-boogie' dance...they stood right there too...and waited, with smiles on their faces. :-)     

    But the funny moment happened when the little toddler got to the edge of the woods...where the pretty little flowers were growing. She became enthralled with those flowers...and just HAD TO HAVE THEM!! Ha! You should've seen mom and dad practically dancing around her, back and forth, back and forth...dosey doh! ^_^ ...trying to block her from picking them!....Little one was so determined!!...But mom and dad were even more determined than her!!
     Finally, the toddler realized that it was a 'No Go' to pick the flowers, and she wobbled away...with mom and dad right behind her. :-) Me and hubby giggled about how hard the parents were working to stop...a TODDLER!!! LOL  

      I know you probably thought that was the end of the story, right?!.....WRONG! :-)) ... The very next day hubby and I were sitting as usual, looking at the pretty sunshine in the backyard, listening to the birds, came little one, wobbling and doing her tip-toe balancing act again!...but this time not with mom and dad behind her. This time it was grandma!

      With grandma holding her hand, she wobbled through the low grass...wobbled up the hill...and wobbled straight for the flowers!! LOL...Hmmm...she wouldn't!!!...would she?!...

       Oh yes she would!!!! ^_^

       Clearly without knowing mom and dad's disapproval the day before, and with the idea that she just wanted to help 'little one' pick some pretty flowers, grandma held little one's hand and helped her bend over and pick EVERY SINGLE ONE of the 3 or 4 little flowers that were growing there!!! :-(
      You should've seen that little baby girl toddler's smile of happiness as she wobbled back down the hill, with grandma holding one hand, and a fist full of flowers drooping and dragging the ground in the other...*shaking my head*...It just made me wonder how much fore-thought did she actually put into that move!! Ha! Ha!
    Did the toddler finally give up the flower fight the day before because she knew that a willing grandma would be at her disposal the very next day anyway?!...Or is that too much manipulative thought for a toddler?! ^_^ And on an even deeper note, exactly when does the ability to figure out how to get what you want start to develop?! :-))
     In all honesty, I'm glad she picked the little flowers, because that means that someone who loved them got to enjoy least for a little while...I would love to have been a fly on the wall when mom and dad saw the flowers in the house, and had to have 'the talk' with grandma about boundaries and not overstepping their authority! ^_^ Although they probably didn't even bother at that point!! ^_^ Grandmas are also girls who get what they want too!! LOL
      Have a good day, Everybody!...Go pick some flowers!! ^_^

 Daisy, Pretty Daisy

Daisy, pretty daisy,
with your petals all sprawled out;
Making sunshine, bees and children
wonder what you're all about.

All spread out in the garden,
up the sidewalk, down the lane;
So much prettier to look at
than all those street lights down on Main.

Daisy, pretty daisy,
in your red or white or pink.
Letting bees and flies land on you
so that they can take a drink.

It's hard to see you basking
in the sun and not just smile,
'cause you look like friends just hanging out
and talking for a while.

Daisy, pretty daisy,
rain or shine you have no care.
You just smile at passersby
and make us happy that you're there.


  1. Cute story!!! Yep...that's what grandmas are for! LOL I try NOT to give in to the whims of my granddaughter, but you have to understand how hard that is!! LOL I couldn't spoil my sons, but oh how I love to spoil my grandchildren! No...they don't get everything they want. I DO have to respect their parents wishes. But when I can get away with it...I go for it too!! :D

    1. Thanks, Cindy! :-] I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was easy to tell...because it really happened!...I knew that, as a grandma yourself, you would be able to appreciate the toddler's swift move! ^_^ I'm sure you "get away with it" more often than you admit out loud too!! LOL ♥ Have a good rest of the day, my friend. Enjoy the meeting!


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