Monday, May 6, 2013

Ready For The Monday Flower Ride?!

      Hello, Y'all! :-) Guess what?!...It's Monday...A-G-A-I-N! ^_^ Time to put all of the plans you were planning to plan to put together...together! LOL...I'm planning to put some plans together too. But nothing too involved or serious...because I'm still tired from the weekend!
      No, I'm not tired because we did anything spectacular over the weekend that would make me tired...unless you call watching that 'tired' looking 'moof' up on top of my hubby's head disappear by way of a much needed hair-cut...doing something spectacular!!...which I wouldn't! ^_^
       I don't call hair removal 'spectacular'...especially not in my hubby's case. He didn't have that much to start with!...sorry honey! ^_^ ...and the small amount he had was much thicker shall I say this?....strategically placed on his head in certain areas! LOL It was highly necessary to cut it, to even it all out...if you know what I mean!! LOL
      Anyway!...Moving on! :-) ...The beautiful weather we had around our area this weekend 'was' something spectacular! :-) It made you wanna find a beach, a barbecue, or somewhere to pick some pretty flowers!...*Achoo!*...Okay...I'm not going ANYWHERE to pick flowers!!...even if I am a fan of color!!!...

      I'm gonna leave my flower picking endeavors...or should I say flower 'looking' my computer screen, and Etsy! :-) ...

      And, of course, I'll be 'making' a few flowers too!...Crochet flowers! :-) I sold a few over the weekend. One even went out of the country!!! That hasn't happened since USPS changed their prices!!...By the way, I usually send a couple of my crochet flowers to the area of the U.K. for less than $4 or $5 dollars. The cost now?....over $9!!! O_O Is it any wonder that those with online shopping venues are having a slow spell?! I go! I gotta catch a ride on a flower ! :-) Have a good Monday, and week, everybody!

 I Love A New Beginning

I love a new beginning,
whether day or year or hour.
All the new growth that's now starting,
like the budding of a flower.

The beginnings of a schedule,
 like a long lost welcomed friend.
I love a new beginning,
and so "Here We Go Again!!!"


  1. Thank you so much for sharing my earrings!
    It is indeed such a beautiful and amazingly gorgeous may bank holiday (in ireland)
    It is very much a spring (almost summer) day. Beautiful after such a long winter too.

    1. I was happy to share your pretty earrings, Petra! And enjoy the beautiful "flower" weather!! :-)

  2. Oh Wug.. Thank you so very much.. How wonderful to wake up to your placing my Black and white flowers on your fabulous blog. How fun to visit.. this colorful Wonderland of yours.. Have a great week and again Thank you from Sunny Florida.. xooxoxoxo Trudy

    1. The pleasure is all mine, Trudy!! :-] Your work is so good that yours is one of the shops people should keep an eye on!!...and I do! ^_^ Have a good rest of the week!!

  3. Awww, what a pleasure to see my cats here in your lovely blog <3
    Thank you infinitely for the feature :)
    Wishing you all the best - Francesca

    1. And what a pleasure to have your cats here!! And you too!! :-] Keep up the good work, fellow Etsian!


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