Monday, May 20, 2013

Turtles, Hummingbirds, And Flowers!

     If you recognize the dressed up turtle in my header photo, then you already know that my turtles aren't of the regular 'in-the-water', on-the-land', snapping turtle variety! ^_^ But more about that in a minute.
      First I have to tell you that, as of this weekend, the hummingbirds are back!!!! :-) What a joy to see them darting and flitting in the backyard again! :-) And with the azalea bush and the tree flowering at the same time.....LOVE!!! :-) ...

     But, unfortunately, I wasn't feeling so great this weekend, so my aching body and compromised immune system made the enjoyment of my beautiful hummingbirds and flowers a little down-played....but not much. Because I still have a heart...and eyes! :-) And also I have taste buds!...Why am I talking about taste buds, you ask?!...Because hubby, in order to give me something nice to remember about this weekend...besides our 'virtual' trip to Nicaragua on Friday :-) ... brought home a little gift for me!...turtles!! :-) ...

     Yep! Chocolate and caramel and pecan-filled turtles!!! :-) YUM!!!!! So besides the aches and pains, it was a weekend full of flowers and turtles, with a flitting, darting hummingbird thrown in here and there! :-)

     It was a great weekend! :-) And a little tasty and 'ouchy'! All in all...not bad!! ^_^ I hope you had a good weekend too...without the 'ouchy' part. ^_^ And I hope the same holds true for this new week...for all of us!! Have a good one! :-)

I Love A New Beginning

I love a new beginning,
whether day or year or hour.
All the new growth that's now starting,
like the budding of a flower.

The beginnings of a schedule,
 like a long lost welcomed friend.
I love a new beginning,
and so "Here We Go Again!!!"


  1. I am so sorry to hear your body has been giving you pain this weekend but looking on the positive those chocolate turtles look delicious and its lovely to hear the hummingbirds are back :-) Have a lovely pain free week, dee x

    1. Hi Delia!...Isn't it nice to always have something positive to keep your brain in a happy place!! ^_^ Chocolate turtles will do it every time!!...And you have a good week too!! :-)

  2. Good morning my friend!! So sorry you haven't been feeling well. I hope it gets better soon. It's been a terrible allergy season so far.
    My favorite chocolates are turtles!!! I LOVE them and haven't had one in a very long time. I'm so jealous! LOL
    Congrats on seeing the hummers! I haven't seen one yet, but I know they're out there.
    Your white lilac bush is gorgeous! Hummers love flowers so I can see why they're so attracted to it.
    Have a good day my friend and hopefully you'll be feeling better soon.

    1. Hello, Cindy!! :-] You're right about the bad allergy season we're having! It almost makes me wanna cheer for rain all the time! :-)) I said "ALMOST!" ^_^ But thankfully I have flowers, hummers, and turtles to get me through it! ^_^ Speaking of which, how's your yard coming?!...Have a good week, my friend! :-)


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