Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Let's Let The Birds, Trees, and Flowers Talk Today!

   I'm not gonna do a lot of talking today. :-) ... Go Ahead! Clap if you want to!! ^_^ I know I can get a bit 'wordy' at times!...But you can relax today. I'm not gonna wax poetic...much!...or go on and on about my health issues, or indulge in my usual 'too-much-information' tirade of rattling on.

     Today I'm just gonna share the photos of the sky and growing flowers that hubby took yesterday, in the backyard and in our neighborhood...Don't you just love to see birds flying high and making lazy looping circles in the sky?! :-) ...

    I do! :-) ... I also love to see the sunshine finally hanging around!...and the pink magnolia tree blooming like crazy!!...

     One day it was bare branches, and the next day...or at least it seemed like it was the next day!...B-A-M!!!...

    ...The most beautiful pink flowers were everywhere! :-)

     And look at the sunshine we had yesterday, peeking through the branches and flooding those magnolia blooms with some happiness to grow on! :-) ...

      Unfortunately hubby's garden...or at least portions of it...aren't looking that 'bloomy'!...

      ..but the other part...mostly the neighborhood's part... :-)) looking quite 'bloomy'...and beautiful!!!...

      Kinda wonderful!...even if I do say so myself! :-) In fact, it's enough for words. more words. Well....almost! :-) Have a good day, Everybody!

Describe The Sky

Evoking awe and bouts of wonder.
Such inspiration, you just want to cry.
With birds high-flying, and winds a blowing,
what words would you use to describe the sky?

Would you say, whether clouds are upon it,
that it blankets a wondrous space?
Or would you be more awed and humbled,
hoping there you would find God's face?

I would say that when standing quiet,
looking up at the sun or moon,
there's a feeling of peaceful oneness
that I hope won't go away too soon.

Evoking bouts of awe and wonder
was probably what it was designed to do;
That is, besides giving off light and weather,
and the most spectacular view!    

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