Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Something Interesting To Talk About?.....Hmmmm...

     I know my blog posts have been kinda 'wandery' lately...I'm over here, talking about flowers. Then I'm over there, talking about turtles! ^_^ That's partly because of my schedule changing and not having as much time to do the blog as I used to. But it's also partly because I haven't wanted to talk about the things that are going on! It hasn't been very positive fare!
      On the good side, I could talk about crocheting...I finally did a little crocheting yesterday! :-] I made 'one' boutonniere...a replacement for one I sold recently...

      It felt good to pick up my hook and just lose myself in thread. :-) ... I didn't lose myself as much as the creator of this beauty did...


     ...but I had fun just the same!...Isn't this dress gorgeous?!!!! :-]

      The things I don't want to get into too deeply are the weather....It's been CRAZY!!!!! The tornado that hit Moore Oklahoma the other day was 190 MPH and I think they said 2 miles wide!!!!! It wiped out an area of about 12 miles in a few minutes time!! :-( ... The part that got to me the most was that it hit a school, and 7 to 9 children died. :-( ... No, I don't wanna talk about that too deeply. It's just sad. :-(

       I could tell you about my deteriorating health issues, but trust don't wanna hear it! :-] I'm getting OLD, Y'all!!!! My aches and pains are turning into 'ACRES' and 'PLANTATIONS' full of them!!! LOL..No, I don't wanna get into that 'interesting' conversation!...NOT! ^_^
       I'd rather talk about the interesting nature photo on this card!...

      I LOVE it! :-)

     I could also tell you that hubby planted some more sunflower seeds....YAY!!...but that he's already fretting about what's gonna happen to them when they sprout!...'Wobbly Wibbly' toddler girl has been striking left and right in the backyard!! :-)) Any time the slightest thing that 'looks' like a flower sprouts...she picks it!! ^_^
     I can almost see the battles between her and hubby coming!! LOL Oh, the wagging of fingers, and the tears!!!!....And who knows what 'Wobbly Wibbly' will be doing!!! LOL...No, I'm not gonna talk about that too deeply either. YOU don't have the time for that!! ^_^

     I'd rather tell you that, thankfully, I always have something positive to put my mind on...while the world just does it's thing!!! Crocheting, flowers, and food!!!...I'm off to get something to eat right now! ^_^

      Have a good day, Everybody!...And do yourself a favor, stay away from the windows and the news!!!! O_O

 Who'll Remember The Children

Who'll remember how they trusted;
How they thought dad hung the moon?
How their little life is over,
and it happened waay too soon?

The laughter, play, and innocence
are gone when children die.
Replaced by mournful 'What to do?'
and an endless need to cry.

Who'll remember that they smelled like rain
and their eyes were just like glue?
Like their mothers and their teachers
and their childhood playmates do?

Their jerky dance-like movements,
and the jokes they couldn't tell.
Contagious smiles that sparked you up
when you weren't feeling well.

Who'll remember the precious children,
and the way they used to be?
God will! They're in his heart and mind,
and in his memory.


  1. *sniff* *sniff*...that poem is beautiful! Breaks my heart to think about all those parents and the pain they're feeling right now. What a horrible, horrible thing that happened in Oklahoma! Thankfully, we know that if it affects us this way, it certainly affects Jehovah that way and much more! He yearns to change this! :)
    It's okay not to have something to say my friend. That's why I stopped blogging...time! I just don't have the time for it and I never think of the right things to write about that people would want to read. I enjoy reading yours even when you don't have anything important to talk about. Keep em coming, get your breakfast, take a nap and enjoy your day!

    1. I'm so glad you could appreciate my poem, Bead. It was easy to write...unfortunately. :-( The children have been hit so badly over the last year!! I'm not a parent, so I can only imagine the pain a parent feels when their babies die so young. :-( ... And no worries about me talking, my friend. :-)) I will talk...even about nothing!! ^_^ Have a good day!

  2. Tragedy happens all over the world, but the media brings it to our living room up close and personal..So sad for the families of the victims of this horrible storm. The poem was beautiful. Thank you for posting today. .I've been struggling to keep up with the blog world, but my blog is a journal for me to share with my family and friends. The nice surprise for me has been meeting nice people like you! Hope you're feeling better today.

    1. I hear you, about the tragedies in the world. So sad. There isn't a funny or positive way to talk about the unexpected death of a child either. :-( ... As to the blog, I don't have a certain slot that my blog fits in. My blog is sorta like my diary used to be for years. I just go with how I'm feeling, or what I want to talk about that day. Sometimes that's up-building. Sometimes it's silly. And sometimes it's life. But I love the connection to the world that blogging affords. It's a way to share and touch people that you otherwise wouldn't have access to!...Like the news, but on a personal one-on-one way...Thank you for the nice words about the poem too. :-] Now go and take good care of your mom! :-)

  3. Beautiful dress!

    Bee happy x

  4. Crochet, flowers, and food sounds like a good plan! Thank you for including my Hearts in Nature photo card with these lovelies:)

    1. I was happy to share your beautiful card, Bobbi! :-] Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment!


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