Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Caught A Hummingbird With My Pancakes!

      Usually on Sunday mornings I pretty much know what I'm going to be talking about here on the blog...and so do you!...PANCAKES!! :-] But today, while I was waiting for my pancakes, I caught a hummingbird! :-)

     You may have to click on the photo to make it large enough to see him...because he is a little bitty thing! But he's there!! :-) And he's been there for a few days now!

     I thought, due to the pouring rain we had all day yesterday, that he was gonna be a 'No-Show'...but I was wrong! He showed up...and showed up...and showed up ALL DAY!! :-) At one point, when the rain was pouring so bad that he could have been hit by a stray raindrop and gotten knocked out!, he went underneath the leafy brush of my bushy tree and hovered! :-)

     What a little cutie!! :-)

     He's a completely different hummingbird than any I've seen at the feeder in years past. He's very tiny, and he's got different coloring. He's very dark. I'm not sure what kind of hummingbird he is. I'm not a very good name person for birds. I just like to see them. And the more colorful the better...whatever kind of birds it is! :-)
       I'm sure other hummingbirds will start to show up soon. They always do. But by then this little fella may have 'dibs' on the feeder, and he'll be ready to fight for it too!! O_O I guess hummingbirds are like people in that way. I mean...once I find a comfortable spot, or stake my claim to a certain stack of pancakes...DON'T BOTHER ME!!! ^_^
      Speaking of pancakes, I have to go and eat mine, and get myself ready for my meeting this morning (Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses). But first I wanted to show you a couple of things that caught my eye, besides the hummingbird, this morning...

       I'm sure you're not surprised that a flower caught my eye, ^_^ but I know you didn't expect me to share a horse, did you?! LOL
     Now, after a hummingbird, a rose flower ring, and a horse bookend, there could be only one thing left to have with my pancakes...MUSIC! :-)


      So I'm gonna share the song I heard for the first time this morning, by a singer I never heard before! Enjoy!! :-) And go get yourself some pancakes too! :-) Have a good day, Everybody!!

Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings are for quiet,
and for music in your ears.
Not for fretting over business,
or for struggle, or for tears.

Sunday mornings are for worship,
or for time to just relax.
Not for schedules that need keeping,
or for dealing with the 'Quacks'!

Sunday mornings are for slowness,
sipping on a cup of 'Joe';
Getting ready for the new week,
when you have to 'Go! Go! Go!'

Sunday mornings are for birds,
crows and woodpeckers alike.
Or for pancakes on the griddle,
or for snowy morning hikes.

Sunday mornings are for color,
and for spousal 'chitter chat',
and for doing a bit of reading,
or writing poems that end like.....that!


  1. Never heard that song either. I like it!! I'm lovin' seeing the hummers in my feeder too. So relaxing to watch them. Even my cat was watching them the other day and didn't even try to catch one. LOL
    Great finds! Enjoy your pancakes and your meeting. We have a video presentation today. C.O. visit public talk. Looking forward to it. But first...I must get ready for service! Talk to you later my friend! :)

    1. Don't you love it when you hear a new song that makes you wanna tap your toe and wiggle a little! ^_^ I think the hummingbird likes him too!...Speaking of which, I'm glad you're getting them too!...I'm sure you enjoyed the video presentation. I wish I could've been there for that! But it's okay. The meeting was so good. Especially the Watchtower today! Good reminders. :-]

  2. It s always a treat when the hummers show up. Your morning started off great.

    1. It sure is, Pat!! :-] They make me smile 'the big smile'!...Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. Great shot Deb! I'm trying to get hummers to our feeders and a few have flown by. I'm hoping they like the menu and will return! I love Sunday because I enjoy Church and quiet and just taking this one day to not shop, or work! I did enjoy some pancakes, but it was yesterday...anyway, they were delish and I hope yours were too! Enjoy your day!

    1. Thanks, Yaya! He was easy to take a picture of because he was in and out at the same spot all day!! :-] Today I've seen two others coming too! I think they like hubby's 'home brew'. LOL I'm sure yours will be regular visitors soon too!...By the way, Yep!...The pancakes were delish! But now I'm out of syrup. ^_^ Mrs. Buttersworth, here we come!! LOL Enjoy your week, Yaya!...and thanks for the update on your mom on your blog too. Nice to see that she's taking it in stride and 'wearing out' the nurses!! ^_^


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